“Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions.”

At DME, the faculty members are given high regard and treated as a large extended family. The entire teaching community at DME celebrates all major festivals and occasion together along with the esteemed members of the management and staff. The basic purpose of FLY is “Faculty Welfare” and create a general feeling of kinship and bonding between the faculty members. The FLY committee is informally branded “Family Like You”. It gives a platform where faculty members can share their mutual feelings and wishes with each other. This also provided an enriching and fruitful association with the institution for long term. This ultimately leads to a harmonious day to day working and smooth inter – department faculty coordination ensuring that the Faculty vision at DME soars and flies high.

Events Held Under FLY:

  1. Monthly Birthday Celebration
  2. Movie Screening
  3. Teachers Day Celebration
  4. Diwali Celebration
  5. Christmas and New Year Celebration
  6. Faculty Talent Events
  7. Faculty Picnics and Outdoor Team Building
  8. Health Check up Camps
  9. Women’s Day Celebration
  10. Yoga Camps for Health and Fitness


The FLY Committee has organized various events for faculty engagement all through the year. FLY’s events are geared towards generating a familial culture in the college where faculty and staff work together and celebrate together. Sessions for faculty and staff sensitization are also conducted from time to time. All the events are conducted in collaboration with cultural and other committees in the college as per the requirements of the event.

Here are some glimpses of the events held recently:

Diwali Community Fair (Joy for Giving)

On the occasion of auspicious festival Diwali, Community Connect Society organized Diwali Community Fair (Joy of Giving) on October 24, 2019, at DME campus, intending to support NGO’s who are associated with underprivileged people/children. Vice-Chairman, Mr.Aman Sahni , Dean Media School, Dr. Ambrish Saxena set the mood of Diwali Community Fair by shopping for a cause and inspired teachers, staff and students for the same.

NGO’s from Delhi & NCR region participated in Community Fair and had put their stalls of handicrafts items. In total thirteen NGO’s participated, which were Nirbhed Foundation, Raah Foundation, Saikripa NGO, Shakti Shalini, Aroh Foundation, Mesh Trading and Rehabilitation, Setu Foundation, Sewa Samarpan, HCRA, Antardrishti (Divyajyoti), Manthan (Divyajyoti), God Gives Everything and Light the Literacy.

DME students in ethnic wear enthusiastically participated in Community Fair by putting up food stalls (Chole Kulche stall, Ice-tea, Aam-panna and chat items like bhelpuri, Kurkure chat) and interesting games which included pyramid ball-glass game, shooting balloon games and many more. All funds raised by students had been donated to Government Bihar Flood Relief Fund.

We cannot end this summary without mentioning the commendable effort and meticulous planning of our Community Connect Society Members: Dr. Smita Gupta, Ms. Monika Kadam, Ms. Laxmi Rajput, Ms. Rimsi Sood, Ms. Pallavi Tyagi, Mr. Sachin Nair and Ms. Neha Sharma.

FLY (Family Like You) Committee organized an event to celebrate Teachers’ day. The event was a joint celebration of teachers’ day and birthday festivities for the month of July and August. The program started with a motivational and enriching address by Hon’ble’ Justice Bhanwar Singh, he emphasised on the importance of teaching in shaping the future of students. The speech was followed by a melodious music performance from DME’s official music society Alankaar. Our talented faculty members also showcased their singing skills, many of them came forward to show case their versatility.FLY committee with the help of Spectrum, official art society of DME, prepared a bag of messages which carried special messages written by students. The program culminated with students presenting bag of messages to the teachers.

FLY Committee along with DME TV created a video on the theme of Teachers’ day, the video exhibited blessings from the management and faculty members shared anecdotes from their teaching experiences, the video was shared with all the departments.

On 23rd Jan, 2019, FLY Committee organized a sensitization session for faculty and staff on the POSH at Nelson Mandela Auditorium. Mr. Abhayankar Mukund,an expert in human resources management, law and administration, having 35 years of experience, conducted the session for the faculty members. The session was graced by honourable Mr. Justice Bhanwar Singh (Director General, DME), Mr. Aman Sahni (Vice Chairman, DME), Prof. Dr. Ravi Kant Swami (Director, DME). All the faculty members and administrative staff were in attendance. In the hour long session, the resource person dealt extensively with, what amounts and what does not amount to sexual harassment. With the help of illustrations, the thin line between work related orders and the advances for sexual harassment was differentiated. Also the approach of the employees towards each other which reflects the state of mind of a person was discussed. Taking a cue from the current incidents and past judicial decisions on sexual harassment, application of the Act and role of Internal Complaints Committee was emphasized.

FLY Committee also organizes monthly birthday celebrations for faculty and staff. The event provides a much needed opportunity to relax and refresh, while enjoying cake and snacks. The committee usually also conducts management games and exercises to engage the audience, with rewards for the winners. The games are a huge part of the birthday celebrations and the team strives towards bringing something new to the table, every time. The latest game saw two teams of faculty members compete in building the perfect ‘balloon tower’.

