Research Centre for Enviro-Legal Studies

About us

The Centre for Enviro-legal Studies (CELS) aspires to sew up a clean and sustainable environment for this nation which is still in developing phase. Further it aims to serve as a resource Centre for teaching environmental law and pursue research in national, regional and international context.

Vision and Mission

  1. To encourage, popularize and disseminate information on contemporary environmental issues, affecting our common future.
  2. To take up legal issues of environmental concern for perusal at relevant forums.
  3. To collaborate and provide a forum for a mutual exchange of ideas and promote public participation on key issues of the environment.
  4. To enable and empower through legal aid the marginalized and weaker sections of the society who disproportionately bear the brunt of environmental degradation.
  5. To provide a platform for effective deliberations and discussion on specific environmental issues involving all stakeholders.

To these ends, we seek to engage with a broad spectrum of lawyers, academicians, governmental and private organizations, corporate entities,think tanks and experts working in the field of environment. The activities of the Centre will primarily be student- driven.

Scope of Activities

  1. Seminars/ Conferences/ Training Workshops- The centre shall be conducting conferences, seminars and workshops to encourage informative discussions on substantive as well as procedural aspects of Environmental Law. Such platforms shall be highly beneficial for budding lawyers, researchers as well as scholars.
  2. Analysis of environmental laws and policies- The Centre is planning to undertake the research work to examine the efficacy of existing domestic environmental laws. This study shall include the critical analysis of environmental jurisprudence developed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court as well as the National Green Tribunal.
  3. Preparation of Database- In order to bring forward specific issues regarding environment protection and sustainable development, it is important to connect with all the stakeholders. With this view, the centre shall be preparing a database that shall include academicians, legal scholars, Governmental experts, NGOs, Social Activists, representatives from Corporate Sector, etc.

Targets to Achieve

  1. Lecture Series – to be held within first or second week of February
  2. First Project Report – To be prepared by the end of the semester
  3. Workshops and Seminars – to be conducted in coordination and collaboration of Centre on Sustainable Development
  4. Eco-Visit – Proposed to take place in March to the industries and pollution control board

A Study on Air Pollution in Delhi

Air Pollution In Delhi: A Study Of The Legal And Institutional Regime And Its’ Efficacy

  1. The Centre for Enviro-Legal Studies (CELS) would endeavor to highlight the main causes behind air pollution in Delhi/NCR.
  2. The Centre aims to take up study and research on legal and institutional framework for preventing air pollution and conservation of ambient air quality standards.
  3. The Centre would seek to adopt comparative research model by comparing it with cities of different nations facing similar kinds of problems of air pollution.
  4. The Centre would also seek to provide suggestions regarding how to control and prevent air pollution and conserve the ambient air quality standards.

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