• Radio Intersect, the Radio Society at DME is a student driven body aimed at providing radio related exposure to young aspirants.
  • The society brings out the preferable skills required for radio personnel to excel in likewise work environment.
  • Creating a community at college level with experienced guidance of faculty and student coordinators may facilitate a crucial development in an individual for their future endeavors.


  • To provide an opportunity to the students for first hand radio exposure.
  • To establish a platform where students can create quality content and showcase their skills and talents.
  • To indulge the students in events/collaborations for an enriched and beneficial experience.
  • To develop a creative perspective among students, providing them the freedom to express themselves.

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  • DME TALK: Under this series of programme DME Radio Intersect conduct one on one interview with prominent and senior people. Interview can be on any subject matter. The interviews are conducted in the college premises and are taken by the college students with help of faculty members.
  • DME FEATURE: These programmes are on any person or places on the occasion of any celebrity’s birthday or to enlighten student about the prominence of any place. The purpose of this segment is to inform students about certain topic.
  • DME REVIEW: This segment updates the listeners in every way possible. The programmes are the reviews on latest gadgets, movies or books.
  • DME DISCUSSION: Under this we talk about some burning issues of the society. The programme is put forth by show host. The panel of the interviewee may include any senior person who holds knowledge of the topic being discussed or can be faculty member of the college.
  • DME PSA: In this genre students make advertisements on social issues that prevail in the society. The recording is done the equipped audio lab in the college premises.

Radio Intersect, the Radio Society of DME, conducted auditions for first year students for all the three schools for inducting new members into the society on 25th January 2021. The auditions were held online via Zoom. 20 participants attended the auditions. The students were asked to brief themselves, mention their reason to join the society, and read out the provided script to test the voice quality and modulation. Scripts of various genres were provided to the students to discover their adaptation to various patterns. Scriptwriters were also asked to read out self-written scripts for a fair evaluation. The students were judged on the criteria of willingness to learn, other than mere talent.

Virtual Live RJ Hunt Organized by DME Radio Intersect

DME Radio Intersect organised its first virtual live event of the session- an inter departmental RJ hunt on September 25, 2020. Participants from all three schools and the members of the radio society came together on Google Meet platform to make this event a successful one. Dr Ambrish Saxena, Dean, DME Media School, greeted the audience with some warm words of encouragement. Dr Susmita Bala, Head, DME Media School, also marked the event with her presence. The competition was judged by Ms Sukriti Arora, Assistant Professor DME Media School. While addressing the audience she said, “Radio jockeying is an art of spontaneity.”

The event gave an opportunity to the participants to unleash the RJ in them and gave them a platform to express their lesser known selves. Anuja Saklani, the holder of the first position pulled together her melodious voice and the current scenario of Covid-19 into an interesting jam of words. Ms Arora mentioned it to be relatable and engaging for the listeners. Tanisha bagged the second position with her words mainly focusing on the need to be alive. The lively performance was acknowledged by Ms Arora for being relevant in today’s scenario. Also, Nidhi Sahai got a special mention for her out-of-the-box content on the connection between love and patriotism.

Concluding the session, Ms Tinam Borah, faculty conveyor of the Radio Society extended a vote of thanks to the participants and the organising team.

Report prepared by Yashika Aggarwal

Two-day Radio Workshop conducted in DME Media School

Athar Saeed hones students’ skills for producing features

Polishing the skill of effective speech with proper diction, writing an impressive script for ears, producing a feature by recording this script and enriching the product with music and sound effect – this gigantic task was taken up successfully during two days (October 10 and 11) of hectic activities at 3 venues and 3 sub venues on the campus of Delhi Metropolitan Education (DME).

This wholesome exercise was part of Radio Production Workshop organised by DME Media School for Third Semester students of BA JMC. The workshop was conducted by Mr Athar Saeed, noted news reader and dubbing artist, who has been associated with both radio and television industries for over two decades.

Radio Production Workshop, as conceived by Dr Susmita Bala, Head, DME Media School, opened in the newly built Seminar Hall in the presence of faculty members and more than hundred students. Ms Sukriti Arora, Assistant Professor, welcomed the resource person of the workshop. Dr Ambrish Saxena, Dean, DME Media School, felicitated Mr Saeed and underlined the significance of the workshop.

Mr Athat Saeed began the session in an interactive fashion by asking the students about pronunciations of several commonly spoken words of the Hindi language. The students having given various incorrect answers were surprised to learn the nuances of correct speech and diction. They participated enthusiastically and showed visible improvement as the session continued.

The workshop resumed post lunch with the next agenda of preparing a radio feature program. Students working in pairs discussed their topics and the treatment of those topics with Mr Saeed who offered his valuable guidance to all. The students were given the home assignment of writing the script for the next day production.

On the next morning, students gathered again in the Seminar Hall and discussed their scripts with their respective faculty members teaching the subject – Ms Sukriti Arora, Ms Chhavi Bakaria and Ms Shruti Pandey. Each script was vetted by Mr Saeed who suggested improvement in writing and diction before its final recording.

The recording and post production was looked after by Mr Ritwik Ghosh, Assistant Professor. Other faculty members Mr Sumantra Das, Ms Krishna Pandey and Mr Sachin Nair were also seen guiding the students in their enterprise.

The recordings took place in Studio 62 and first floor Radio Studio. Students were seen recording at other locations as well including closet space between the studio and PCR and even in the shoe rack space.

The workshop proved to be a huge success with eager participation from every person involved.

Report prepared by: Ms Sukriti Arora, Assistant Professor, DME Media School.