Film Appreciation Society

Cine Treasures

The society will aim to showcase the classic cinema both national and international. The show will begin with the brief introduction of the day’s selected show for clarity of our audience. DME Cine Treasure also aims to provide a platform for the promotion and discussion about those classics, which may sometimes miss by the audience. Here, we also aims to make discussions informative and worth sharing.

Movie Screenings

DME movie buffs get quizzical

On September 26, 2020, DME Cine Treasures—The film appreciation society of DME organised an Inter-departmental quiz competition based on Indian Cinema. The quiz was titled as ‘Cine Buzz’. Total 66 students from all schools of DME have registered for the event. Cine Buzz was divided into four rounds ‘Guess the movie by scene’, ‘Guess the song from English translation, ‘Guess the movie by the emojis’ and ‘Rapid Fire round’. Total 14 students participated in the event and 43 students have attended the quiz. The event was held on zoom platform through online mode. Khushi Nagpal from DME Media School attained the 1st position whereas Akshita Bharadwaj from DME Media School acquired second position and Neeraj from DME Management School was selected and played well till the final round.  The student conveners of Cine Treasures are Ms. Yukta Prakash and Ms. Priyanka Naithani. The student Coordinators are Mr. Ayush Goyal and Ms. Shriya. The film appreciation society is managed by Ms. Manmeet Kaur, Assistant Professor DME Media School as Convenor and Ms. Shanu Jain, Assistant Professor from DME Management School as Co-Convenor.

List of Events 2017

  • 14th September – Screening Of KATI PATANG
  • 6th October – Documentary Of K.ASIF And AKIRA KURUSAWA
  • 9th October – JASON BOURNE SERIES Part-1
  • 10th October – JASON BOURNE SERIES Part-2
  • 16th October – JASON BOURNE SERIES Part-3
  • 27th October – Screening Of JAANE BHI DO YAARO