Centre for Criminal Laws and Justice

About us:

Criminal law is an important subject of academic and practical importance. The centre aims to advance knowledge on the administration of justice and on the nature of criminal behavior. It aims to bring various stakeholders like academicians, policy planners, officials, programme administrators, representatives of civil society, NGOs, media, social and development activists and practitioners to debate and discuss about Criminal Law and Justice and inclusive development: issues, challenges and social work perspective. The centre attempts to engage these issues theoretically as well as empirically.   The Centre aims to promote research and teaching in Substantive Criminal Law subjects namely:

  1. Code of Criminal Procedure,
  2. Law of Evidence,
  3. Indian Penal Code,
  4. The Administration of Criminal Justice System,
  5. Criminology and
  6. The Philosophy and Practice of Punishment


Contact details of the centre members:


Vision and mission:

Its work will include the organization of courses, conferences, seminars and lectures; the preparation of responses to Government legislative proposals, Law Commission consultation papers, and other law reform proposals; the building of networks of contacts with government departments, the judiciary, the criminal Bar, solicitors’ firms, the police, the Prison Service and other institutions and groups with interests in criminal justice; co-operation with other universities with special interests in criminal law subjects, with a view to developing programmes of visits, faculty exchanges, and collaborative research.

Scope of work:

The main objective behind the centre is to provide the students not only legal education but they should be given exposure to the society to understand the laws and the bottlenecks in implementation. The centre also aims at initiating programs which advances the research capabilities of the student and the same will be given consideration by the Centre. Every activity of centre will be learning process for the members indulged in it, as well as the students of the Delhi Metropolitan Education at large.

Current research area

  1. To Conduct an in dept study on the role of Media participation and involvement in changing the collective mindset of society and its impact, if any, on the final judgment.
  2. To organize regular panel discussions and guest lectures on contemporary issues of Criminal Law
  3. To publish a book on “Criminal Laws in India” encapsulating critiques on various issues of the Criminal Law and Justice System in India.
  4. To organize In-House Legal Competitions on Criminal Law for the students of DME such as Legal Article Writing Competition and Mock Trial Competitions.
  5. To organize a National Legal Essay Writing competition relating to Criminal Law and Justice on the any Contemporary theme.