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About Us

Meraki: The Society for Mental Health at DME aims to initiate change and sensitize students about mental health and focus on the art of empathizing. It endeavours to establish a community garden for students and provide guidance and psycho- emotional support. Mental health encompasses the overall wellbeing and impacts our lives in many ways. It is an initiative to equip the students to meet the multiple challenges and expectations beyond academics.


In pursuit of our Vision, we strive to:

  • Promote improved mental well-being for all individuals through education, support and advocacy.
  • Become a humane and healthy society in which all people are accorded respect, dignity, and the opportunity to achieve their full potential free from stigma and prejudice.
  • Improve the community’s understanding of mental health and enhancing interpersonal relationships through better and effective communication.
  • Provide education and opportunities for students to identify their creative potential and subsequently provide programs and an environment that supports a healthy state of mind and improves resilience for all.

The role of the society shall be of a facilitator (and not as a counsellor or a therapist) to make students aware of the importance of mental health. It strives to make everyone value their mental health and lead happy and peaceful lives.

Faculty Conveners

Convener, Ms. Shanu Jain
Assistant Professor, DME Management School

Co-convener, Ms. Sukriti Arora
Assistant Professor, DME Media School

Co-convener, Ms. Shambhavi Mishra
Assistant Professor, DME Law School

Student Convener: Tanisha Sharma, B.A. LL.B. Batch 2018-23

Student Co-Convener: Megha Mishra, B.A. LL.B. Batch 2018-23


Tasveer – A Photograph: Pause, Click, Reflect

On March 15th 2021, Meraki: Society for Mental Health at Delhi Metropolitan Education organized a virtual event, Tasveer-A Photograph via Zoom platform (3pm onwards). The objective of the event was to give our students an opportunity to communicate, capture and reflect their state of mind with a photograph. The session was judged by Ms. Chaitra Nambiar (Alumni, DME Media School, Batch 2017-2020), currently pursuing PG diploma in advertising and PR from Indian Institute of Mass Communication, working as a freelance photographer from past 3 years, previously appointed as head of photography at Youth Parliament; and Ms. Sanvi Bhatia (Student, DME Law School, Batch 2016-2021), currently pursuing law and possessing a keen interest in photography. There were 14 participants who presented their photographs with creative and thought provoking explanations to them. The winners of the event were Mr. Pulkit Juneja (First Prize), Ms. Garima Bajaj (Second Prize) and Mr. Aatman Sharma (Third Prize).

It was a wonderful and a heart touching competition which poured in different perspectives to ordinary yet creative pictures which have deep meanings and stories within.

On February 15th, 2021, Meraki: Society for Mental Health at Delhi Metropolitan Education organized an enlightening and motivating session on “Academic Challenges: Managing Burnout through motivation”. It was a virtual session organized to help the students and teachers at DME cope with the stress and mental exhaustion induced by the pandemic. Dr. Sandeep Vohra (India’s leading psychiatrist, psychotherapist, and digital emotional & mental wellness entrepreneur) with his team graced the participants with their presence as guest speakers.

Megha Mishra, the student co convenor of Meraki, began the session by drawing the focus of the participants on the purpose of the session. Tanisha Bhardwaj, Student Convenor of Meraki, gave a brief introduction to the Society and talked about the work it has been doing. Ms. Shanu Jain, Assistant Professor at DME and Faculty Convenor at Meraki, welcomed the guests and introduced Dr. Sandeep Vohra and his team. Prof. Dr. Ravikant Swami, Director at DME was invited to address the illustrious gathering and open the session.

The session started with Dr. Vohra shedding some light on the importance of having a society like Meraki at every institute and especially given the fact that these are some challenging times. He admired the conscious effort of Delhi Metropolitan Education for establishing a Mental Health Society successfully.For a better conceptual understanding, Dr. Vohra presented a very valuable presentation to the audience. He proceeded forward with introducing the difference between psychology and psychiatry as individual concepts. Dr. Vohra talked about the importance of making these concepts clear to people, as generally due to the lack of knowledge, the affected person is late in seeking the required help. The spectators were elucidated about the meaning of burnout and the common symptoms affixed to it. In the slides presented, Dr. Vohra demonstrated a very instructive graph. The graph addressed the student audience, by showing a performance and stress level chart. He explained how stress slowly leads to burnout, and how it affects a student’s life. He even made a distinction between healthy and unhealthy stress levels. According to him, the ways to avoid the stress curve or burnout, a person needs to make the following changes in their life:

