Industry Visits Bjmc

Industrial visits are essential for imparting practical knowledge to students and provide them an opportunity to meet and interact with industry experts. As part of the industrial visit activity, DME Management School organised a visit to the Coca-Cola happiness factory on October 16, 2017 for final year BBA students, accompanied by faculty members.

The students were welcomed by the company executive who elaborately explained to them about the foundation and evolution of Coca-Cola. Students were also shown an informative video about the company. Additionally, the students also got a chance to see the company’s advertisements over the time and observe the gradual evolution. 

After the initial introduction and briefing, the students witnessed the entire processing, labelling and packaging of Coco-Cola and understood how the actual processing takes place. Afterwards, the students were escorted to the heritage section where they saw the evolution of beverage bottles over the time and learnt that the company sold more than 2500 products across the world. 

Students also got the opportunity to interact with company executives and clear their doubts.
The visit concluded with some fun quizzical games based on the students’ learnings and winners got prizes.

DME Management School’s 71 second year students went on an industrial visit to Yakult, Sonepat, Haryana on October 31, 2017. The visit began with a factory representative explaining each and every step in the process of manufacturing of the probiotic health drink, starting from the germinating of the Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota (LcS) bacteria, to enlarging it to the desired production while keeping a close eye on the quality control, to the packaging of the final product. All the queries resulting in the minds of the students were addressed by the representative. 

Students participated zealously in interaction with the representative and gained maximal knowledge during the visit. They were also apprised about the emergency exit plan of the area, which is a part of the organization’s OHSAS certification program. 

In addition to this, students were also given a brief introduction about the company, its origin and its current position in the international market. The students were given cookies and a bottle of Yakult (65ml). The visit concluded with a group photo, after which, the students expressed their gratitude and bade goodbye to the company representatives.

On September 25, 2018, DME Management School organized an industrial visit to Coca-Cola (Moon Beverages Pvt. Ltd.), Greater Noida. As part of the industrial visit, 70 third year BBA students visited the company premises along with two faculty members. The Happiness Factory is a concept developed by Coca-Cola wherein the invitees are taken on a tour of fun filled Coca-Cola themed museum.

The students were accompanied by a team of company representatives who explained everything in great detail. It was a highly informative session and students learnt some new concepts like CIP (cleaning-in-place) process, water replenishment process, hotline, preform to mould bottles, check (volume of drink in bottle) process, homogenizing, etc. They also learnt about the cleanliness and hygiene processes followed during production. In addition to all this, students were given access to a gaming and fun segment where they played X-box games, listened to Coke Studio music and took pictures at the selfie zone. The industrial visit turned out to be a great learning experience for the students as it gave them deep insights on the production facilities at Coca-Cola, one of the leading beverage company in the world.

DME organized an industrial visit to Mother Dairy Plant, Patparganj for its first year BBA students on March 23, 2018 as a part of out-of-the-classroom learning activities. The 108 students were greeted by Mr R. R. Pillai, Information Officer at Mother Dairy. Mr Pillai elaborated on different variants of milk such as full cream milk, toned milk and double toned milk and shared insights on each of these variants. Students were overwhelmed to know that the daily milk demand in Delhi NCR region was a whopping 35 lakh litres daily. 

The students were then escorted to the visitors’ area from where they observed the production process. They witnessed the fully automatic human operated cleanser, homogenizer and pasteurizer machines running at full speed. The students also got a chance to see the accolades and achievements earned by Mother Dairy over the years which were displayed on a nearby wall. The informative tour concluded with the students enjoying flavored milk and ice cream offered by Mother Dairy and indulging in some Kodak moments.


DME Management School organized an industrial visit to Mother Dairy plant for 142 first year students on September 25, 2018. During the visit, students gained a lot of factual information about Mother Dairy including its origin, history, evolution and the variety of offerings. 

The company representatives elaborated various stages of the production process such as procuring raw milk from farmers, testing, receiving dock, clarification, homogenization and fortification, pasteurisation, standardisation, filling dock, handling control room and multiple modes of vending milk in the market. 

The team also cleared the difference between frequently confused items- ice creams and frozen desserts and explained how ice cream contains milk fat while frozen desserts contain vegetable fat and Mother Dairy sold only ice creams. They further told students that the company used best quality raw materials and showed them stainless steel insulated silos in which raw milk was unloaded and stored. the informative industrial visit turned out to be great learning experience for all the students as they could relate the theoretical knowledge attained from the management books in a much better way after gaining practical exposure.

On October 1, 2018, DME Management School organized an industrial visit to Yakult Danone India Pvt. Ltd., Sonepat (Haryana) for 142 of its BBA second year students. 

The visit started with a brief introduction about the company and its working. The students were given a tour of the facility and explained about every single step involved in the process of manufacturing the probiotic drink from the scratch. 

After elaborately understanding the manufacturing process, the students gathered in the PR Room for a brief presentation about company and its founder Dr Minoru Shirota, a Japanese scientist and learnt about various products being offered by the company and its current position in the global market. The students were further informed about the health benefits of the probiotic drink. It was followed by an interactive question-answer sessions wherein the company representatives cleared various doubts raised by the students.

Towards the end of visit, students and faculty members were offered a bottle of Yakult probiotic drink and chocolates. The interesting and highly informative visit concluded with group photographs and gratitude to the company. 

