Session Orientation Programme – SOP 2020 at DME Media School

August 4- 8, 2020

The One-Week Session Orientation Programme (SOP) of DME Media School commenced on August 4, 2020 with a session by Dr Ambrish Saxena, Dean, DME Media School and Director of DME Studios and Production. Dr Saxena interacted with all the students of BA (JMC) and apprised them about online classes as well as their new subjects.

It was followed by the session of Mr Chetan Sharma, a renowned Media Personality, Entrepreneur, Business Enabler, Coach and Founder of Edumate. He kick-started the orientation programme with his keynote address and insights on media pandemic and fake news.

During the orientation programme, many eminent personalities from academia and industry interacted with BA(JMC) student and briefed them about their subjects. The experts also shared many practical tips with the students to hone their skills and be industry ready. They also told the students about various opportunities in the field of mass communication and how to prepare themselves to grab these opportunities.

Notable names who joined the SOP as experts include:

  1. Dr US Pandey, Professor, School of Open Learning – SOL, University of Delhi
    • Topic: Internet of Things: Its Usage in Media
  1. (Dr) Mira Desai, Head, Department of Extension & Communication, SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai
    • Topic: Media Research: What and Why?
  1. Dr Sarvesh Dutt Tripathi, Development Expert, USMC,Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, New Delhi
    • Topic: Core Issues of Development
  1. Ms Kajal Suri, Acclaimed Theatre Artist and Broadcaster, New Delhi
    • Topic: Radio Programme Formats
  1. Mr Prince Shadwal , Independent Filmmaker, Mumbai
    • Topic: How to appreciate a film?
  1. Mr Pankaj Saxena, Filmmaker, media consultant, cinema academic and writer; FTII Pune Alumni, Gurgaon
    • Topic: Documentary Film
  1. Ms Divya Vasudeva, Celebrated RJ and TedX speaker, New Delhi
    • Topic: Radio and Your Forever Friend
  1. Mr Shibaram Mishra, Technipreneur, Smarketer and Founder of , Bengaluru
    • Topic: Digital marketing and the strategies for pushing content
  1. Mr Unnikrishnan P P, Film Editor, Mumbai
    • Topic: Video editing
  1. Mr Raman Raheja, Thought leader, strategic consultant and relationship manager Founder, Sports Flashes
    • Topic: Event Management

All the sessions turned out to be extremely fruitful for students, who got to learn the nuances of every industry and learn tips from the experts. Each session was followed by question answer session, which gave an opportunity to students to clear their doubts and interact with the experts.

Internal Orientation

Along with the external experts that were called for the Session Orientation Programme – SOP 2020 of DME Media School, faculty members interacted with the students during the entire week to provide them the basic understanding of the subject and prepare them for the upcoming semester.

All the subjects were discussed during these internal orientation sessions.

  • Basics of New Media by Ms Kritika Sati
  • Event Management by Ms Yashasvika Yadav
  • Media Research by Mr Pramod Kumar Pandey
  • Digital Media Marketing by Mr Pramod Kumar Pandey
  • Film appreciation by Ms Manmeet Kaur
  • Development Communication by Ms Sanchita Chakraborty
  • Basics of Radio programming and Production by Ms Sukriti Arora and Ms Tinam Borah
  • Basics of Video Camera, Lights and Sound by Mr Mohit Kishore Vatsa
  • Radio Jockeying and News Reading by Mr Ritwik Ghosh and Ms Tinam Borah
  • Video Editing by Mr Sumantra Sarathi Das

During these internal orientation sessions, the faculty members of DME Media School briefed the students regarding the teaching learning process, the syllabus, lab work and most importantly the subject itself and its scope. Faculty members encouraged students to study all the subjects sincerely and develop their skills.

Each internal orientation session was also followed by Q&A, wherein students’ doubts were cleared.

