The Value-Added Courses are strategically planned for the holistic development of DME Students. The courses have been aimed to create a platform for students to explore and realize their potential to the fullest capacity. The courses curated are not covered in the existing degree syllabus and are cross-discipline in nature and are employability enhancement in orientation.

 VAC Guidelines


  1. Professional Development
  2. Industry Oriented Certifications
  3. Practical Learning
  4. Employability Skill Enhancement


All courses are designed for a duration of 30+ hours. Students will get their certification only after successful completion of 30+ hours and clearing the examination (Theory and Practical) as per the prescribed syllabus.


Value-added courses are delivered by department faculty or by collaborating with the industry to bridge the gap between the curriculum and the needs of the industry.

Assessment System

  1. Minimum of 75% attendance is required to appear for end of course exam
  2. Students will be evaluated by viva of 20 marks and MCQ test of 40 marks
  3. Exam Pass percentage is 45% of the overall assessment done


Value Added Courses are designed to raise students’ standards above and beyond the levels specified in the academic curriculum. The incorporation of value-added courses should concentrate on leveraging the talent and innovative capabilities of aspiring professionals to meet the needs of today’s dynamic business environment, thus making the student more industry ready. The value-added courses supplement students’ learning and prepare them for the challenges of professional life. These courses enable students to gain a more holistic perspective and thus a better understanding of current industry challenges, as well as to gain and develop innovative and creative skills through a diverse range of course offerings.

DME VAC Convener
Dr. Rashmi Arora Chawla: 

Media School VAC Incharge
1. Dr. Yamini Khullar:
2. Dr. Garima Thareja Jain:
Law School VAC Incharge
1. Dr. Swarlipi Saha Chakraborty:
2. Dr. Alankrita Mathur:
3.Bhumika Ahuja:
Management School VAC Incharge
1. Dr. Rashmi Arora Chavla: 
2. Mr. Swaraj Manchanda: