24 Apr 2015

National Seminar On Change in Media Language 2015

Press Release
Mind Your Language
National Seminar
Change in Media Language
Delhi Metropolitan Education, Greater Noida organized a National seminar on Change in Media Language on March 03, 2015.
This seminar provided a platform to Media fraternity & students. People from Academia, Industry met and exchanged their views on the change taking place in Media Language. The faculty members & students of different institutions also presented their research papers on different topics related to different fields of Media.
Many distinguished guests made seminar a knowledgeable bouquet for people who will be associated with it in any form. Experts included both Academicians & Media Professionals.
The seminar was inaugurated by Dr. P. K Mathur, Chief guest for the day, Dr. C. P Singh, Dean USMC, GGSIPU, Delhi Guest of honor, Dr. Vikram Dutt, Dr. Shivaji Sarkar, Mr. Aman Chopra (Sr. News Anchor, ABP News), Ms. Kajal Suri (All India Radio) , Mr. Narendra Kaushik & Ms. Parul Jain.
“Good architecture is required to make a good building, the same way good language is required to make a good & impressive communication”. Said Dr. Vikram Dutt, Guest of Honour.
“Language has its own importance and relevance for the people of different religions and culture, even songs made in different languages has own melody and it can’t be compared, literal translation cannot be done as base language lose its essence”. Said Dr. C.P Singh (Dean University school of Mass Communication, GGSIPU).
“Now a day’s language is getting changed like fashion trend, now proper English & Hindi is not followed instead of proper language Hinglish is used”. Said Dr. P. K Mathur, Chief Guest of the seminar.
“These types of Seminars & workshops must be organized to provide exposure & better understanding of Industry to the students studying the professional course”. Said Mr. Vipin Sahni (Chairman Sunshine Education & Development Society)
Seminar was graced with presence of Hon’ble Mr. Justice Bhanwar Singh (Director General, Delhi Metropolitan Education), Mr. Vipin Sahni (Chairman, Sunshine Education & Development Society), Mrs. Kiran Sahni (Chairperson, Sunshine Education & Development Society), Mr. Aman Sahni (Vice Chairman, Sunshine Education & Development Society), Prof. Dr. C.S.Kanwar (Director, Delhi Metropolitan Education), Ms. Parul Mehra (HOD, Department of Journalism & Mass Communication).