From the Dean’s desk

‘Learning by doing’ and ‘freedom to learn’ are at the core of DME Media School. Following these principles, here at DME Media School, major emphasis is laid on imparting practical education to encourage curiosity and creativity among the students and thus the foundation is laid for learning ability and adapting to the fast changing needs of the media industry. The institution is an amalgamation of different cultures and hence one can experience unity in diversity in the institute’s environment in both students and faculty. With this diversity not only in culture but also in experiences of the team, we aspire to work, learn and grow together and take the school to new heights.

From HOD’s desk

DME Media School is a dynamic department teamed up with young professionals having media industry exposure. Media is in its transition phase and to match up to the changing phase there is a need to impart Digital media knowledge to the students. Classroom teaching at DME Media School strives to integrate traditional and modern methods of teaching to motivate students and teach them their cultural and traditional values. The Department is persistently working towards setting up of media environment where students can practice in all forms of media including print, radio, television and digital media production techniques. For this a highly equipped state of art studio “STUDIO-62” has been set-up. The department is committed to produce quality work in terms of content, production, writing and research. All the work is done by the students to be at par with the current practices in Media industry.


The vision of DME Media School is to set world class standard in media education by providing state of the art infrastructure and nurturing an environment of innovation in research field.  The highly skilled faculty aims to enhance intellectual curiosity and critical thinking skills in the students. The college is committed in providing an environment to promote diversity and inclusivity. The department envisions grooming media students to become socially responsible, accountable and objective media professionals.


Our mission is to create an environment which fosters creativity and help students develop pragmatic solutions to problem solving. The state-of-the art infrastructure along with the faculty members possessing professional and academic expertise aim to enrich the educational experience by imparting analytical and technical skills to prepare the students for dynamic media milieu. The objective is to make students well versed in the basics of mass communication field so that they choose their field of interest and move ahead with conviction.

My time at DME, Noida was indeed the most wholesome years of my life and will be. DME has always reflected a sense of belongingness with all their students, be it the current ones or the alumni and that is also the reason that we are connected with our faculties after graduation. DME had moulded me in every sense possible either by teaching academics or by offering major life lessons. It was a great journey and it never fails giving nostalgia to us. Thank you for all the love and support.

– Priyanka Negi, Batch 2015-2018

First of all thanks to DME, I learnt a lot of things from the institute. I have learned a lot from my professors, They were very supportive and encouraged us in all things to grow up in our life’s. Every single moment spent in that college is something I will cherish for the rest of my life. I believe that pursuing BJMC from DME was my best decision.

-Vidhi Sachdev, Batch 2014-17

At DME, their main purpose is not only to teach course subjects but also to teach lessons of life. Specially BJMC faculty assures an environment where every individual respect and understand the value of each and every person.

– Mokshita Gosain, Batch 2015-2018

I am extremely proud to be a student of DME. Being a part of DME puts a student through an enriching experience of enhancing skills, strong personality development, confident public speaking character building and by nurturing oneself to become the best part of themselves. One major thing that act as a catalyst in this enriching process are the faculties of this prestigious institution. It is a great privilege to be a student of DME. I have learned so many things in college like photography, videography, anchoring, reporting, editing, and many more things as well. The infrastructure of DME is one of the best among the various IP University’s affiliated institutes. The environment at DME not only helped me in imbibing knowledge but also in developing my overall personality, fueling confidence in me.

-Mohd. Amaan Siddiqui, Batch 2013-2016