Final year students of BA LLB of DME, Law School found themselves facing a curious recruiter from another field on 3rd May, 2018! The students trained in Law were evaluated for recruitment by a growing media channel!

A team from APN News channel, Noida was present in the DME campus for the recruitment of final year law students. APN News is one of the most prominent upcoming news channels in Hindi. It sought professionals who could work along its dynamic environment and functioning while bringing innovation and creativity to the mix. The channel was looking to grow and gain more engagement with viewers.

The BA LLB students brought in a new discipline too into a multidisciplinary field and the recruiters also found themselves face to face with a curious bunch of students whose career goals and ambitions crossed any borders of imagination!

CAMPUS DRIVE – TILA (Trans-India Law Associates)

A prestigious Law firm based in New Delhi, TILA (Trans-India Law Associates) found itself in the talent pool of Delhi Metropolitan Education to hire the future visionaries in the discipline of Law.

TILA conducted Interviews of 17 students for the post of Associate in DME campus on January 24th, 2020. The managing director of the law firm Mr.Raj Singh Niranjan was present and oriented the students not just for the placement session but for a career ahead in law and what it meant to be in the profession. He drew upon his years of experience and insight and the students not only listened to the session but responded to all his questions and anecdotes

The session comprised of a series of rounds from written test to Interview. Students were quite enthusiastic to take part in the recruitment process of a reputed law firm like TILA. The organisation was a multi-discipline law firm which provided a range of both inbound and outbound legal services.