20 Feb 2016

Seminar on Multicultural and Multi-Religious India

At DME, we encourage tolerance and respect for all. This was highlighted with a whole day Inter Faith Seminar on 21st Jaunary 2016 where representatives of the Buddhists, Bahai’s, Jews, Mormons, Kashmiri Pandits, Sikhs, Christians and Hindus were represented. Hon’ble Mr. Justice Alok Singh of Uttrakhand High Court inaugurated the seminar with an insightful key note speech: “A child has only one God ) the mother. It is only later that the child learns and is taught to follow various faiths!”


All risen for the National Anthem: l-r: Rabbi Ezekiel Malekar (Jews), Elder Dr. Allen (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints), Dr. A.K. Merchant (Bahai’s), DME Vice Chairman Mr. Aman Sahni, Mr. Pattiyani (Member Delhi Commission for Minorities $ Christian), Sardar Aazim Kohli (Sikhs), Mr. Pankaj Vohra Managing Editor, Sunday Guardian, Chief Guest for Valedictory and Principal Academics.