Considering the manifold benefits of trees, including that they release oxygen into the air, absorb unpleasant odors as well as harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide from the air and purify it, protect us from dangerous ultra-violet rays, provide us with food and the pivotal role played by trees in preventing soil erosion, maintaining ecological balance and most especially in lessening the effects of global warming.

DME Eco Club conducted this drive in association with Nirbhed Foundation an NGO working in Indrapuram Ghaziabad on 20th January 2020 in which the student members planted the saplings, watered the same and led a new way towards giving birth to a new plant.

Tree plantation is not just something that should be done; instead, it is a necessity, the urgent need of the hour. Planting of trees is especially important to protect our environment against air pollution and global warming.

The activity was carried out under the guidance of Ms. Navjot Suri, Faculty coordinator along with student members of DME Eco Club

Report Prepared By Riya Mittal (Student Co-convenor)

The first step towards change is awareness and the second step is acceptance. With this spirit in minds and the enthusiasm to develop a holistic idea of saving water and electricity in students, faculties and other staff members of DME in and around college, DME Eco Club conducted an activity on 17th January, 2020  in College campus in which the student members pasted stickers stating “Please switch off lights and fans when not in use” in classes, faculty rooms and other areas where switch boards were present and “save water, save life” wherever in DME water taps are present. The posters were put with the aim of saving water which will save millions of lives and to save electricity which is one the most important facet for living a life. Saving electricity means that we should use it when necessary and should avoid wasting it. There are many ways of saving electricity like turning off lights when leaving a room, replacing conventional bulbs with energy saving bulbs and use of other appliances that use less energy.

The activity was carried out under the guidance of Ms. Navjot Suri , Faculty Coordinator along with Student Convenor Saurabh and Co- convenor Riya and Student Members of DME Eco club Kashish Kapoor, Sanyam, Abhishek Kaushal, Kanak Mittal and Prakriti.

Report Prepared By Riya Mittal (Student Co-convenor)