09 Apr 2015


January 30th, 2015
The students, faculty members and non-teaching staff of Delhi Technical Campus and Delhi Metropolitan Education assembled on January 30th, 2015 in the Seminar Hall, DTC to commemorate the Martyr’s Day. Earlier in the day, two minutes silence was maintained in both the Institutes to pay their tributes to all those individuals who sacrificed their lives towards the freedom of our country.
Hon’ble Justice Bhanwar Singh, Director General, addressed the gathering at the Seminar Hall. His topic of the day was “THE TEN GREAT MARTYRS OF THE WORLD”. He introduced the unknown world of the martyrs across the globe and shared their role in achieving the independence of their own countries. One cannot tend to forget the great individuals from the countries like Greece, France, India, USA, UK, Russia, etc. Heacknowledged the important turning points of their lives and careers. It is very important for all of us to know about the manner each one of them sacrificed their lives for the welfare of the future generations.
The team members of the SPIC MACAY HERITAGE CLUB OF DME took the initiative for the screening of the movie “MAKING OF THE MAHATMA” by ShyamBenegal.