  1. Structuring of the day: have a plan and be productive. You have to plan and execute. Give yourself a purpose.
  2. Follow normal body clock rhythm: In the student community, this is the biggest flaw. Students do not follow the normal body clock which exposes our brain to stress and potential burnout. 6-8 hours of nighttime sleep is mandatory for restarting our body.
  3. Recognizing & accepting stress and seeking remedy: do not postpone seeking a remedy. If you are going through stress or any mental issue, talk to your loved ones and seek help.

Dr. Sandeep Vohra gave out some tips for staying motivated & avoiding burnout, which was:

  1. Having a positive attitude
  2. Goal setting with achievable milestones through hard work & time management
  3. Focus on goals and stay persistent
  4. Staying connected with family and friends, with a positive outlook
  5. Taking inspiration from people
  6. Getting proper sleep
  7. Avoiding intoxication & tech addiction

The students were advised about the Burnout solutions and the precautions to be taken when it comes to prescribed medications. He finalized the presentation by saying that “Remember – Seeking help from mental health professionals at the earliest warning sign can nip the problem in the bud!” It was followed by a round of very interactive and engaging Q/A session

These questions addressed multiple aspects of the mental health of the students, understanding of student and teacher relationships, gap year, peer problems, self-harming tendencies, and the internet’s impact on youths’ attitudes and mental condition.

This Q/A session promoted the possibility of having a healthier and smoother life for the students and teachers alike. Dr. Vohra inspired the people present with his own life stories and experiences. He shared such crucial information in a very informal and relaxed manner. As a beautiful gesture, the team extended a gift of 15 minutes free consultation session to every participant. Ms. Shambhavi and Ms. Sukriti, Faculty co-convenors of Meraki also shared their thoughts with the participants.

The event was concluded by a vote of thanks presented by Ms. Shanu Jain. She appreciated the wonderful efforts of the Meraki team and the inspiring work of Dr. Vohra with his team.

The event was truly inspirational and an enormous hit.

December 30th, 2020 (Wednesday), Delhi Metropolitan Education, Noida

Prepared By: Ishika Ghansyala, BBA Batch 2018-2021  |  Aanchal Bhardwaj BA LLB Batch 2017-2022

Meraki-Society for Mental Health at Delhi Metropolitan Education organized an insightful and motivational session on “Transition from School to College- Challenges and Uncertainties” addressing the New batch 2020 on 30th December, 2020. It was a virtual event organized for audiences of different fields of study. The day saw the gracious presence of Dr. Shwetank Bansal (Eminent Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist). The session was managed by Ms. Shanu Jain, Faculty Convener, Meraki.

Tanisha Bharadwaj, Student Convenor of Meraki – Society for Mental Health welcomed the guest. Ms. Shanu Jain briefed about the aim of the society and what it is about. A video was presented to the audience about how the members of the society reflect towards the idea.

Further, Dr. Shwetank Bansal began the session by throwing the light on how the session is deeply connected with the past. He told the students how the actual transition of life begins with college. According to him, “a college is a mini world – less structured and more uncertain”. He also reflected on the topic that how this year is different than any other year due to the pandemic as the pandemic itself, was a transition. According to him, this year has taught us many things and due to the pandemic, the transition from school to college was even more challenging due to a sudden shift from traditional mode of learning to an online mode. Through his presentation, Dr. Shwetank talked about five things that one should know before starting college. He used many interesting tales and anecdotes reflecting various behaviors of human beings.

He emphasized on how the reality is always changing and rules are being broken. According to him, “Question the status quo” as we must question what’s thought to be the normal. Further, he emphasized on the stress response curve which basically talks about how the level of stress facilitates our performance level. He further explained that at certain points, the anxiety stops rising and starts decaying with time. He advised the students to never give up when they are in a stressful situation.

He also talked about the psychological concept of Jo- Hari Window and Maslow’s Pyramid. The session turned very interesting and interactive when the audience had a chance to put forward their questions and ease their curiosities. Dr. Shwetank entertained questions relating to emotional triggers, regrets, the emotional stress of making decisions & the difference between sadness and clinical depression. He enlightened the audience about the subjectivity of any mental condition. He introduced such a different and a brand new perspective to the minds of the audience. It was his wonton manner of answering or approaching a stressful topic that eased the audience’s mind.

