Faculty Convener: Prof (Dr) Susmita Bala

Faculty Co-convener: Mr. Mohit Kishore Vatsa

Student Convener: Siddharth Kukreja

Student Co-Convener: Shubham Mandal

Number of Participants: 20

Objective: Theatre is a collaborative form of art and it doesn’t survive in the society only for the purpose of entertainment but also for the culture creation. Taabiir aims at giving the members a chance to learn and perform the art of theatre. Be it a stage play or a street play, a recitation or performance of a musical rendition, all forms a part of theatre. With Taabiir vision is to hit the reasons of the audience rather than just entertaining them.

Taabiir was incorporated in 2017 with its 30 members as the theatre society of DME. Before incorporation of the society formal auditions were done by the faculty convenors. Members incorporated therein were from all the three disciplines of the college namely, Law, BBA and BJMC.  Due to lack of coordination and discipline, society couldn’t realise its aim of performing a commercial theatre.


The Theatre society of Delhi Metropolitan Education affiliated to Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Dwarka is purely a student’s driven society that is to be mentored by appointed faculty convener and co-convener. This society shall encourage all the selected members in participating irrespective of their discipline they are enrolled in.

The plays shall be generated by students of the society with active help of conveners and co-conveners.

Taabiir seeks active participation and enthusiastic response as it provides a platform for students to engage in theatre discourses, craft, discipline and productions.


Theatre is losing its audience due to neo-orality. The craft is needed to be learnt not only to ensure that it survives as a tradition in the society but also because it expands the horizon of a person to understand self and world around him. There is so much to this art and it shall be valued.

The following activities shall take place under the aegis of society:

  • Workshops: Members will be exposed to workshops to learn the intricacies of the craft. Different theatre artists would be invited to get the members acquainted with the process and practice in theatre.
  • Productions: Society aims at coming out with minimum one in-house production every year.
  • Talks and Lectures: Understanding theories is important aspect of any practice. To suffice this purpose, society will ensure members have meetings with scholars and academicians in theatre studies.


  • To come up with in-house production of stage play.
  • To encourage our students to participate in Intra and Inter college competitions.
  • Be recognized among other colleges and institutions.
  • To learn the basics elements, concepts and techniques of Theatre Practice the basics of scripting, acting, stage design.
  • To organize various major programmes monthly and annually to maximize student participation.


  • Taabiir shall plan, organize and will execute by the student convener along with the members of the society. With the team spirit and proper co-ordination under the supervision of faculty convener and co-convener.
  • We are focused at elevating the all round development of the students in the field of Theatre by encouraging various inter and intra college competitions and extra-curricular programs associated with this.
  • We are a non-profit, self-funded society with all profits put back into making the students a trained practioners.


  • Membership shall be open to students of all the departments in the institution irrespective of their year of study. No discrimination on the basis of race, caste, gender, handicap, age, or political or religious affiliation.
  • Apart from student convener, other members of the society may attend the society meetings.
  • Membership of the society shall be determined by being a student of any course and any branch at DME.
  • All Members shall have equal rights and privileges with respect to be a part of the society. But, they must satisfy the given conditions:
    1. The member must maintain an academic attendance of not less than 60%.
    2. The member must maintain a good academic record.
    3. The member should not be in detention or any other with a punishment of similar type.


  • The society shall consist of student convener, Student Co-convener and members who shall constitute the proper functioning of the society under the able guidance of appointed Faculty convener and Co-convener.
  • Any DME student is eligible to be a convener of the society and shall not be permitted to hold more than two societies in the institution (only as a member, not convener or co-convener) at a time.
  • In August of each academic year, the society shall call a meeting of the general membership of the society for appointing new members.
  • The meeting date for taking nominations shall be well publicized to all members of the institute.
  • The student convener and student co-convener of the society shall be selected on the basis of auditions conducted by faculty convener and co-convener with the consent of the cultural committee head.
  • The student convener and co-convener shall be responsible for recording accurate minutes of any internal society meeting in the presence of faculty convener.
  • Student query shall be sorted by Student Convener of the society.
  • Student who shall not actively participate in society meetings & events or act against the society ethics shall not be entertained further.
  • Members failing to meet the deadlines will face the consequences.
  • All above-mentioned rules are applicable on every existing and future members of the society.


  • Content in performance
  • Voice projection
  • Clarity of speech and action
  • Acting skills
  • Improvisation skills
  • Other skills required for assisting stage


  • Ability to make connection with audience during performance
  • Interest in literature and culture
  • Past experience with stage as a performer
  • Commitment and conviction towards work

Students learn the tricks of trade: Two Day Theatre Workshop at DME
-Mohit Kishore Vatsa

January 26, 2020 (Noida): The Theatre society of DME- Taabiir conducted a two day theatre workshop for its members on Saturday and Sunday i.e. January 25 & 26 at amphitheatre of the college. The objective of the workshop was to prepare its team for Street Play and One Act Play competitions as part of Aloha- annual cultural fest of DME and Anugoonj 2020- annual cultural fest of GGSIPU.

