From the Desk of the Director

The Liberalization, Privatization & Globalization have resulted in a paradigm shift in the job markets. First, Jobs in the Government sector have shrunk and are being replaced by jobs in the Private sector. Second, India’s Economy has progressed from “Manufacturing-Based” to “Service-Based” with close to 60% of the Indian GDP being contributed by the Services sector. Third, the job market is integrating itself with the global scenario in terms of competencies. Thus, the student needs to prepare according to this changed job scenario.

The present job scenario needs professionals with the right set of Knowledge, Skills & Attitude. Delhi Metropolitan Education (DME) provides education in the fields of Law, Journalism and Management through a model which inculcates the right set of Knowledge, Skills and Attitude so that placement is a natural outcome when the student completes the course.


The DME Learning Model

DME’s knowledge enhancement processes involve senior faculty, rich library, wi-fi, etc. Our skill development module includes Expert Lectures, Industrial Visits, Simulation Exercises, Role plays, Presentations and the like. The corporate-correct attitude is inculcated through Personality Development sessions, Sessions on Body Language, Time Management, Work-life balance and Emotional & Spiritual exercises.

DME’s task begins when a student takes admission and is complete after the student is placed at the end of course. Our placement record corroborates that the Corporate World is welcoming DME students. I am sure that the students taking admission in 2018 will have a great learning experience with us.

Dr. Ravi Kant Swami
Director – DME
HOD – BBA Department