Moving forward, the student co-convener, Megha Mishra asked the faculty co-conveners of the society, Ms. Sukriti Arora and Ms. Shambhavi Mishra to say a few words. Ms. Sukriti went ahead to bring to light the deeper issues faced by young minds and how the right help can suppress or deal with these issues in a correct manner. Ms. Shambhavi shared her experiences and encouraged students to enjoy and cherish every moment of their college lives.

Megha Mishra did a curtain raiser to the upcoming event of the society called Tasveer, wherein she explained the concept of the event and invited the students to join in and reflect their state of mind.

The session concluded with few valuable words from Dr. Pranay Tanwar, Dean Academics at Delhi Technical Campus, and a vote of thanks.

Dr. Pranay talked about the international recognition of mental health’s impact on academics. Addressing the need for mental health services for both life and educational situations. She reminded participants about the importance of holding on to their goals.

It was indeed an eye opening experience, which changed the approach of the young minds when it came to the issues relating to mental health.

On 17th October, 2020 Meraki: society for Mental Health at Delhi Metropolitan Education, Noida in collaboration with Outreach DME-The CSR club conducted a workshop on Socio – Emotional Health of Students in Pandemic. The objective of the workshop was to sensitize students on the most crucial yet ignored aspect in our lives i.e. mental and emotional health and provide relevant answers to the questions by providing socio- emotional support. The session highlighted the problems that might have been faced by the students and to educate them on necessary events that may have been happening with them, due to the pandemic and to tell them how to cope up with that. The entire session was conducted online via Zoom platform from 11:00 am onwards. Ms Shambhavi Mishra, Faculty Co-convener of Meraki welcomed Ms Jigyasa Tandon (Mental Health professional, educationist and advocate), the keynote speaker for the webinar. Ms. Jigyasa shared her life experiences with many contemporary examples from our daily lives and inspired everyone with her encouraging words. Many participants raised some value points on maintaining their mental health and how every day influences and effect of social media. Topics like how to define mental health, how to use the three L’s that are Live Learn and Love were beautifully explained by the guest. She also talked about the important aspects such as awareness and acceptance of the act or any such situation related to mental health and how to attend the ones who are going through such issues. Adding to the points ,Ms Jigaysa also talked about how Covid 19 has given a new dimension to these already existing issues and most importantly how to deal with it. She inspired students to pursue their hobbies, try some creativity, experiment new things, listen to good music and podcasts, and watch some light movies, cartoons and comic shows, anything and everything that soothes one’s mind and heart. This was followed by a round of questions and answers from the audiences where students enthusiastically discussed their anxieties with the guest. Towards the end of the event Dr. Swati Jain, Head Outreach DME expressed her vote of thanks to the guest and all the students and faculty members present there. It was overall an enlightening experience for everyone.

Report By: Megha Mishra

Meraki: The Society for Mental Health at DME aims to initiate change and sensitize students about mental health and focus on the art of empathizing. On 11th October, 2020 conducted its inaugural and orientation programme in the light of Mental Health day on 10th October, 2020. The motive is to establish a community garden for students and provide guidance and psycho- emotional support. The orientation highlighted the theme Mental Health: Transcending Disciplines. Due to the pandemic the entire session was conducted online via Zoom platform. The event commenced with welcoming of guests and key note speakers. Honourable Justice Bhanwar Singh Sir, Director General, DME bestowed upon us his blessings and words of wisdom regarding mental health. Ms Shambhavi Mishra (Faculty Co-convener) welcomed Honourable Justice Swatanter Kumar (Former Chairperson, National Green Tribunal and Former Judge, Supreme Court of India) and eminent counsellor and psychologist Ms. Shivani Misri Sadhoo (Founder & Director, Saarthi counselling services). By informing and educating the importance of mental health and its multi-dimensional approach in society, the event was a great success. Many participants raised some value points on maintaining their mental health by battling every day influences and effect of social media. Issues such as effect of isolation and anxiety due to pandemic were also discussed. Towards the end of the event, Prof. (Dr.) Ravikant Swami, Director DME, motivated and expressed his vote of thanks to all the students and faculty members present there. It was overall a wonderful learning experience!