09 Apr 2015


February12, 2015

The programme on women mobilization was organized by the Department of Law and legal Studies, Delhi Metropolitan Education on February12, 2015. The College had invited Smt.Mala and a team of individuals from a Noida based NGO called SADRAG-Social and development Research and Action Group.They are primarily engaged in issues associated with the Child Rights and basic education, Women Empowerment, Child protection and Rural Development in the district of Gautam Budh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh.
They had initiated a Convergent Project for Empowerment of Women in GBN district in partnership with Ministry of Women & Child development, GOI. One of the major components of the programme is addressing issues of violence against women through creating an enabling environment in the district. For youth perspective and their participation, they areorganizing youth mobilization meetings in schools, colleges and the community with an aim to mobilize their opinions and perspective over the issues of women’s safety. They inform the students about the Safe Noida Mobile App that may be downloaded free of cost and used to access relevant information.
Smt.Mala and her team of 15 individuals were invited by Aditi Singh-Faculty of Law. The entire programme lasted for nearly 2 hours wherein following activities were conducted:
a) Nukkad Natak highlighting the various crimes against women and girl-children in the society.
b) Introduction to the Women Mobilization by Smt.Mala.
c) An Interactive Open House Session with the students.
The entire team was felicitated and honored by the Host-Campus.