09 Apr 2015

Report on Training Session from NITTTR

Report on Training Session from NITTTR
The mission of any good faculty development program is to assist and support faculty in their professional development. From developing strategies that enrich student learning to fostering a campus culture that values innovative teaching and learning, quality faculty development is the cornerstone to educational excellence
Provides training for faculty and staff of technical institutions and working professionals from industry from India and other developing countries. A two day On-line training session was held at the campus.
Training online let the Faculty Members hold interactive Training Sessions with up to 200 people – right from their desk without the need for going anywhere. It saved time and travel costs by training the faculty online . Since many people are getting trained together in a Video conference mode , more people can be reached across the globe. It make tests and materials available online.
The goals of the NITTTR session were -:
• to enable faculty to perform effective teaching tasks before, during, and after delivering CE courses.
• The expectation is that faculty will develop effective teaching practices in the areas of engaging students in active learning,
• building a positive learning community,
• using a variety of assessment methods to gauge student understanding and learning,
• managing course problems, and
• using student feedback data
to continuously make course and teaching improvements.
Through the sessions the Faculty was guided on different methods of taking up Summer Training Reports and Summer Projects with students.
At the end of each session there was a Question/Answer round on the topic of training.