During the last seven years, DME has established itself not only in terms of Academic Quality, but also in terms of Professionalism & Work Culture. The exercise of setting Work Ethos was conducted through a “Brain Storming” session on 17 July 2019. Analysis of this participative task lucidly concludes that the following TEN attributes depict the Professional Ethos for DME faculty and Students at all the three schools: Individual, Group and as an Organization The Work Ethos will be the pillars for the Work Culture at DME for all times to come. Class mentors will explain the same to Mentee students to make them understand the DME Ethos well.

  1. Disciplined & Punctual
  2. Passionate & Energetic
  3. Positive, Creative & Problem Solving
  4. Dedicated & Hardworking
  5. Respectful & Loyal
  6. Responsible & Accountable
  7. Cooperative & Collaborative
  8. Student Friendly yet Firm
  9. Honest & Fair
  10. Happy & Healthy