• FASHION SOCIETY holds a major position in stage performing activities which helps in increasing the confident among the students by presenting them on the stage.
  • The Ramp is an opportunity for students to walk wearing their style and enhancing their body language.
  • Help individual to socialize more by making conversation about their preferences and recent trends in the field of fashion.
  • Inspire the students to try the new things in the field of styling and everything relating to it.


  • The fashion society of DME, STYLEIT represents great sense of styling, confidence and attitude Which has been shown by the students of the society very gracefully.
  • The aim of the society is to make an important place of StyleIt as one of the major co- cultural activities .
  • This society has been built by fashion lovers, who are willing to take high road when it comes to styling or trying new fashion related trends.
  • The previous fashion shows of the society was focused on cultures of the India which was mandatory to be performed in order to make people acknowledge about it.
  • Fashion gives an upliftment in every form and this society has proved that in every occasion.
  • We would keep highlighting more things like culture and social related issues in a confident, styling and a trending way.

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Fashion is just not an ambitious projected image of a reinterpreted good old value to fulfill some function or agenda alike but rather a evocative and refreshing concept worthy enough to be portrayed for society’s appreciation that makes us even more instinctive. As an expression of their feelings today’s youth endeavour to interpret fashion trends and adopt the clothing style that suits their value and traits.

“STYLIT-THE FASHION SOCIETY” of the Delhi Metropolitan Education has given a great exposure to students of the college to showcase their styling sense. As the name suggests the society embody the perfect mixture of graceful ramp walk, photoshoots and the essence of uniqueness in their themes.

The STLYIT FASHION SOCIETY  recently conducted a photoshoot based on the theme of tricolour to pay a tribute to our national flag- TIRANGA. This photoshoot was conducted in the presence of our cultural head, Ms Navjot Suri and our faculty convener Ms. Parul Grover. Our student convener Manvi Srivastava  ,Siddhant Pandey and ex co convenor Chanchal Dhariwal also paid a role for the smooth functioning of This Independence Dy Photoshoot.

Moving Ahead with the task students from all the three departments of Law, Management and Media school participated in this. The theme was THE INDEPENCE DAY therefore all the participants dressed or set-up their own ways to pay the tribute to our national flag. Girls with the perfect strokes of eye makeup and dresses highlighted the theme.  Whereas, all the boys carrying huge TIRANGA flag in their hands with pride in their eyes. All the participants were very encouraged therefore their clear visibility would not have been possible without a professional photographer that was arranged- Akshay Mathur.

The patriotism and enthusiasm towards our country- INDIA shaped this event in a very perfect form . Each of the participant represent the feeling of patriotism in their own way. Therefore, the task went on smoothly and even the participants learned new way to co-operate with each other. At the end of the day with the help of our student convenors the video of that day with the hardwork of each and every member was uploaded on the official Instagram page of Delhi Metropolitan Education and was appreciated by the staff of the college and the students.

It’s been  months now that we are all confined, stylistic trends are asserted during this confinement at home. Many relayed on social networks, they are now essential as a clothing response to health obligations. A colourful palette of neutral tones absorbs all screens offers a return to simplicity, sobriety and calm. A vision of a humble and minimal fashion is felt through these times of resilience.

The Fashion society of Delhi Metropolitan Education :STYLE-IT- took an initiative to show their creativity in this quarantine period. The fashion society proves the meaning of their name even by this task. Presenting their skills to adapt the fashion sense of this quarantine period.

The Recent task that was organised by the Fashion Society the quarantine fashion walk in which every participant adapt their comfortable and fashionable styled looks . This virtual ramp walk was completed under the guidance under of our cultural head Ms Navjot Suri and our student convenor Chanchal Dhariwal and Siddhant Pandey.

The participants of every stream that is Law, Media and Management were very active about the participation and they didn’t leave a single chance to hide their talent. It was visible in every way if its is styling sense or in the sense of safety and their walk was proven to be a silver lining. The idea of work from home, wearing of masks and creating awareness about pandemic was depicted very nicely in the video.

The time of pandemic has been proven to be very difficult when it comes to the fashion . Therefore, this task turns out to be a very nice opportunity for all of them. Every participant was very responsible enough to send their videos on time with the perfect message to take proper safety measures with adapting the current fashion trends. Hence the video that was made was turned out be a very successful attempt of the QUARANTINE FASHION. Hence was uploaded on the official site of Delhi Metropolitan Education and the official YouTube page of the fashion society. The video was loved and shared by most of the staff member and the students of the college.

Bollywood has always inspired fashion trends. Be it Mughal-E-Azam’s Anarkali-style dress that is in trend even now, or Salman Khan’s Tere Naam haircut that took the youth by storm, Bollywood films have a major impact on the lives of Indians. We take certain pride in flaunting a dress that was worn on-screen by someone famous and often use the name of actors or actresses as reference for a haircut. Our jewellery has to sparkle just like it did in a particular ad film and our homes should be done up just like it was in one of the films. It is said that cinema is a reflection of reality. However, let’s take a look at the times that reel-life inspired real-life trends.

By acknowledging the spirit of fashion enthusiasts of DMEians and to enhance their skills the fashion society of DME i.e STYLE-IT organised a competition “BOLLYBOMB”. The virtual competition was attended under the guidance our Cultural Head Ms. Navjot Suri and a the faculty convenors Ms. Parul Grover and Ms Gaytri Kapur. The competition became successful with the proper conveying of rules by our student convenor Manvi Srivastava and Siddhant Pandey. The posters of the competition was also revolved on every social networking site of the participant and on the official page of Delhi Metropolitan Education.

Moving Ahead this competition was open for every student of the college and we received a very active participation from all the students. The Rules of the competition was properly explained to all the students through posters and messages and the response was also very nice. The theme of the competition was to potray any of the famous Bollywood stars. Basically they were asked to pick any  signature look of their favourite and potray their style of walk or the basic style of the celebrity.

The participants portrayed their favourite actor/Actresses with great ease and keenness. It was seen in their videos that was appointed on the official page of the Fashion Society of the DME that is STLYEIT_DME.  Nimisha Tiwari the alumni of our college and previous year active member of the fashion society was appointed as a judge for this competition and concluded the competition by announcing the name of the winners and a message to all the participants.



1st Runner Up


2nd Runner Up


STYLE-IT, the fashion society of DME organised an intra-college fashion show competition on the 25th October, 2019 at Nelson Mandela Auditorium. The competition was open to all the three schools and students of all the semesters. There were around 10 participants from amongst the boys and girls. Students of STYLE-IT had also participated in the event. The theme for the fashion show was “ETHNIC”.

Two faculties were invited to judge the competition, one from Law Department (Ms. Ayushi Sharma) and one from Journalism Department (Ms. Deepika Dhawan). The students were judged on the following parameters: a) Confidence, b) Walk, c) Outfit.

Pragati Sharma was awarded the first prize, followed by Vaidehi Kaushik who was the runner up. There was a tie for the third position and the prize was shared by Kunika Khurana and Shivansh. The winners were awarded with trophies and certificates of merit. All the participants were provided with appreciation certificates.

The winners were felicitated by our Director sir, Mr. Swamy. Society Convener Mr. Surya Saxena along with Ms. Navjot Suri, Head DME Cultural Societies were present.

The workshop ended with a vote of thanks by the Convener, Mr Saxena.