On 20th August 2019, an Orientation Program was organised for the first year students of DME Management School 2019-22 in Nelson Mandela Auditorium as they embark their new journey. The Orientation Program started with the introduction and welcome speech by the anchors as they introduce the members of the dais. The chief guest for the day was Mr Pradumna Pandey (Chief Human Resource Officer JK Tyre and Industries Limited).Honourable Director General Mr. Justice Bhawar Singh Sir and Director of DME Management School Dr. Ravi Kant Swami Sir were also present to make this event more informative for all the students and the parents. As a mark of our undying tradition to invoke the almighty at the beginning of an important event, all the dignitaries proceeded for the lamp lighting with Saraswati Vandana. Mr. Pradumna Pandey to shared his 20 years of experience in management field with every one of us. A HR professional with over 25 years of experience in Human Resource Management, Mr Pradumna is a keen strategist with the flair for designing and implementing innovative HR strategies and OD interventions to suit the needs of organization.Working experience with both leading Indian and Multi National companies. He is Currently associated with JK Tyre and Industries Limited. Sir has a Significant expertise in managing a wide spectrum of human resource management functions entailing talent acquisition, performance appraisals, training & development, employee engagement, succession planning, competency mapping, employee relations, etc.Mr Pradumna is also Skilled in handling large workforces, maintaining peaceful & amicable work environment in the organisation and having sound experience in IR matters.Sir motivated all the students with the values of happiness, optimistic nature and having a success driven mindset.

The orientation of the freshers was held on 18th of August 2019 in which Dr. Ranbir Singh, Vice Chancellor of National Law University, Delhi was the chief guest. His esteemed presence was highly appreciated and the enthusiasm of the students to participate in the question-answer round was remarkable. Not only this, his words of wisdom included the role and importance of the freedom fighters who were actually lawyers. He also focussed on the spirit of working as a team. Once there is a team one can build an institution. Another important aspect that he put emphasis on was the hard work which can lead anyone to heights. to make oneself capable, hard work is a must.

DME students and parents also witnessed our advisory words from the Chairman, Mr. Vipin Sahni wherein he told 3 golden piece of advice that is to say, take responsibility of your learning, be responsible of what you do and lastly, to make use of the abundant opportunities to flourish.

It was a proud moment for DME to felicitate one of the student of DME Law School who is now a Civil Judge in UP Judiciary, the prestigious organ of the government.

Finally, the programme ended with a vote of thanks by our Director, Prof. (Dr.) Ravikant Swami followed by a National Anthem.

Deepak Chaurasia calls upon BA JMC fresh blood

“Dare to be different” was the call that Deepak Chaurasia made to the fresh batch students of BA JMC with impeccable valiance in Delhi Metropolitan College (DME) on August 17. The words “Seekhna khatam to hjeetna khatam” (Learning stops, Life stops) poured power into the hearts and souls of young minds as he narrated the long, hard journey he had completed to reach where he is today. As chief guest of the Orientation Ceremony for the new batch of DME Media School, Mr. Deepak Chaurasia charmed the students with his magnetic presence and indomitable attitude. Co-founder of Aaj Tak, Mr. Chaurasia posited that there is no shortcut to success by sharing his anecdotes from his years of journalistic experience in the field. Currently the Consulting Editor and Prime Time Anchor at News Nation, he also shared various ethical dilemmas that he faced as a reporter and how he used creativity to create a niche for himself.

In the packed Nelson Mandela Auditorium, senior authorities of DME also addressed the new students and their parents with gusto and warmth. Hon’ble Justice Bhanwar Singh, Director General, DME, emphasized that a fearless and honest journalist is the most respected in the society. He added that the moral values of journalists should be the highest priority in this profession. Mr. Vipin Sahni, Chairman, DME, addressing the parents and the new students, said that the mutual understanding of the student and teacher is important to achieve anything in life. Prof. (Dr.) Ambrish Saxena, Dean, DME Media School, said that the lessons learnt and the motivation received from Mr. Chaurasia would guide the students on the right path.

Prof. (Dr.) Ravikant Swami, Director, DME called Deepak Chaurasia the Amitabh Bachchan of the media industry. Prof. (Dr.) Susmita Bala, Head, DME Media School proudly called the session a new feather that has been added in the cap of DME Media School.

