DME Media School celebrates e-Independence Day

COVID-19 warrior and survivors honoured amidst music and dance

DME Media School organised a virtual celebration on the 74th Independence Day of the nation on August 14, 2020. The high-spirited get-together got a boost with cultural performances involving – dancing, poetry recitation, just-a-minute speech and singing.

The function was enriched by the presence of Mr Aman Sahni, Vice Chairman, Delhi Metropolitan Education (DME) and Delhi Technical Campus (DTC). Speaking on the joyful occasion, he said, “We must be thankful to all the freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for the nation while celebrating this Independence Day”.

Prof. (Dr) Ravikant Swami, Director, DME, expressed his happiness on organising the celebrations while expressing hope for a better time to come post-corona.

Prof. (Dr) Susmita Bala, Head of DME Media School, called upon the students and other citizens to do everything possible for the sake of the country.  Prof. (Dr) Ambrish Saxena, Dean, DME Media School, also endorsed her viewpoint, adding that we have a responsibility to protect our hard earned freedom.

The unique merrymaking of the Independence acknowledged the front-line warriors who have been working day and night to help people during the COVID pandemic. Mr Kiran Verma, who has served food to more than 2400 people, and has been a support system for many corona affected citizens of Delhi-NCR, shared his experience about working for people in these difficult times.

The COVID-19 affected students of BA JMC, Priya Yadav and Yash Makhija, narrated their struggle of fighting with the corona virus.

Various competitive events organised during the function witnessed encouraging participation of the students. The judgment of the events was done by the faculty members. Results of the competitions were declared on the spot. The winners in dance and singing were Ms Rittika Talukdar and Mr Anirudh Das respectively. Ms Ayushi Verma was the winner in poetry recitation as Ms Somya Bhaskar was the runner-up. While Mr Rohit Gupta bagged the first prize in Just a Minute, Ms Kumari Rimjhim was the runner-up in the same event.