24 Sep 2015

Report on Justice Krishna Iyer Lecture Series

Justice Krishna Iyer Lecture Series

Monday, 24th August, 2015 marked the opening of the Krishna Iyer lecture series of the Academic Year 2015-16, in the Nelson Mandela Auditorium of DME. The esteemed guest for the occasion was Mr. Salman Khurshid, legal luminary, Senior Advocate and former Union Minister. He is also a Gold Medalist in his Masters in Law at Oxford University. He delivered a highly educative speech on the topic, “Death Penalty – Ethical or Otherwise.”
The lecture was commenced by Hon’ble Justice Mr. Bhanwar Singh who introduced the topic by citing one of his judgments in which death penalty was awarded. He also provided the students with an insight into the existing legislative framework emphasizing on the relevance of circumstantial evidence and its applicability while awarding death penalty.
Mr. Salman Khurshid started his lecture by extending his reverence to the institution of justice. He emphasized upon the dignified position a judge holds by placing them next to God and thus motivated the students to direct their legal careers towards the becoming of a judge. He impressed upon the audience the necessity to re-examine the provisions relating to capital punishment and also suggested the execution of more effective means for preventing crime in the society. He highlighted on an interesting idea wherein the court should test the viability of alternate measures like the surgical removal of eyes of the convict. He suggested that such measures shall enable the court to help the disabled or less privileged section while also adequately punishing the criminal. He suggested that without testing the alternate theories of punishment, capital punishment should not be made the ultimate rule. He also drew a comparison between the different practices followed by judges by citing examples of eminent judges like Herbert and Hercules.
The session was followed by numerous queries raised by the students, which was addressed by Mr. Khurshid with precision. After the queries of the students were satisfied and their minds ignited, the lecture was formally concluded by the vote of thanks extended by a 3rd Year Law student, Anam Siddiqui.