A special short film on Mr. Deepak Chaurasia prepared by the production team of DME Media School was showcased during the event. The session concluded with a Q&A round followed by refreshment and a group photo with the chief guest.

DME Management School Welcomes Class of 2018-21

On 7th August, 2018, DME Management School organized an orientation programme for Batch 2018-21 at N. M Auditorium. The Chief Guest for the occasion was Mr. Amulya Sah, Senior Director-HR, Samsung R&D Noida and the Guest of Honour was Dr. Sanjeev Gemawat, Executive Director – Legal and Group Company Secretary, Dalmia Bharat Group. The event was also graced by the honourable Vice Chairman, Mr. Aman Sahni, the Director General, Honourable Mr. Justice Bhanwar Singh and the Director & HOD (DME Management School), Prof. Dr. Ravi Kant Swami. The orientation programme saw full attendance from freshers and their parents. The future is surely bright for our budding managers and entrepreneurs.

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The Orientation Programme, B.B.A.LL.B., August 9, 2018

The Orientation programme for the B.B.A.LL.B. course to welcome the incoming batch was organized by the DME on the  9th of August, 2018.  The august gathering was graced by the esteemed presence of Professor M.P. Singh, Chancellor, Central University of Haryana and Chair Professor, Centre for Comparative Law, National Law University, Delhi. With a tilak ceremony by the members of the Cultural Committee, Professor Singh and the other venerated dignitaries were ushered into the Nelson Mandela Auditorium.

Director General Justice Bhanwar Singh, Vice-Chairman Mr. Aman Sahni, Dean DME Law School and Director Research and Advanced Learning  Professor (Dr.) Manjula Batra, Director Professor (Dr.) Ravi Kant Swamy and the Guest of Honour were called on the dais after the lighting of the lamp and Sarawati Vandana to commence the proceedings.

Professor Manjula Batra then gave a speech to welcome the dignitaries, the students and the parents. She introduced Professor M.P. Singh, who had also been one of her beloved teachers. She highlighted the need for an all encompassing pedagogy of legal education which would inspire the students not just to become eminent lawyers but efficient law makers and proficient legislation drafters as well. She asked all students to gain as much knowledge as they can, not only from the lectures and classes but from various co-curriculum activities.

Director General Justice Bhanwar Singh was then invited to the podium to address the gathering. Taking cues from the nostalgic remembrance of his student days under Professor Singh’s tutelage, he stressed upon the importance of punctuality in the life of a law student. Importance of time, he stressed, was an ideal which every newly initiated student in the field of law should aspire towards.

Vice Chairman Aman Sahni was then called upon the podium to address the gathering. He warmly welcomed the students to the five exciting years of college life. These years, he stated, were not only beautiful in forming new friendships but also in carving out future paths which are filled with tough competition. He urged the students to aspire to become all-rounder by focusing on the wonderful opportunities that DME would present before them.

The Guest of Honour, Professor Singh was invited to enlighten the students, parents and faculty with his words of wisdom. He stressed on the importance of the date of 9th August, the date on which are forefathers had initiated the Quit India Movement. This day, he said, commemorated the removal of ignorance of law as our national leaders through these struggles gave us a wonderful Constitution. He pointed out that most of these leaders were well versed with law and drew an analogy as to how being a legal scholar helps to shape a nation. He asked the students to not limit their options to just one field. Law students have a vista of options from being litigators to becoming bureaucrats, judges, academicians and even heads of States. Citing Barack Obama, a Harvard Law graduate as an example, he asserted that the law students can even dream to become the leaders of nation. Lawyers, he commented, have been leaders of the society and the students of law bear the responsibility of heralding Rule of Law by tackling ignorance of law.

 The Director Professor (Dr.) Ravi Kant Swamy gave the vote of thanks underlining the exemplary growth of DME law school since its inception 5 years ago. He drew the attention of the students towards the interdisciplinary nature of law and congratulated them for choosing such a dynamic field.