Mr. Rohit Tripathi, veteran theatre actor and director conducted the workshop.
Mr. Tripathi is a graduate of Bhartendu Natya Academy, Lucknow and has also worked with the National School of Drama’s Repertory. He has over 22 years of experience and has acted and directed various street as well as One Act plays.

During the workshop he helped the team polish its street play titled “Chunaav” and
One Act Play- Khwaab. Besides this, he facilitated the team in making formations for the play, dialogue delivery and improvisation. Mr. Mohit Kishore Vatsa and Mr. Pramod Kumar Pandey, Assistant Professors assisted and coordinated the workshop, respectively. Students gained a lot out of the workshop and were all charged up to perform at the upcoming competitions.

Taabiir Participations during Odd Semester (August- November 2019)

S.No. Name of the Student(s) Course Semester & Section Name of the Event Name of the Institute where Participated Position Date of Participation
1. Mithi Singh BA(jmc) 3C Kalpavriksha DDUC (Du) Consolation (2nd ) 4TH October19
  Siddharth Kukreja BA(jmc) 3A        
  Aditi Katyal BA(jmc) 1C        
  Anish Dhawan BA(jmc) 1A        
  Anjali BA(jmc) 1A        
2. Mithi Singh Ba(Jmc) 3C TARANG Niscorts Media College 3rd 18th October19
  Siddharth Kukreja   3A        
  Siddharth Choudhary            
  Shubham Mandol   3A        
3. Shreya Jha BA (JMC) 1B TARANG Niscorts media college 1st 18th October,19
  Khushboo BA(JMC)


  Ujjwal BA.LLB 1C        
  Aditi BA(JMC) 1C        
4. Mithi Singh Ba (JMC) 3C Gyan Manthan IIMT, IP 1st 22nd October,19
  Siddharth Kukreja   3A        
  Siddharth Choudhary            
  Shubham Mandol   3A        
5. Shreya Jha BA(JMC) 1B Gyan Manthan IIMT,IP _ 22ND October,19
  Ujjwal BA.LLB 1C        
  Aditi BA(JMC) 1C        
  Shradha BA.LLB 1C        
6. Akshita  BBA 1A Gyan Manthan IIMT,IP _ 22nd October,19
  Priyanshi BBA          
  Varsha BBA          
  Anoushka BBA 1A        
7. Anish BA(jmc) 1A Tarang Niscorts media College _ 18th October,19
  Avanish BBA 1A        
  Yashika BBA 1B        
  Anooshka BBA 1A        

Result of Second round Auditions of Theatre Society – Taabiir, September 16, 2019

The Theatre society of DME- Taabiir had conducted its second and final round of auditions for freshers on September 14, 2019 at Nelson Mandela auditorium. On the basis of the recommendations of the judgement committee, following students have been shortlisted.

S.No. Name of the Student Course & Semester Section
1- Khushboo BA (JMC)- I B
2- Paritosh Negi BBA LLB-III A
3- Mansi Kausal BBA-I C
4- Shruti Sharma BA (JMC)-III C

Prof. (Dr.) Susmita Bala
(Convener, Taabiir)

Result of Auditions of Theatre Society – Taabiir, September 3, 2019

The Theatre society of DME- Taabiir had conducted auditions for freshers on August 22 & 23, 2019 at Nelson Mandela Auditorium and Room No. 003, respectively. On the basis of the recommendations of the judgement committee, following students have been shortlisted.

S.No. Name of the Student Course Section
1- Aditi Katyal BA (JMC) C
2- Aman Sahu BA (JMC) A
3- Shraddha Goyal BA LLB C
4- Yashika aggarwal BA (JMC) C
5- Anoushka Sharma BBA A
6- Anjali Pandey BA (JMC) A
7- Harsh Chauhan BA (JMC) A
8- Avanish Singh BBA a
9- Ritika Sachdeva BA (JMC) C
10- Shreya Jha BA (JMC) B
11- Simran Suman BA LLB C
12- Akanksha Gupta BA LLB C
13- Ujjwal Chauhan BA LLB C
14- Anish Dhawan BA (JMC) A
15- Ipsita Varda BBA C
16- Sweety BA LLB C
17- Akshita Bharadwaj BBA A
18- Tanya Dikhit BA LLB C
19- Akriti BA (JMC) C
20- Prabal Khanna BBA B

Prof. (Dr.) Susmita Bala
(Convener, Taabiir)