DME has organized a 7 Days MS office 365 tools workshop for students of batch 2020. This online certification course was fully sponsored by Delhi Metropolitan Education. Our first-year BBA students Ms. Soumya Bhama & Ms. Poornima Gupta introduced the Guest Trainer Mr. Parth Shukla as well as briefed the audience about the entire course schedule.

Mr. Parth is the Co-founder and Subject Matter Expert at 9 Ledge Pro,  One of the India’s leading certification training providers they are well known for their unique approach and creative coaching that helps working professionals to achieve their career goals. First day, session was on PowerPoint and Sway. Second day, session was on Word and Publisher. Third and Fourth day, Sessions were on Excel and Advance Excel. Fifth day, Session was on     Microsoft Visio. Day six, it was revision and doubt clearing session followed by a mock test of 30 minutes. Last day, on 17th January the first attempt of the online exam was conducted & the second and last attempt was scheduled on 24th January.  232 students enrolled in this online certification course. The passing percentage was 35%.

It was an immense pleasure for all the students to participate in such events where students from all schools at DME learnt about basic aspects and applications of MS Office 365 tools.

A 7-day Microsoft workshop was organized specially for LLB first-year students from 25th January 2021 to 31st January 2021 from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm by DME Law School. It was mandatory for all the participants from Law to attend and clear the exam for the certification. The Passing Percentage was 35% and three exam attempts were permitted. The exam was conducted on the last day i.e 31/1/2021.

The workshop was on the following topics:

  1. PowerPoint and Sway
  2. Word and Publisher
  3. Excel
  4. Visio

The event was organized by the mentoring cell under the guidance of Dr. Poorva Ranjan, head of the mentoring cell and head of the management department. The faculty coordinator and moderator for the event was Ms. Navjot Suri, Assistant Professor of Law at DME. It was truly an enriching experience for the students and they gained valuable knowledge from this workshop. The lead trainer for the workshop was Mr. Parth Shukla, Corporate Trainer and Microsoft Certified Professional. A total of 210 students registered out of which 141 cleared the Final Assessment (>35%) and have been awarded Course Completion Certificate.

In this unfortunate situation of ‘Covid 19’, our college took a great initiative by conducting a Rubicon session for the students of course BBA LLB, batch 2017-22. The Rubicon session was conducted by one of the most talented trainer Nakul Arora, a well-qualified enthusiastic person with great efficiencies. It was an unbelievable fact that even in the online training session he took the whole vibe next to another level. The session included various tips and tricks which the students could use to excel in their respective field and to enhance their overall personality. The first day of training began with the individual introduction of students. The first session was about goal setting wherein the trainer talked about the importance of goals and how one can recognize and set goals. The next session was about organizational structure of a company wherein the trainer discussed about the various elements of an organization that a student must take care of while giving an interview and how they would benefit from the same. Students were taught how to perform a SWOT analysis which helped them identify their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The last few days were all about public speaking sessions. Students were divided in two teams were asked to give presentations on legally relevant topics such as cryptocurrency, blockchain, CSR and Citizenship Amendment Act 2019.

Regular feedback was provided to the students throughout the session which helped them identify places of improvement.

Towards the end of the session students were taught email etiquettes which was followed by a group discussion amongst them. They were also guided about how to dress when they go for an interview. Students were also taught CV building followed by personal interview of the students.

The session was conducted for 10 days, the students were highly motivated and the trainer focussed on building up the confidence of students. Day by day, it became interesting for students as this rubicon session involved engaging activities including debates on legal issues, formulating different teams and groups to uplift the skill of students by developing their implementation of organisations techniques and so on. The trainer drilled the students in the arena of Self-development programme, from the point of introducing oneself to the point of enhancing the capabilities in the student’s curriculum vitae, the session was all about discovering oneself and introducing new individual by grabbing opportunities and expressing oneself in different situations.

On this self-development programme, the trainer trained the students on the situations involving randomly asked questions by the interviewer in interviews for different jobs, this is all took a great turn and prepared the students to face such situations and also the trainer provided best crisper replies to such random questions which could be asked by the interviewers for the job.

The trainer instructed the students on different levels which involve the question of how to dress for an interview to the manner of how to communicate with the interviewer. After all these activities and training provided and instructed by the trainer, he conducted a ‘Personal interview’ round on the last day of the session, with great confidence layer the students managed it all generously. In this competitive arena of law, it is an important factor to have such confidence to deal up with every situation and to have an effective personality, by this session, the students realised on how to work on such areas by building their skills effectively and efficiently.

The sessions helped students in understanding how to polish their overall personality       and ended with a thank you note.

Report prepared by Samridhi Bhatt and Hitaishi Gaur, BBA LLB -2017 Batch.

Phase 1: Microsoft Excel Certification Orientation

A seminar was held on 14th January 2020 (Tuesday) in the Nelson Mandela Auditorium for DME Management School. The seminar was regarding Certified Advanced Excel course training workshop in association with 9LedgePro organization with a view to addressing the students, about the importance of possessing skills that would help us in our future professional life. 9LedgePro is an organization that is associated with Microsoft and is an Authorized Education Partner (AEP) of Microsoft Specialist Courses.

Phase 2: Microsoft Excel Certification Training Workshop

The training was organized for the interested students of all three batches of Management School, conducted at the Computer Lab and the whole workshop lasted for five days from 18th January 2020 (Saturday) to 22nd January 2020 (Wednesday). Mr. Dheeraj Juneeja, trainer began the session by recalling the basic details of Excel after which he taught how to work in the Excel using the various features available in it and helped out of students’ doubts immediately during the session itself. The students who were successful in their exam were awarded a digitalized badge, a global certificate and the highest scoring students have been offered an internship opportunity in their organization. The five days training program was managed by Ms. Monika Kadam, Assistant Professor, DME Management School. Overall, the workshop was very informative and it was really a very new, great and useful experience for the students. Skill building workshops are conducted to fulfill the employability skill enhancement of DME Students as per the main objective of Mentoring Cell.

Phase 1: Microsoft PowerPoint Orientation

An orientation programme for the workshop on MS PowerPoint and soft skills was conducted by Mr Shubhajit Poddar from Microsoft for the students of Delhi Metropolitan Education (DME) at the Nelson Mandela Auditorium on January 20, 2020.

Mr Poddar was accompanied by his team of three other representatives- Mr Parth Shukla, Ms Neha Verma and Mr Priyansh. They explained how work efficiency in the field of media can be enhanced by this industry-oriented four-day workshop. Mr Poddar emphasized the importance of quick and efficient ways of using MS PowerPoint and soft skills for effective presentation.

Phase 2: Microsoft PowerPoint and Soft Skills Training Workshop

A five-day workshop on MS PowerPoint and Soft Skills was organised by the Microsoft for the students of DME at its campus from January 27th to 31st, 2020. Mr Parth Shukla and Ms Neha Verma from Microsoft trained the students with important techniques of Microsoft PowerPoint. There was a separate one-day long session on specific soft skills required for presentation. The students responded very brilliantly to the assignments. All the students who attended the workshop passed the Microsoft Certification Test with flying colours. They received online certificates and badges that could be used in their resumes. The students learned various tool and techniques required for the professional world during the workshop and looked eager to use the knowledge gained in upcoming projects. The five days training program was managed by Ms. Deepika Dhawan, Assistant Professor, DME Management School. Overall, the workshop was very informative and it was really a very new, great and useful experience for the students. Skill building workshops are conducted to fulfill the employability skill enhancement of DME Students as per the main objective of Mentoring Cell.