In a world changing at every second, the journey from being a learner to a professional has to prepare the student for more than what the classroom can teach and the pupil can practice. The Placement Cell of each school in DME keeps the students constantly connected with industry experts and leaders, professionals, stalwarts, and officials. They educate and train the students in every aspect of career, recruitment, skillsets and entrepreneurship!

A Career in Law

Students of DME Law School got a glimpse into building a career in law with Mr Jayant Bhatt (Advocate, Supreme Court). From career options after completing graduation to
the prospects of pursuing higher education from India or abroad, Mr Jayant guided all students with insights from his experience and practice.




Learn from the Leaders

DME Law School organized a Career Guidance webinar with Mr. B. Lakshmi Narasimhan, Principal Partner Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan  Attorneys, who spoke about Constitutional Framework & Challenges Under Goods and Services Tax to students. Knowledge about GST and the constitutional framework will help the students seek and gain better prospects of employment. 

Consumer Durables in COVID Era

Mr. Amit Tangri, National Service Head,Inalsa Home Appliances, spoke about services related to Consumer durables during the pandemic and educated students about focusing on the importance and need of formal education in Management and advised the students to hone their skills for the future of manufacturing.






Expectations of the Corporate World

Mr. Malcolm Raphael, Senior Vice President at Times Group, Head – Times Envelop (Brand strategy & Creative), gave a peek into the corporate world to students when he spoke what the world aspired by the students expect of them. From Individual to professional to spiritual, the guest gave a comprehensive understanding to the students.

Growing Traditional Business

Mr Pankaj Mirchandani, Founder & CEO – UltraProlink / Managing Director – RCA Techmart, discussed various ways by which old businesses can be revamped and explored strategies for redefining sales and distribution in  the post Covid world.  He stressed on the need for more adaptive techniques instead of tried and tested traditions.

How to Become a Successful Facebook Marketer

Mr. JS Mohanty, Digital Marketing Professional, 9LedgePro conducted an interactive workshop on the need and requirement of the day, Social Media Marketing, with emphasis on Facebook Marketing and career options.






 Management Specialization beyond HR Marketing and Finance

Mr. Amit Poddar, Senior Regional Head at TIME spoke to students about MBA Specializations in India- MBA in IT, Logistics Management, Rural Management, Health Care Management, Operations Management and Event Management. The guest opened students to a world of opportunities for students.

Management Specializations and Career Prospects

Mr. Prashant Khare (Founder and CEO, Careerthon and Corporate Advisor, DME and DTC), Ms Bharti Shokeen (Placement Head, DTC) and Dr. Sanober Khan (Head, Management School, DTC) spoke to students of DME Management School about the array of opportunities, ground reality of placements and specializations in Management.


In an enlightening and engaging session, Dr.Sanober Khan, Associate Professor and Head, School of Management, DTC and Prof. (Dr.) Ravi Kant Swami, Director, DME explored all possibilities of studying MBA at GGSIPU regarding admission, possibilities after MBA and the nature of the field of study itself.

Study Management Abroad

Mr. Amit Poddar, Senior Regional Head, T.I.M.E spoke to DME Management School students about a topic pursued by students actively – possibilities of management education internationally! From GRE to GMAT, to all other avenues after management education were explored exhaustively by the guest.

What is MBA and PGDM

Mr. Amit Poddar, Senior Regional Head, T.I.M.E, briefed the students about career opportunities and job prospects after MBA. The guest sensitized students about many of the specialized programs in addition to patterns of various exams like CAT, XAT, SNAP, and NMAT and how to prepare for them.

Branding and Marketing in the Covid Era

Prof. Ujjwal K Chowdhury, Pro Vice Chancellor, Adamas University, told curious listeners “there is always a possibility of turning a crisis into an opportunity” as he spoke about branding and marketing possibilities during Covid. He explored the very nature of marketing, famous brands and marketing and branding lessons from them.


Career in Digital Media – Media Master

Dr Ambrish Saxena, Dean DME Media School, elaborated on Digital Newsrooms, Online Journalism, Content Writing, Blogging, Vlogging, Podcasting, Content Management, Digital Marketing, digital event management, digital publishing and e-commerce in a Session on Digital Media careers with panoramic insights into all sucg evolving aspects of new media.

