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DME’s Vision as an Education Provider: “To nurture an inspirational setting and a global standard of learning for students that enables their intellectual, social and personal transformation into future leaders for the benefit of the nation.”  Keeping this thought and to fulfil the vision, School Outreach Cell for Higher-education [SOCH] was established in 2017, with an objective of spreading awareness in significant areas [Career Guidance after class 10th and 12th, IPR Awareness, Entrepreneurial Mindset, Cyber Security and Mental Wellbeing] beyond the college walls. These sessions are focussed on the school students class 6th onwards to enable their intellectual, social, and personal transformation into confident individuals and capable future leaders.

The name SOCH [Thinking, विचार, मनन,] symbolizes the change in thinking process of students at an early and impressionable age. SOCH has always been at the forefront by helping the school ecosystem by conducting series of hands-on workshops, awareness sessions, trainings, and panel discussions in above mentioned important areas of learning.

When school students joined DME in various courses the faculty members used to commonly observe that students are having:

  • Knowledge confined to class 11-12th
  • Focused on short term goal of suitable Board Exam Percentage. No aim beyond that.
  • Living under tremendous social and parental pressure to perform well in academics. Plentiful bottled-up feelings and devoid of avenue to talk/share/ seek help from.
  • Aware of limited career options and making career choices based on false information and assumptions.
  • Choosing higher education courses based on parental wishes/pressure but dissatisfied from within and feeling unfit in that domain.

School students alone cannot be hand-held and expected to get transformed unless the whole School Ecosystem was taken into consideration. Hence SOCH was built to hand-hold of the ecosystem from where a school student was coming from.

  • To take school students beyond the defined curriculum and expand horizons of their real-world knowledge on key areas related to Entrepreneurship Development, IPR Awareness, Mental Health Wellbeing, and Cyber Security Awareness.
  • To educate students and parents about domain/career/higher education choices after 10th-12th to make an informed decision based on student skills/ personality traits and ease out pressure on young minds.
  • To actively involve school teachers to train them in new teaching methods, ICT enabled teaching methods etc,
  • To involve school principals in leadership capacity building and collective discussion on important aspects in Academics, Skill Building, NEP, G20, SDG’s etc pertinent areas.

Case One: Building Entrepreneurial Mindset

Idea Generation Activities like SCAMPER conducted class 6th onwards for Re-instilling creativity and Ideation towards business orientation and making students think about having their own business. Conducting Entrepreneurial mindset Activities like Prototype Building within limited resources for 9th -12th class students. This mindset makes youth less job dependent and more startup oriented thereby helping in achieve Make in India dream come true.

Case Two: IPR Awareness

Students start using social media at an early age etc and start posting personal contents/ reels. Students were made aware about basic of IPR to understand Copyright issues related to content posted. Several such workshops Online and Offline mode were conducted. Students will now be cautious while posting contents and understand the content ownership and its outcomes.

Case Three: Cyber Security Awareness

Workshops were taken to make students understand the cons of playing Cybercrime games like Blue Whale Challenge and find out if any student is trapped in this challenge. Immediate guidance was provided to get rid of such games and never to indulge in cyberworld without fully understanding the pros-cons of the same.

Case Four: Mental and Emotional Health during Pandemic

Webinar on Socio-Emotional Health of students during a pandemic Speaker: Ms. Jigyasa Tandon, Mental Health Professional, Educationist & Advocate. Workshops in collaboration with Meraki, the mental health society at DME organized a session on ‘Socio-Emotional Health of students during pandemic’ by Ms. Jigyasa Tandon (Mental Health Professional Educationist). Students from 10+ schools from Delhi-NCR participated.

Case Five: Domain choice after Class 10th

Confusion in Domain choice after 10th and parental pressure Students and parents were made aware in series of career counselling sessions online and offline to guide about choice of domain as per student skills and personality type.

Case Six: Higher Education Options after Class 12th

Confusion in Higher Education choice after 12th and peer pressure students were made aware in series of career counselling sessions online and offline to guide about choice higher education options for every stream.  

Case Seven: Career Pathway in Media and Journalism

Stream neutral career options guidance for an informed decision to students.  Workshops at DME Studio 62 on editing, photography etc were conducted for students to get fair idea about this stream and work aspects.

Case Eight: Professional Courses after Class12th

Stream neutral career options guidance for an informed decision to students and various government schemes available for students

Case Ten: Competitive Exam Information

Students are unaware of what are the various competitive exams for undergraduate courses and what is the preparation syllabus. This information is provided by SOCH.

Case Eleven: Training Legal Studies class 12th in Moot Court

Since the schools don’t have Moot Court Setup and Legal Studies is a new stream introduced in class 12th DME initiated resource sharing and training to students who have opted for Legal Studies

Case Twelve: Business Plan Workshop and Competition

Post series of workshop conducted at various schools on Idea generation, prototype making, business plan building to test to what extent school students have instilled the entrepreneurial mindset a Business Plan Interschool Competition was conducted on the theme of Sustainable Entrepreneurship. 

Case Thirteen: Panel Discussion and School Academic Leadership Capacity Building

On regular intervals. School principals are invited to have a Panel Discussion and Brainstorming sessions on topics like NEP, SDG’s, Education in Pandemic Times, Vocational Training in Education, Skill building initiatives in school students. resource challenges school is facing and to devise measures to support the principals by resource sharing and Training by SOCH.

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