DME Management School organized an industrial visit to Ananda Dairy, Pilkhuwa for 89 first year BB students on 14th  and 15th September, 2019. Ananda Dairy is one of the leading dairy products companies in Northern India started in 1989 by Mr Radhe Shyam Dixit in Bulandshahar during the phase III of Operation Flood, also known as the White Revolution of India. 

The company representatives explained various stages of production from the collection of milk at Village Level Milk Collection Centre (VLCC) to its filtering and storage at a
Milk Collection Centre (MCC). Students further learnt that from MCCs, the milk is then sent to the dairy plant where it is processed and used for producing various food items such as ghee, butter, yogurt, flavoured milk etc. The students also witnessed how utmost hygiene was maintained at every step. The finished goods were then dispatched to various Ananda stores.

The team also highlighted various CSR activities undertaken by Ananda Dairy including waste water treatment. Overall, the industrial visit was a great learning experience for the students as it gave them deep insights about the production facilities at Ananda Dairy.

DME Management School organized an industrial visit to Coca-Cola Happiness Factory M/s Moon Beverages Ltd., Greater Noida on 3rd, 4th and 5th October 2019 to enrich the young and creative minds of BBA final year students and offer them a peek into actual working in an industry. 123 students of the Management school took part in the activity.

Upon reaching the factory, the students were welcomed and assembled for an introductory session about the company, its journey and various products it offered. It was followed by a short video which gave a glimpse of the company, its evolution and its standing in an ever-growing global beverage industry. Afterwards, the students were taken into a Vault, where the students were shown the manufacturing process of various Coca Cola products. 

Thereafter, Mr Saurabh Singh, a representative, told the students that the company contributed 5- 6% of its total turnover for CSR activities. It was followed by a question-answer session where the company representatives answered students’ queries. 

The visit helped students gain an understanding of the beverage manufacturing industry and learn production process in a plant.

DME Management School organized an industrial visit to Mother Dairy Patparganj, Delhi for 52 first year BBA students on October 3, 2019. Started in 1974 by National Dairy Development Board, Mother Dairy is a leading company in production of dairy products all over India. The objective of the visit was to help students understand practical applications of business concepts and theories.On reaching the plant, the students were welcomed by the firm’s manager, who conducted an informative session for the students. Students also learnt that the produced milk was then used to prepare several other products like ghee, ice creams and so on. The students were also shown the logistics center where the milk was collected by tankers for final delivery to Mother Dairy booths. 

It was followed by a question-and-answer session where experts patiently answered all the queries of students and bust common myths. The visit concluded with students relishing delicious flavored milk and ice-cream offered by the company and smiling for a group photograph. The industrial visit was indeed a great learning experience for all the students. 

On 10th October 2019, DME Management School organized a visit to Waste to Wonder Park and India Gate for 87 second year BBA students. The visit was aimed to make students aware about the environmental hazards and issues. The Waste to Wonder Park is home to replicas of some of the most visited monuments in the world. 

The students were briefed about various kinds of pollution and how they affect the environment. All the students were amazed to see how all seven Wonders of the World were beautifully made and displayed in the park. Enthusiastic students didn’t miss a chance to closely observe and click photographs of their favorite monument replica. 

After Waste to Wonder Park, students reached their next destination i.e., The India Gate. The remarkable monument is a war memorial located astride the Rajpath, on the eastern edge of New Delhi. 

After seeing and appreciating the monument, students and teachers had a small relaxing picnic amongst the beautiful parks and fountains inside the India Gate, making it a memorable trip.

On August 14, 2019, DME Management School’s second year BBA students visited Yakult Danone India Private Limited, Sonepat, accompanied by two faculty members. The objective of the industrial visit was to familiarize the students with the production and processing aspects at Yakult Danone India (P) Limited, a company having ISO 9001: 2008, HACCP and OHSAS accreditation for manufacturing safe and quality products. 

The students were welcomed by the PR Manager of the company. They learnt that Yakult Danone India is a joint venture between Japanese & French industry. The students also learnt that the capacity of the plant was 10 lakhs bottles (units) per day and the milk produced was of excellent quality, containing billions of useful bacteria which are essential for proper functioning of digestive system.

The visit was divided into two phases- an introductory presentation on Yakult byPlant Operations Executive followed by the factory tour. The briefing and factory visit helped students understand the manufacturing process of the health drink. The detailed discussions and interactive sessions resulted in an enriching learning experience for the students.

Industrial visits have always been an integral part of the learning process and offer students the
much-needed practical exposure. Though the pandemic made it impossible to conduct an in-person industrial visit, however, in order to provide students an opportunity to understand the complexities of industrial processes, DME Management School organized a virtual visit to Yakult Danone India (P) Limited for BBA second year students on October 12, 2020. The virtual visit was aimed at familiarizing the students with the production and processing aspects of the company.

Mr Aadish Jain from Yakult Danone India (P) Limited introduced the company and explained students the process of manufacturing probiotic health drink, right from the germinating of the Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota (LcS) bacteria to enlarging it to the desired production.
He further explained the steps taken for quality control and packaging of the final product. Thereafter, students were shown a video demonstrating the actual processing at Yakult Danone India (P) Limited. It was followed by an interactive session wherein students discussed their queries with Mr Jain and cleared their doubts.