Management Unleashed 2019: Sustainable Development

On 12th September, 2019 DME Management School organised Management Unleashed Event for BBA Students. The event was open for participation of 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students. It was a fun-filled occasion with Pot Decoration and Collage Making as two main activities. The aim of the event was to propagate the idea of Sustainable Development

The event started around 11:30 am a time duration 1 hour was provided for both the activities after which the students were requested to present their projects before the honourable judges. The event witnessed huge participation with more than 250 students enthusiastically participating in both events.. All the Faculty and the students were present throughout the event.

For Collage making Activity, Ms ShanuJain (Assistant Professor) and Ms. Roli Wadhwa(Assistant Professor) were event coordinators .Students were given topics on the spot where they were required to make a Collage on the topic of their choice. The topics were “Reduce,Reuse,Recycle” , “Save earth” and “Sustainable agriculture” and “Prevention and protection from pollution”.

The 1st prize winners of collage making were Ms. Riya Rao, Ms. Manushi Nautiyal and Ms. Pranti Pal, BBA 1st Year Students.

Ms Laxmi Rajput (Assistant Professor) and Dr. Pooja Sharma (Assistant Professor) were event coordinators for Pot Decoration Activity. The themes for Pot decoration activity were “Nature”, “Floral and Petals” and “Reviving legacy of India”.

1st prize winners for Pot Decoration were –Mr.AkshayKanday and Ms. Ayushi Ahuja BBA 2nd Year Students.

The judges threw some interesting questions towards the students while they were presenting their collages. It was a healthy and informative session .Then the students who participated in pot Decoration event presented their pots. Soon after this, the winners were announced.

Head Of Department Prof. (Dr.) Ravi Kant Swami along Prof. (Dr.) Bhavish Gupta encouraged, acknowledged and felicitated the winners with certificates. The event culminated with concluding remarks by Prof. (Dr.) Ravi Kant Swami.