November 4th, 2019

The first edition of National Trial by Advocacy was organized by Delhi Metropolitan Education (DME) on 4th of November, 2019, marking a memorable day for the institution. This competition facilitates the harnessing of valuable advocacy skills and bold public speaking for the budding lawyers. The day saw the gracious presence of Advocate Mr. Naveen Kumar Jaggi as the Chief Guest, Mr. Aman Sahni (Vice-Chairman, DME), Justice Bhanwar Singh (Director General, DME), Dr. Ravikant Swami (Director, DME), Prof. N.K. Bahl (Dean, School of Law), Prof. Bhavish Gupta (Head of Academics, School of Law) and Mrs. Jasbir Kaur as the dignitaries at the inaugral ceremony of the event.


The registration for the participants and witnesses started at 8:30am at the reception desk with the entry of the enthusiastic participants. Before the competition, the briefing was done for all the witnesses by Rishabh Mehta, Convenor and Anshuman Gupta, Co-convener.
The event saw the participation from the following colleges:

  • IMS Law College, Noida
  • Delhi Metropolitan Education
  • Amity Law School, Delhi
  • Chandigarh University
  • Institute of Law, Kurukshetra University
  • Chandigarh University Gharuan
  • National Law Institute University, Bhopal
  • Amity Law School, Noida
  • School of Law, Christ University
  • Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies
  • Amity Law School, Delhi
  • Ideal Institute of Management & Technology & School of Law
  • New Law College, Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University
  • Amity Law School, Noida
  • Chandigarh University
  • Modern College of Law
  • JEMTEC, School of Law
  • Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi
  • Lloyd Law College

No trials can be conducted without judges in the Court room and it was a matter of pride for the institution to witness the presence honourable judges for the event belonging to the apex level in their respective fields of law who contributed their invaluable timeto the event.

The judges who came to the event are as follows:-

  • Sumit Agarwala
  • Anuradha
  • Imroz Alam
  • Nilesh Deep
  • Sahil Modi
  • S.S. Dhir
  • B.S.Rajesh Agrajit
  • Sahil Raina
  • Karan Suneja
  • Karnika Bhaguna
  • Rajiv Bansal
  • Harshit Khanduja
  • Aakash Chatterjee
  • Dr. Manu Singh
  • Ambika Singh
  • Gagan Meet
  • Lisha Bhati
  • Varun Verma
  • Nidhi Sharma
  • Shiv Raman
  • Kunwar Pal Singh
  • Jasbir
  • Ananya Sikri
  • Mahima Chaudhary


It was a fiery round and the teams gave all their might to qualify to the semi-finals but only the best teams got the opportunity to be in the next round. After the boisterous and resilient arguments made by the teams, Round 2 of the Preliminary Session concluded at around 12:30pm. The teams recessed after that for lunch until the results were declared for the Semi-final round. Meanwhile, the judges for the semi-final round had their lunch in the Conference Hall.


The day further proceeded with the Semi-final round for which four teams qualified, viz., IMS Law College, Noida; New Law College, Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, Pune; School of Law, Christ University and Lloyd Law College, Noida. The session which began at 1:30pm was chaired by six judges; Mr. Pritish Sabharwal, Mr. Saksham, Mr. Sahil Modi, Mr. Harmeet, Mr. Ankit Rai and Mr. Kunwar Pal Singh in court rooms 9 and 10. After a rigorous grilling and cross questioning with the teams and intense arguments, Team 125 and Team 139 i.e. New Law College, Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, Pune and School of Law, Christ University were leading the scoreboard and made it to the finals.


The Final Round commenced at around 3:05pm in the Moot Court Hall of the college, chaired by Advocate Naveen Kumar Jaggi and Director General (DME) Justice Bhanwar Singh. As both the teams put forth their statements and arguments along with examine in-chief and cross-examination of the witnesses of the prosecution as well as the defence, it engaged the interest of the panel and the audience alike. The Bench even asked both the teams perplexing questions, pointed out the flaws and guided the budding lawyers which was understood and quickly caught upon by them. The final round came to an end at around 4:30pm after constant deliberations and intense grilling of the competing teams.


After a brilliant finale, the dignitaries and the audience along with the teams were seated in the Seminar Hall for the valedictory function. The function was initiated by felicitating Advocate Naveen Kumar Jaggi with the DME kit and a beautiful plant. He was especially honoured by Justice Bhanwar Singh (Director General, DME) through prestigious award.
Mr. Naveen Kumar Jaggi further enlightened the audience by his wise words and his wonderful experience in this first edition of Trial by Advocacy. Justice Bhanwar Singh (Director General, DME)enlightened the audience with the true facts and realities of the court proceedings and the conduct of the law in society as a whole. The panel included Advocate Naveen Kumar Jaggi (Supreme Court), Justice Bhanwar Singh (Director General, DME), Prof. N.K. Bahl (Dean, School of Law) and Prof, Bhavish Gupta (Head, School of Law) as the dignitaries. The event proceeded towards the announcement of final results with Christ College bagging the first prize and they were rewarded by a trophy and a chequeof ₹18,200 amid a huge round of applause.

The event’s splendour attained the highest level when Advocate Naveen Kumar Jaggi and Justice Bhanwar Singh presented a prestigious award to “the pride of DME”, Ms. Vallabha Gullati who has contributed a lot in many events commenced in DME and is an all-rounder student, making this institution rise to new level of achievements. Mr. Jaggi praised the efforts and will of the DMEians by saying, “DME is meant for the brilliants and the wisest and it’s difficult for mediocre to stand in such a prestigious law school.”

A special mention award was given to Rishabh Mehta, Convener and Anshuman Gupta, Co-convener. Mr. Mukesh Kalwani, Faculty Convener was also given an award for his contribution to the event who was grateful to all the students who made the event a success. He gave a special mention to the organizing committee as well as to the students who participated as witnesses and to all the participants of the event.

A vote of thanks was delivered by Mr. Mukesh Kalwani, Faculty Convenor and Rishabh Mehta, Students Convenorfor giving them such a huge opportunity and was grateful for the contribution given by everyone. Different departments were headed by different students, some who played a major role were Mudit Dewan, Sachin Rai, Riddhima, Joyce Jacob, Tarun, Paras Yadav, Kartikay Maithani, Hitaishee, Preeti Dhanudhiyal, Ankit Mishra, Yaseer Wali, Anushka, Naman, Simriti and many more. Because of them, the institution became the first ever GGSIPU affiliated college to complete the tri-cyle of major law programs in a year including National Moot Court, Client Counseling and Trial by Advocacy.The event came to an end around 5:30pm with everyone rising for the National Anthem, after celebrating the successful organization of the event.