After the National Anthem, the guests, students and parents were invited for refreshments.

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The Orientation Programme, B.A.LL.B., August 10, 2018

The orientation programme for B.A.LL.B. course to welcome the incoming batch was organized by DME on the 10th of August, 2018.  The august gathering was graced by the esteemed presence of Mr. Salman Khursheed, Senior Advocate Supreme Court of India and Former Union Minister of Law and Justice. With a tilak ceremony by the members of the Cultural Committee, Mr. Khursheed and the other venerated dignitaries were ushered into the Nelson Mandela Auditorium.

Director General Justice Bhanwar Singh, Chairman Mr. Vipin Sahni, Dean Law School and Director Research and Advanced Learning Professor (Dr.) Manjula Batra, Director Dr. Ravi Kant Swamy and the Guest of Honour were called on the dais after the lighting of the lamp and Saraswati Vandana to commence the proceedings.

Professor Manjula Batra then gave a speech to welcome the dignitaries, the students and the parents. She introduced Mr. Khursheed as one of the finest lawyers and politicians our country has ever witnessed. She emphasized that being a socialist at heart Mr. Khursheed has actively been involved in the upliftment of marginalized sections of the society. She highlighted the role played by him in the introduction of modern education in Islamic schools and the revival of Urdu, a language which carries with itself a history of 500 years.  Professor Batra subsequently welcomed the students to their new phase of academic life. She exhorted the students to evolve in their thinking along with the ever changing nature of law.

Chairman Mr. Vipin Sahni graced the podium to give his words of encouragement to the new students. Citing Darwin’s theory he accentuated upon the value of struggle in the process of growth of human beings. It is this struggle to succeed he commented, is what drives the people to move forward.

Director General Justice Bhanwar Singh was then invited to the podium to address the gathering. He welcomed the students to the five years of finding oneself and exploring skills, inculcate patience and reading habits. Depth of knowledge is one of the greatest ideals to achieve.

The Guest of Honour, Salman Khursheed was finally called to the podium to enlighten the students, parents and faculty with his words of wisdom. He gave a scintillating insight into the minds of the jurists and judges and how good sense of humour is directly proportional to the clarity of mind and how anecdotes help in countering the dry word of law. He gave example of V.R. Krishna Iyer J. who created a vocabulary of his own. He urged the students to have an analytical mind and to develop observational powers.

 The Director Professor Ravi Kant Swamy gave the vote of thanks underlining the exemplary growth of the DME law school since its inception five years ago.

The dignitaries were then called upon for the launch of the Journal of DME law school.

After the National Anthem, the guests, students and parents were invited for refreshments.

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DME Media School Welcomes Class of 2018-21

The Orientation Programme of BA(JMC) was organised by DME Media School on 4th August 2018 at the Nelson Mandela Auditorium. The chief guest for the event was Mr. Sayeed Ansari (Executive Editor, Aaj Tak).

The chief guest was felicitated by Mr. Aman Sahni (Vice Chairman, DME).

Mr. Sayeed Ansari is one of the most versatile and popular face of the Indian Television. He is known for his impressive style of reporting, Mr. Sayeed started his journey in the media industry in 1997 by joining Doordarshan as an anchor, currently he is among the prominent faces on India’s number 1 Hindi news channel Aajtak where he hosts two prime time shows Vishesh and Dastak.  For past two decades he has worked with some of the biggest news channels like ABP News, Sahara News, Doordarshan, News 24 and others.

He is the only Indian Anchor who holds the Limca book of world records for Anchoring non-stop for 18 hours with Star News. He has been bestowed with several awards like the best anchor award by Exchange for media News broadcasting Awards, BCS Ratna Award for Best Anchor, and more.

Other guests at the event included: Dr Ravi Kant Swami (Director, DME), Dr N.K. Bahl (Proctor, DME) Prof. (Dr) Ambrish Saxena(Advisor DME Media School), Prof. (Dr) Susmita Bala (Head, DME Media School) and Dr Parul Mehra (Head Second Shift, DME Media School).

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