Anugoonj Prelims 2020

Anugoonj is the famous 21st annual cultural festival of Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University which is to be organized on 17th, 18th and the 19th of February 2020. So as to get to participate in the same contestants every year have to compete and qualify the prelims which are held as per zones. The zonal 3 prelims for Anugoonj 2020 were held in Delhi Metropolitan Education, Sector 62 Noida that is affiliated to Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University on the 6th and 7th of February 2020. In total, 26 events took place during the two days in the college, the same were systematically organized and were segregated and allotted as per venues with one person as the room in charge to assess the event, one external and one internal judge to evaluate and judge and volunteers were allotted accordingly.  The registration desk was set up at the reception area at 8:30am sharp on both the days for every participant to come register themselves and inquire related the events.

Day 1 of the Anugoonj prelims started around 9 am on the 6th of February, 2020 as per the schedule


The 1st event in the row scheduled in the same was classical dance, which started around 9:15 am, the judges for the event  were Dr Smita Gupta and  Ms Nidhisha. The 2nd event was Group song (western), and was evaluated by both Ms Sukriti Arora and by Ms Anupama. The 3rd event was Footloose which was judged by Mr Kush Kalra and  Mr Sagar Chand. The last event scheduled In the amphitheatre for the 1st day was Folk Dance, it was judged by Ms Sakshi aggarwal  and Mr Sagar Chand. All the events organized there were moped up by 3:30 in the afternoon.  All the events scheduled there had participants from Delhi Metropolitan Education as well as other colleges affiliated to the University, all the performances were power packed with energy, enthusiasm and great effort. The events there were put up well and the same was filled with audience cheering and enjoying at the same time.


The cluster of events to be held there began at 9:15am sharp. 1st event organized  was Classical Vocal Solo,  Was judged by both Ms. Ravina Sarao and Mr. Vinod Ghazal Gandharv.  2nd event in the seminar hall was Poetry Recitation (English), which was evaluated by both Dr. Rajinder Kaur and Ms. Teesha Roy. The3rd event scheduled was Poetry Recitation (Hindi), Ms. Shivani Bhadauria and Mr. Aazim Kohli were the respective judges. The 4th event was Western Vocal Solo, the judges were Ms. Srishti Tawakley and Mr. Vinod Ghazal Gandharv. The 5th event was Just A Minute (Hindi),  Mr. Padmesh Kataria and Dr. Anu were the ones who evaluated the event. The last one which was the 6th event, Just A Minute (English) was evaluated by Mr. Atul Arora and Dr. Parmood . All the events held there were finished by 2:30 in the afternoon. All the performances in this venue were systematically organized and completed.


The two events started at 9:15 in the morning,1st event organized was One Act Play,  Mr. Karan Sharma and Mr. Pranav Kharbanda evaluated the same. The 2nd  event was Mono Acting,  Mr. Parmood Pandey and Mr. Shanu were the judges.


The events initiated at 9:30 am in the venue. The 1st in the row of events was On the Spot Painting (Room No 201), Ms Akanksha Mawra and Ms Parul Chhabra were the ones who decided for the event.

2nd was Collage (Room No 202), Dr. Isha Jaiswal and Mr. Mriganka Paul determined the result. 3rd was Clay Modeling (Room No 203), Ms. Priyansha Hajela and Mr. Mriganka Paul were the ones who judged this particular event. Last and the 4th event was Cartooning (Room No 204), Ms. Shambhvi Mishra and Mr. Kalol were the ones who adjudicated upon the same. All the events were assessed and winded up by 12pm. The judges for all the events organized there examined the work of each and every participant closely. Artistic skills could be seen at their best.


The only event organized there was  Rangoli  which initiated from 09:30am and stretched till 12:00pm. The judges for the same were Ms. Shree Durga and Ms. Parul chhabra. All the rangolis were beautifully made and displayed.


Events started sharp at 9:15 in the morning and were scheduled accordingly. 1st event was Group Song (Indian), Ms. Sukriti Arora and Mr. Anurag Rathore evaluated the same. 2nd event was Street Play, the judges were Mr. Mohit Vats and Mr. Sumit. 3rd event was Battle of Bands  Mr. Pramood Pandey and Mr. Vibhor were the judges. The amphitheatre on the 2nd day of the prelims was filled with joy and enthusiasm. The audience enjoyed it immensely. And all the events were winded up by 3:30 pm.


The two events hosted there were  Nach Baliye which initiated at 09:15am and were judged by Mr. Padmesh Katria and Ms. Baani Dua. The 2nd event was Mr. & Ms. Anugoonj , Mr. Mukesh Kalwani and Ms. Sheeba Matta adjudicated on the same. The events ended at 2pm. Both the events had great participation.


The events in this venue began sharp at 9:15 in the morning. 1st event was Light Vocal Indian , the results were determined by Mr. Karan Sharma and Mr. Vicky Ahuja. 2nd event in the row was Debate (Hindi), Mr. Sachin Nair and Mr. Arvind Sharda evaluated the same. 3rd event organized there was Debate (English).  Mr. Bhupindr Singh and Ms. Ranjana Sharma were the judges of the event. 4th was Quiz, Ms. Roli Wadhwa Mr. Ankit was the judge. The judges in these events seemed keen about the participants and participation.

Second floor

The two events that took place there were Creative Writing (Hindi) in (Room No 204) which was evaluated by Mr. Shanu Jain and Mr. Manish Mishra, 2and was Creative Writing (English) in (Room No 205). Ms. Suchi and Ms. Ekta evaluated the same.

The prelims came to an end with the  Validatory Ceremony that took place in the amphitheatre, it began with the warm welcome given by our entertaining duo host, Megha and Saurabh. A vote of thanks was later delivered by Ms Navjot Suri who is the head of cultural societies of Delhi Metropolitan Education and lastly Director sir Mr Ravi Kant Swami gave a speech of appreciation.The prelims of Anugoonj, 2020 turned out to be a great success and was put together very well. The event came to an end around 5 pm In the evening.