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Why Placement at DME?

From the moment a student steps into the DME Campus, the story of a future artist, innovator, visionary, entrepreneur, policymaker begins.
A college is made not just of brick and mortar walls, but from students and teachers. It is made not just from the books and libraries and lessons in the classrooms but also from the ideas and stories from and between those books, classes and the pupil!
It is made of dreams, aspirations, curiosities of each learner! It is this journey that DME Placement Cell hopes to fulfil! From an amalgamation of dynamic and adaptive learning to lessons at the core of each academic field, to industry interaction, lectures, activities, internships – each school of DME trains the students to thrive and grow in chosen professional sectors.

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Training at DME

Through fests, international conferences, assignments and class activities students are prepped for their professional journey. Whether Factories of Coca Cola and Mother Dairy, or presses of celebrated newspapers and studios of media houses, or even the highest body of Justice in India, Honourable Supreme Court – all students take regular industry visits to acquaint them with all aspects of the professional world. Every department conducts placement preparation drives to train students in skillsets and update them. Mock interviews, skill training, resume and portfolio building workshops, presentations, certificate courses are part of the everyday DME life.

The best of national and international artists, policymakers , economists, lawyers, office bearers, chief justices, judges, Journalists, actors, filmmakers, politicians and scholars interact with the students, preparing them for the world ahead with their insights, knowledge and experience through seminars, webinars and lectures. From national dailies and television to reputed law firms and companies, every student of DME goes though internships to give them their first experience in their chosen field.

The final steps before reaching out to the world for every DME student are the numerous campus drives conducted by recruiters across the spectrum. Numerous reputed law firms, newspapers, media houses, MNCs and Start up enterprises find themselves hiring from DME’s talent pool every year! It is a matter of pride DME that despite the challenging conditions of Covid and lockdown, placements have not gone down but instead have continued and thrived!

College life in DME is the beginning of an ever expanding journey into constant and continuous innovation, creativity and enterprise with equal bits fun and frolic and equal bits studies and training. In this journey, Placement is one of the most vital parts!

DME placement cell is the meeting ground for the future visionaries and recruiters. We keep up with the demands of the changing industry and equip our students with latest skillsets and training along with constant and insightful industry and professional interaction.

A fortune 500 company you wanted to get to or the newspaper you have always read and admired or the state Judicial Services & reputed   Dr. Seema Mam                                law firms… You choose your path, we will train you for the journey           Head Placement Cell                       ahead!                                                                                                                 

Dr. Seema Mam (Head, Placement Cell)
Ms. Krishna Pandey (Convener, Placement Committee, DME Media School)
Ms.Pooja Tripathi (Convener, Placement Committee, DME Management School)
Ms. Pooja Sharma (Co-Convener, Placement Committee, DME Management School
Ms.Shreya Mahajan (Convener, Placement Committee, DME Law School)
Mr. Khush Kalra (Co-Convener, Placement Committee, DME Law School)




For every aspirant it is important to assess the possibilities and opportunities, after choosing a field of interest. Delhi Metropolitan Education offers three disciplines- Law, Media or Management. Let us explore higher education and professional possibilities after these disciplines.

In a world changing at every second, the journey from being a learner to a professional has to prepare the student for more than what the classroom can teach and the pupil can practice. The Placement Cell of each school in DME keeps the students constantly connected with industry experts and leaders, professionals, stalwarts, and officials. They educate and train the students in every aspect of career, recruitment, skillsets and entrepreneurship!

A student entering the job market or a chosen discipline, in addition to knowledge and training, requires skillsets and confidence to get through the selection process and to distinguish oneself in the job market. DME Placement cell ensures that no student in DME remains an untapped talent. Students are put through presentation and public speaking training, resume creation, industry specific skillset, updated software knowledge and ever training required to succeed as a professional.