SPARC: Students with Positive Attitude and Resonating Communication

The students’ body of DME Media School SPARC: Students with Positive Attitude and Resonating Communication was formally unveiled by Mr Aman Sahni, Vice Chairman and Justice Bhanwar Singh, Director General of DME on September 19 afternoon. This momentwas cherished by 48 Class Representatives of BA JMC along with 9 mentors in the Seminar Hall of DME.

With the vision of boosting the status of student representation and embellishingleadership skills of students, DME Media School has introduced the platform ofSPARC. Wise leadership, impeccable execution and a drive to mobilise govern the objectives of SPARC.

The idea of SPARC was first mooted by Prof. (Dr) Ambrish Saxena, Dean, DME Media School and it was formalised in a meeting with Class Representatives on August 26, 2019. Prof. (Dr) Susmita Bala, HOD, is the Convener and Ms Deepika Dhawan, Assistant Professor, is the Faculty Coordinator of this composite group.

Justice Bhanwar Singh advised the students to treat everyone equally and handle the affairs in the class without any prejudices while ensuring the smooth working of SPARC.

Mr Aman Sahni appreciated the initiative and suggested introducing a leadership lecture series for them in near future for honing leadership skills among the students.

Dr Ambrish Saxena briefed about the objectives of forming SPARC. He also informed about the launch of campaign ‘My Knowledge My Strength’on September 12. In this campaign, each class representative takes one minute every day to communicate meaningful information to the whole class.

Dr Susmita Bala and Ms Deepika Dhawan extended gratitude to everybody for supporting the initiative. Ms Priyanka Naithani, Student Coordinator, SPARC briefed on the working of the committee and the progress so far.