Career Opportunities - Media

Higher Education

BA (JMC) is a specialized undergraduate course in Journalism and Mass Communication that provides opportunities to work as media personnel in print, Television, radio or digital media in addition to the many opportunities present in Cinema, Advertisement, Public Relation, Communications and broadcasting.

The duration of the course is three years and the course syllabus is divided into six semesters. BA Journalism and Mass Communication degree provides knowledge and training to students in all aspects of Mass Media, communication and journalism. BA JMC course deals with mass media such as television, radio, newspapers but also new age mass media such as the internet, e-newspapers, journals, websites, social media etc.  

After gaining basic knowledge students can further go for specialization in various fields including Journalism, Advertising and PR, Corporate Communication, Production, Radio and Digital Media. Programs are available at both diploma and degree levels. Students can also pursue specialized masters from foreign universities. A course in BA (JMC) can open up a dynamic and exciting field for students  

Job Opportunities

Education in Journalism and Mass Communication opens various lucrative career opportunities for students. There are media houses, news channels, magazines, marketing agencies and companies and newspapers that hire mass communication graduates. Students often choose to work and get experience before applying for masters,

Digital media is brimming with opportunities with roles like copywriting, content writing, blogging, social media and digital media marketing etc. 

Competitive Exams and Government Jobs

Students can choose to work for various government agencies like Doordarshan and All India Radio. Students must also remain alert for notifications of openings in the many departments of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. 

The PR and advertisement or promotion departments of all government agencies and organisations also provide ample opportunities for media practitioners to work directly with the government.