Industry Visits Bjmc

On September 9, 2016, BJMC students visited India TV News Channel to attend the famous show ‘Aap ki Adalat’. Students of both first and final year accompanied Mr. Rahul Joshi, Faculty, DME Media School, at the show. The visit was organized to give a glimpse of the working of a News channel and the process of shooting of a show.

The experience of attending an actual newsroom gave many insights to the students related to production, anchoring and behind the scenes working of a studio. Students also got the oppurtunity to interact with the production crew and related the observations with the lessons they learnt.

The guest of the show was famous film star and active politician Mr. Raj Babbar. Our students got an opportunity to interact with him and seek answers to their questions. The visit was a learning experience about speaking in public with confidence.

To learn the art of making radio programme and to get the inside look at the working of a radio station, students of DME Media School visited the All India Radio (AIR) on August 27, 2019. They were accompanied by Mr. Pramod Kumar Pandey. The visit was guided by an AIR official, who started with a visit to the small museum present in the old building of AIR. The students were told about the analog technology and were also shown some old radio instruments and other gadgets.

The students keenly asked important questions from the on duty radio jockey about the various challenges and the ways to overcome those challenges to establish themselves as the radio professionals in future. The students were also shown the software used in AIR which included Adobe Suite and Netia. The students were then taken to the Gold FM and Rainbow FM studio where they got to know about the nuances of script writing and the art of radio jockeying.

The educational visit of the students to AIR concluded in the General News Room where they learnt how news is being disseminated to the masses.

For a budding journalist, it is pertinent to understand the nitty-gritty of the printing process along with the art of writing. In order to provide such exposure, on 7th September, 2918, DME facilitated press visit of Amar Ujala for its first year students. Amar Ujala is one of the leading Hindi dailies of India.

During the visit, the production manager of Amar Ujala briefed the students about newspaper functioning and printing process. Students got an opportunity to understand the operations by observing the work themselves. They also got to learn the nuances of printing and see all the equipment that the organization used.

The students also got an insight into their routine; how news is received, the way editorial team worked and how designing 2340 pages in a day is itself a colossal task. Getting to know how Amar Ujala works was indeed a fun and enthralling opportunity as well as a great learning experience for the students

DME Media School organized press visits for the first-year students at Amar Ujala printing press, from September 02 to September 04, 2019. The visit was organized to correlate theoretical knowledge imparted to the students in the classroom with practical exposure at the printing press.

Mr Arjun Nirala, Senior Coordinator, Ujala Foundation interacted with the students and emphasized on the importance of training in the field of journalism. Mr Nirala highlighted the fact that a journalist should be enthusiastic, emotional and should be obsessed with his work.

“Journalism should not be limited to theoretical knowledge, it is a field where one should explore and work to the best of his capabilities”, he added.

Students were then shown a brief video of Amar Ujala’s working, explaining the entire printing process from news gathering to selection of news and finally the printing procedure. Mr Sonu Bhaskar, Production Manager, further addressed the students about newspaper functioning and the printing process. 

The visit was a great learning opportunity for the students. “It was an enriching experience for us and a firsthand learning to explore the world of print journalism,” said Ansh Pandey, a firstyear student of DME Media School.

Print journalism plays a vital role in the field of media. Majority of the population depends on newspapers to remain updated with day-to-day activities and issues. In fact, courts of law consider newspapers as full proof evidence rather than relying on news presented on the television. News published in newspapers is considered more authentic and reliable.

With this purpose, BA(JMC) first year students of Delhi Metropolitan Education were taken to the visit of printing press of Dainik Jagran on October 4,2017 under the supervision of Dr. Ramani Swarna.

Mr. Anand, Deputy Editor at the Dainik Jagran press, gave an introduction about the formation and achievements of this newspaper to the students. He highlighted the fact that the name Dainik Jagran was derived from the weekly newspaper named ‘Jagran’. He highlighted the fact that a journalist should be enthusiastic, emotional and obsessed with his/her work.

Mr. Bisht suggested the students to strengthen their print media skills as that will in turn make them ready for electronic media. It was an enriching experience for all the students as it gave them an opportunity to explore the world of print journalism.

Practical knowledge serves as a great stepping stone towards a bright future. So it was considered imperative for the students to be exposed to the production process of a live Television show named ‘Halla Bol’ at the AajTak office on 10th August 2018.

The first and second year students of DME Media School witnessed the popular show anchored by Ms. Anjana Om Kashyap. The guests for the evening were Mr. Sambit Patra, the official BJP spokesperson and Mr. Manish Tiwari, the Congress Politician. The topics for the day were ‘Teen talaq bill which wasn’t taken to rajya sabha to pass’ and a controversial statement of Mr. Rahul Gandhi. 

Ms. Anjana started off the show at a strong note. Ms. Anjana Om Kashyap motivated the students to take their lead upon the two party officials, making it a very important event for the audience. The students were enthralled with the whole process of a live show and actively took part in the question and answer session.

Students witnessed the whole process of preparing the set, live telecast, what happens during the breaks and how a news item gets signed off on the right note.

On October 27, a group of 50 students from the department visited the studio of India TV to participate in the talk show, ‘Aap Ki Adalat’. The Chief Guest was the eminent cricketer Mr. Ravi Shastri, Former Captain and Director of the Indian Cricket Team).

All the students were amazed by the way Mr. Rajat Sharma (Anchor) was firing questions at Mr. Shastri. Our students enthusiastically participated in the programme and asked several questions from the guest.

A first year student, Robin Shukla asked a question regarding the professional career of Mr. Virat Kohli. Mr. Shastri replied that “not just Virat but all the cricketers get appreciation as well as critics when they are on pitch but what is important to be successful is to forget your past and to memorize you best innings.”

The show was a worthwhile opportunity for students for a peek at behind the scenes of a live production of a legendary news debate show!

On August 15th 2016, the students of BJMC 3rd and 2nd year along with faculty members, Dr. Parul Mehra (HOD, BJMC Department) and Ms. Priyanka Oberoi visited India TV Studio to be a part of a special show organized by India TV, ‘Ae Watan Tere Liye’ on Tuesday, August 9th, 2016. The star cast of the movie ‘Rustom’, were also present to promote their film.

The entire country was excited to celebrate the 70th Independence Day and the show was organized as a tribute to the soldiers who have sacrificed their lives in wars and are protecting us 24×7. The soldiers of BSF and ITBP were present to make the atmosphere more enthusiastic and patriotic.

“It was an amazing experience. We had a great time interacting with not only the Rustom Movie Star cast but also the soldiers of our country. We were feeling excited, patriotic, nervous and emotional all at the same time. It was an eye opening experience of how the soldiers protect their motherland no matter how hard the conditions are”, said one of the students’.

Until the study is given a practical form, the program does not get its due! Thus D.M.E. Media School students got a chance to visit Republic Bharat news channel, located at film city, Noida on Friday, 15 February,2019.

There was a discussion on the terrorist attack in Pulwama in which many journalists including Arnab Goswami were present. As the guest of discussion, they had Mr. GD Bakshi, VK Sharma and many experts who gave their stand on the subject.

Opportunity for students from DME to ask their questions and present their views strengthened their learning process and gave them an instance to practice public speaking. During the program, the students got an opportunity to experience the process and technology through which they saw how a program was made. 

To make an hour long program, it actually takes many hours of hard work and this knowledge can only be gained by students through on-field experience. They observed the production crew and the anchors doing all the necessary preparations.