Production and Visual Arts are one of the most essential elements of Media Education and Training. Here at DME Media School, it is not merely the technology and techniques that we practice and inculcate, but with year round production of industry grade productions and innovative ideas, we train modern cinematographers, filmmakers and storytellers. With a Studio second not even to news channels, we provide training, infrastructure and exposure. DME TV has also hosted discussions, talks and lectures with nationally and internationally renowned Industry leaders, academics, artists, policy makers, judges, activists and eminent personalities across various spectrums.
The unique programs of DME TV ensure quality and creativity while training students for the future.


Face 2 Face


Face 2 Face is one of a kind initiative generating an informal interaction between students of a media organisation and the Dean, DME Media School- Prof. (Dr) Ambrish Saxena. The digital initiative allows students to engage freely about their vision, passion and personal experiences. Three students, one from each batch, take part in each episode of the show.



Unfolding News Outlook is a daily news capsule, created and presented by Dr. Ambrish Saxena, veteran journalist, author, media educator and trainer. The enterprise is targeted to opening young minds with a news capsule to understand contemporary issues and news developments. The focus is on interpretation for comprehension rather than analysis for opinion formation.

DME Sports


Produced by DME Media School, DME Sports is the official sports news bulletin of Delhi Metropolitan Education (DME), Noida, Delhi. The bulletin varies from various news bulletins across mediums and platforms and seeks to address and highlight the achievements of women athletes and Para-athletes with emphasis on India.

DME Round Up


DME Round Up is the first training ground for budding news anchors and editors in DME Media School! Students produce, shoot, edit and present news from across the DME Campus in a 5 minute news bulletin shot in Studio 62.

DME Dialogue


From Policymakers to artists to judges, DME TV interacts with all movers and shakers of the world in DME Dialogue. This interview series sees Dr Ambrish Saxena, Dean, DME Media School talking with the esteemed guests and their anecdotes which provides insights, knowledge and perspective to the future visionaries of the world!