01 Oct 2016


Justice VR Krishnya Iyer Lecture Series’ Latest Talk by Hon’ble Mr Justice Eqbal Leaves Students Enthralled

On September 21, 2016, a seminar was organized by Law Department at Delhi Metropolitan Education. This seminar was held under Justice VR Krishna Iyer Lecture Series that was held in Nelson Mandela Auditorium of the college. This seminar was specifically meant for students of law which will motivate the enthusiastic and budding legal minds to take part in the interactive session.

The session started with warm welcome greetings by Ms Aditi Singh, Faculty Law DME. The dignitaries at the occasion were Chief Guest Hon’ble Mr Justice MY Eqbal, Hon’ble Mr. Justice Bhanwar Singh (Director General DME) Prof. Dr. Vikram Dutt (Principal Academics DME) and Dr. Rakesh Sharma (Advisor DME) who graced the event with their presence. The event proceeded by invoking the blessing of Goddess Saraswati and lighting of Lamp by the Chief Guest Hon’ble Mr Justice MY Eqbal. Hon’ble Mr Justice Bhanwar Singh presented a shawl to the Chief Guest along with a planter and a gift.

DG sir addressed the students by giving a glimpse into the life of Justice VR Krishna Iyer – highlighting his works and contributions in the legal world and to the society, working for the uplifting of the working classes, peasants and the downtrodden, and his assistance in opposing the death penalty. He then introduced the Chief Guest Hon’ble Mr Justice M Y Eqbal to students.

Justice Eqbal started his address with the opening statement that left the audience confused yet smiling: “Judges know nothing; it is the lawyers who teach judges”. He shared his life experiences and his journey from Ranchi to being a justice of the Supreme Court, his struggle of a first generation lawyer, his unshakable interest and his love for the Code of Civil Procedure, and those endless working nights at the starting of his career are those provoking words for budding lawyers of DME.

The seminar was followed by an interactive session that focused on the queries by all the inquisitive and eager minds present in the auditorium. Hon’ble Mr Justice Eqbal asks questions, testing from students to check their knowledge over the fundamentals of the law. It was a very knowledgeable session that also highlights the basics of the Limitation Act, 1963. Various questions were put forward by the students, which included the applicability of section 9A of the Limitation Act, the difference between ‘decree’ and ‘order’, section 151 of CPC, and the difference between jurisdiction and limitation as the preliminary issue.

The session concluded with a vote of thanks by our Prof. Vikram Dutt. Mr Kush Kalra, Faculty (Law), presented his book to the Chief Guest along with a lecture series of Justice VR Krishna Iyer penned by Mr Salman Khurshid, followed by a rendition of the National Anthem. The students were left enlightened by the magnificent experience of learning the law from a legend.