Fly Higher Module II

(FDP Program)

FlyHigher Program module II was conducted by Prof. J.C.Kapoor in the form of a Faculty Development Program from 2:00 PM onwards on Wednesday 19th March 2014.

The Faculty Development Program was conducted in the form of a management game & the teams of all faculty members were divided into four groups . To play this game, in the area of group behavior & its analysis for effective team building the name of this game was “WIN as much as u can”.

The outcome of the game reflected the mental status of subgroup as well as the entire team. It also reflected the capabilities of team building, cooperation & competition, & how this might affect multiparty negotiations.

Fly Higher Module I

FlyHigher is an initiative of Sunshine Educational and Development Society. It is an umbrella program that covers various aspects of the stakeholders’ involvement in the Society’s activities. The aim of the initiative is to provide an enriching and fruitful environment to the stakeholders.

The initiative stresses a continuous learning-and‑ implementing view on skills and techniques for betterment. FlyHigher therefore seeks to provide the stakeholders with useful input through Capacity/Skill Development Programs, Seminars, Special Lectures & Activities, and correspondingly, empower the stakeholders with responsibilities assigned to them. In this primary stage, the initiative has been started with the membership of the faculty and staff. In the future, students may be involved with a parallel FiyHigher programme for students. For the faculty, the emphasis will be on regular sessions on issues such as teamwork, leadership, crisis management etc. Correspondingly, the ongoing committees that they have been involved with have been reworked and strengthened as FlyHigher Committees for practical implementation of acquired and existing skills. This thus leads to smooth functioning of day-to-day work while ensuring that the faculty’s vision soars, and they FiyHigher.


The inaugural module of the initiative will be led by Dr. -Rakesh Kumar Sharma (IFS), Registrar, IIT Delhi.


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