Career in Print and Digital Media_Ambrish Saxena

To apprise the media students of various career options in print and digital media, Prof (Dr) Ambrish Saxena, Dean, DME Media School, convened a career guidance session and talked about the craft, skillsets and the field using his years of insight, in relation to pursuing a successful and fruitful career in Media.

Career in Radio- Media Masters

Dr Ambrish Saxena, Dean, DME Media School explored the requisites, opportunities and skill sets required to enter radio industry in a comprehensive session which covered all aspects of the evolving field, in addition to medium’s relevance, evolution in the age of podcasts and community radio.

Career In Television – Media Master Series

A special webinar on broadcast journalism – Television, was conducted to map the recent changes in the consumption, production, and distribution in context of building a career in Television, by veteran journalist and Dean, DME Media School, Dr Ambrish Saxena.

Changing face of advertising in the wake of COVID-19

Ms Hiinaa Talwarr, advertising professional and founder of Firefly Communication Hub discussed the impact of COVID-19 on the advertising industry and how it has adapted to the on-going challenges with examples like brands that advertise in support of general public, covid fashion products and creative ads in context of pandemic.

Language Media-Media Master

Career in Language Media was deliberated upon by Dr Ambrish Saxena, Dean, DME Media School and Dr Susmita Bala, Head, DME Media School in an insightful career guidance session about the need for proficiency in Indian languages and dialects along with career opportunities for the same across India.

Placement Counselling and Industry Update

Dr Ambrish Saxena, Professor and Dean, DME Media School apprised students with newer developments in the media industry and job opportunities in the changed scenario in a special session which explored jobs in various media sectors, new media’s proliferation, post-graduation and the importance of a perennially inquisitive mind!






Production of films in the midst of lockdowns and Covid restrictions

Ms Akansha Khanna, senior film producer from Mumbai, spoke to students about how filmmakers and film production persisted during pandemic. She elaborated on industry’s various adaptions and changes, like the use of a bio bubble. She also enlightened students about how they could fulfil their filmmaking dreams despite the times!

Prospects In advertising

“Advertising is an art of turning products into brands”- thus began Mr Alok Bhute, Head, Strategic Planning, AnyMind Group and Mr Shashank Rawat, Senior Creative Brand Strategist, ARM, Worldwide in session exploring the nature of advertising, importance of technology, numbers, & human influence and how to build a successful advertising career.

Public Relations and Corporate Communication

Mr Bhaskar Majumdar, Head – Corporate Affairs, Communication & Digital, Egis India shed light on the emerging trends in media related to jobs in Public Relations and Corporate Communication. He focused on Digital media an transformation, marketing and facilitating development of students into professionals!

Radio in the times of pandemic

TedX speaker, debater, and famous podcaster RJ Swati from 93.5 Red FM put India’s Radio scenario during the Pandemic into perspective as she spoke about being an RJ, its various roles and duties and the expectations that people have while listening to them and how students be a part of it.

Revenue generation and cost and revenue relationship of media organizations

Taking a detour from the art and craft of media, Dr Ambrish Saxena, Dean DME Media School spoke to students about Revenue generation and cost and revenue relationship of media organizations. The session covered the relationship between the advertising agencies and the circulations, profit margins, market economy, and an overview of the Newspaper and Television industry.

Role of Communication Specialists in the Government

Mr Joy Daniel Pradhan, Communication Specialist, Ministry Of Minority Affairs, Government Of India took an insightful session about career possibilities as a Communication Specialist in the Government He deliberated in detail about all the aspects of the field, from career possibilities to the nature of communication and the nuances of working with governments.





TV News in the backdrop of the pandemic in India

Dr Hemant Kaushik, Associate Editor, News Nation and media academician enlightened students about Television and News during pandemic. From covid challenges to OTT, Dr Kaushik provided a bird’s eye view about the field and spoke about the resilience of journalists and the medium itself during Covid.






Virtual events in the era of pandemic

Mr Ritwik Ghosh, Content and Communication, put the new digital space into perspective in a session about virtual events. He explores the nature, technology, tools and techniques to be a part of and create the new media landscape. The session covered many digital tools that offered more immersive and engaging experiences for the audience.