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The National Conference on Article 370, themed upon the journey of article 370 from its genesis to its terminus was held on 24th January, 2020. The event attracted nationwide participation with a total of 61 participant registrations. On the said day, 36 presentations and a total of 48 participants marked their presence to facilitate fruitful discussion on the topic via projection of their respective ideas based upon the theme

The conference inaugural ceremony had Dr. Viney Kapoor Mehra, the Vice Chancellor of Dr. B.R.Ambedkar National Law University, Sonepat as the Chief Guest. Dr Viney started her lecture posing some questions to Prof Dr Afzal Wani who spoke before her with his speech focusing on the concept of liberty. She further spoke about a part of history where the Kashmiris were alleging that they are forcefully converted to Islam. She spoke about the period before 1947 in Kashmir. The book containing the selected articles published as a part of the conference proceedings was then released. An hour-long inaugural session concluded on a positive note with the students in the audience getting a balanced intellectual input from both viewpoints.

The event hence proceeded with the technical sessions which ran parallel in three assemblies. Technical session number 1 was chaired by Prof. Dr. Naresh Kumar Bahl and Mr. Raj Singh Niranjan, technical session number 2 was chaired by Dr. Smita Gupta and Prof (Dr.) Afzal Wani, And the third technical session had Prof (Dr.) Bhavish Gupta and Dr. T R Nawal as the respective chairs. These parallel running sessions witnessed intense discussion with participant coming from corners of the country, from places like Jammu &Kashmir, Gujarat, Assam and Tamil Nadu.

The event concluded with valedictory ceremony which was bejewelled with the enlightening speech of Dr. Amar Pal Singh who talked about the concepts of equality. He mentioned how time is the best judge of any decision that we make and history judges everything wisely. He talked about the fundamentals of society building and the constitutional values that we must uphold. The event ended with a photo session of all the participants along with the respected college dignitaries and the conference organising committee.

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