On 8th March 2019, FLY Committee organized an International Women’s Day event to mark the importance of the day. The event was graced by Mr. Aman Sahni (Vice Chairman, DME), Prof. Dr. Ravi Kant Swami (Director, DME), Prof. Ambrish Saxena (Dean, DME Media School) and respective heads of department. All faculty and staff members also attended the event in great numbers.The event showcased a special video featuring various faculty and staff members’ messages for the day. The video saw the faculty and staff dishing out various suggestions that can help build a brighter and balanced future for all.Further, a though provoking movie was screened for the audience to help all the attendees develop body positivity and to be sensitized about the same. The event also featured a lively performance by Fitoor’s (DME Dance Society) Bhangra group that shared their interpretation of women’s lives over the years, tracing the journey through Punjabi folk songs.

On December 1, 2018, the faculty and staff at DME gathered at Delhi World Public School, Noida Extension for one of a kind sporty affair. The Sports Committee at DME conducted an exciting Faculty Sports Meet with the assistance of FLY Committee. The meet saw the graceful presence of Mr. Justice Bhanwar Singh (Director General, DME), Mr. Aman Sahni (Vice Chairman, DME) and Prof. Dr. Ravi Kant Swami (Director, DME). The event was initiated to not only build camaraderie among the DME faculty and staff, but also to instil a commitment towards personal fitness goals. Starting with a ‘walkathon’ led by the Vice Chairman, followed up by sensational cricket matches, badminton tournaments and table tennis tournaments, the Sports Meet brought out exceptional skill and sporting spirit among all. The winning teams/individuals were awarded medals and left the faculty and staff hoping for more action very soon.

On 21st Dec’18, the faculty and staff gathered at the Nelson Mandela Auditorium for the “Rewind & Unwind” event organized by FLY Committee. The event was marked by the gracious presence of Mr. Justice Bhanwar Singh (Director General, DME), Mr. Aman Sahni (Vice Chairman, DME), Prof. Dr. Ravi Kant Swami (Director, DME) and HOD of all the departments. The auditorium looked ripe with Christmas decorations and a warm feeling of nostalgia greeted the faculty members during the event. As the name suggested, the event was meant to help faculty members go back to their childhood days and hence rejoice together. The main feature of this event was “Guess Who” wherein faculty and staff tried to guess who the baby was in the frame from among their friends and colleagues. Team games were also conducted during the event along with prize distribution. The event ended with the “Secret Santa” activity which brought a smile to one and all who participated.

On November 20, 2018, the FLY Committee organized a session on “Harmony in relations” at N.M. Auditorium for all faculty and staff members. The event was graced by the eminent presence of guests from the Brahmakumari Association and dignitaries of DME including: Mrs. Kiran Sahni, Chairperson and Prof. Dr. Ravi Kant Swami, Director, DME. 30 faculty members from DTC, the sister college of DME, were also in attendance.The guest speaker for the event was BK E.V Gireesh, Dynamic Trainer and Counsellor for Excellence and Creativity. He speaker pointed out early on in the session that in order to have harmony in our relations with others, it is very important to be in harmony with oneself first and foremost. He said that meditation should be used to transform oneself and is a process where one truly connects with oneself. Using anecdotes from his life and examples from day to day lives of all those gathered, he helped everyone realize that at times we are blind and at other times, others are blind for us. Thus, we must practice the art of giving, either be happy or not, so why not exercise happiness? Finally, he explained how the almighty is the storehouse of love and how we can harness that love from this higher power and give to others to generate harmony in relations with others.

On 6th Nov’18, festive celebrations were held at DME to begin the festive season as one DME family. The day began with a faculty room decoration competition. All faculty rooms were to be decorated according to any theme of the faculty members’ liking. The winning team won a tea hamper and goodies were also distributed for second and third positions. The next event was a Rangoli making competition and 3 teams displayed their innovative designs and artistic fervor. Goodies were distributed to all 3 teams and their rangoli designs truly added a festive touch to DME’s campus.Just as the festivities were winding up, we had the graceful presence of Mr. Vipin Sahni, Chairman, DME, Mrs. Kiran Sahni, Chairperson, DME, Honourable Mr. Justice Bhanwar Singh, Director General and Prof. Dr. Ravi Kant Swami, Director, DME for a cake cutting ceremony to celebrate the birthday of the honourable Chairman, Chairperson and faculty members of the current month. Thereafter, the faculty proceeded for a delicious lunch organized by the Hospitality Team. The festivities ended with distribution of faculty and staff gifts on behalf of DME to all its family members.

On 5th September, 2018, DME celebrated Teachers’ Day with great aplomb. The Family Like You Committee, in collaboration with all the Cultural Societies of DME, held the Teachers’ Day Celebrations at Nelson Mandela Auditorium at 3:45pm. All faculty members and staff were invited for the occasion and the event was blessed with the graceful presence of the honourable Mr. Justice Bhanwar Singh (Director General, DME), Mr. Aman Sahni (Vice Chairman, DME) and Prof. Dr. Ravi Kant Swami (Director,DME). While the audience relished on cake and snacks, the dance society of DME, Fitoor, presented its classical and semi-classical act that captivated the audience with the performers’ grace and talent. The music society of DME, Alankaar too showcased its melodious performances, charming one and all with their renditions of some popular sufi and Bollywood numbers. Between these acts were pieces of original poetry by the students, tributes to their beloved faculty members. A video segment prepared in collaboration with DME TV & Radio was played much to the delight of the entire gathering. Some candid shots and some posed, all in all, the video captured moments of fun, pride and achievement from all 3 schools beautifully.