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                                                    Unprecedented Times Present Us with Unprecedented Opportunities!

                                                                                       eLearning at DME

“2020 saw the clamping of nationwide lockdowns due to COVID-19 that further resulted in shutting down of educational institutes. An urgent need was assessed to shift pedagogy to an online- e-learning mode to cease the loss of students in terms of learning. DME was one of the first institutes to take a prompt step towards digitalizing learning for its students. Our robust e-learning systems enabled students as well as faculty to adapt to the ‘new normal’ and maintain an uninterrupted flow of education via remote locations. Our dynamism is reflected in adaptation to new learning methods in times as such.

DME eLearning

  • E-Learning gives students an excellent, world-class instruction format that maybe accessed from the safety of their homes.
  • Engagements on an online mode extend from teaching to interacting with batchmates, appearing for online viva, interviews, discussions and completing assignments.
  • The institute realises community interaction as a part of professional studies and guarantees the same to its students through online interactives.
  • Personal attention and mentoring is rationalised to students from faculty through the new e-learning mode dominated by a pandemic.
  • Important information, downloads and notices are all accessible through our digital learning infrastructure so students don’t miss out on important notifications.

We engage our learning, interacting and administering methods through the following widely used platforms:

eContent Preparation SOP: Download PDF

Our faculty and staff continuously work in cohesion to achieve the success of our students through outstanding learning objectives being met, using technologically advanced resources that are the need of the hour.

DME is fully equipped to assess and serve the dynamic needs of our students with vigour, inspiration and pragmatic approaches while assuring their safety, security and well-being.”