The DME campus is spread over 5000.0 sq.m. with state-of-the-art infrastructure to provide an enriching teaching-learning environment. All indoor venues are air-conditioned, have adequate lighting, ICT facilities i.e. Wi-Fi, LAN, and LCD projectors and are divyangjan accessible.

  1. Classrooms

There are adequate classrooms [capacity of 60/class] fitted with one projector and two air-conditioners, providing interactive and comfortable experience.

  1. Laboratories

Studio 62 [capacity of 120], offers a practical training ground for media students. It is a popular site for panel discussions, interviews, book launches and screenings. The studio is equipped with sophisticated equipment and adopts the latest technology in its operations.

Audio Visual Lab [capacity of 40] is used for Radio production Programming as well as documentary viewing. The radio programs like talk shows, docu-drama, and interviews are prepared. The lab is well equipped with the requisite equipment and production tools which help in producing good radio programs for listeners. All this is done by the students of media schools under the supervision of subject experts.

Computer Centres [capacity of 240] with requisite software and adequate printing facility. It has computers with a divyangjan-friendly keyboard. Various Practical and Lab classes is held at this site.

  1. ICT Facilities

DME has the following ICT facilities

  • Smart Boards
  • Projector fitted classrooms
  • Adequate software for purpose of classroom teaching and Research includes Nvivo, Adobe suite and IBM SPSS.
  • Flipped Classroom
  1. Cultural Activities

Amphitheatre [capacity of 400]. It is a popular venue for holding annual fest, alumni meet, freshers-farewell parties and festival celebrations. The amphitheatre features a wide stage.

Nelson Mandela Auditorium [capacity of 200]. Equipped with AV Support. Serves as a venue for mega events like, TEDx Talks, Conferences, Orientation, Guest lectures etc.

The Dance Room spread over 104.58 sq mtr is regularly used for pre-event practice sessions and dance workshops.

  1. Gymnasium

The Open Gym is a well-equipped facility available for student and employee with the following machines:

Horse Rider Station

Seated Chest Press

Rowing Machine Rower

Pull Chair

Sit-Up Station

Weightlifter (Smith Machine)

Triple Twister Standing

Dip Chin

Air Walker

Elliptical Exerciser

Air Swing

Free Weight Bench (Fixed Dumbbell)

  1. Yoga Centre

Meditation cum Yoga Room is used for holding regular yoga sessions. Indoor Sports Room that offers Chess, Carrom, and Table Tennis for students’ recreation.

In addition to that, the campus also has:

Seminar Hall [capacity of 108] to host institutional meetings, workshops, FDPs, seminars, MUN etc. It is equipped with a wide screen projector.

Moot-Court [capacity of 96] has furniture and arrangement resembling a courtroom. Used for Intra and Inter Moot-Court Competitions. Law students hone their courtroom skills through simulated court or arbitration proceedings at this venue.

The DME Campus virtual tour is a simulation of an existing campus location, usually composed of a sequence of videos, still images or 360-degree images. It uses other multimedia elements such as sound effects, music, narration, text and floor map for better understanding of the campus features

Click the link to view the DME Virtual Tour

DME has recently added to its facility a world class TV and video production studio, STUDIO62, crafted to all the industry standards with utmost perfection. Headed by Dean DME Media School, Prof. Ambrish Saxena, productions and training are handled by highly skilled and experienced media professionals. The studio was formally inaugurated by the eminent Bollywood film personality Mr. Tigmanshu Dhulia.

  1. Well equipped, acoustically well treated with attractive interiors
  2. Big multipurpose floor, for News, TV production, reality shows, other video production
  3. Separate full length, breadth and height green chroma enclosure for the use as a virtual set or for general purpose chroma shoot
  4. Two news floors with sets, one with a back LED wall
  5. Ceiling with wall to wall grid to support any kind of light arrangement and for hanging props
  6. Lights of the studio are all colour temperature calibrated with standard CRI
  7. The PCR and MCR are well equipped with expansion facility
  8. Switcher, CG, talkback/ communication system, audio console, NLE, three cameras and all the other standard equipment.
  9. Seating gallery for about 150 people for talk shows or reality programs
  10. Well facilitated green room
  11. Non-Linear Editing machines (Mac)

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