An Initiative towards Cyber Security in the Digital World

“One of the main cyber-risks is to think they don’t exist.”

As the IT-ICT tools usage increase and connection with Digital world deepens so does the importance of Cyber Security. Hence an Initiative by DME towards Cyber Security in the Digital World with following objectives has been undertaken:


  1. To develop safe online behaviour in the teaching fraternity.
  2. To spread awareness about the importance of cyber security.
  3. To educate on best practices to mitigate cyber threats.
  4. To conduct research on cyber security aspects.
  5. To establish collaborations government agencies, and industry experts to share knowledge on cyber security.
  6. To establish cyber proctoring for cyber security incidents.

India has witnessed an exponential growth in the use of digital technologies over the past few years (especially due to pandemic). The need for cyber security awareness has become important for safe online behaviour. The youth/students is/are unmindful of the perils associated with the use of digital technologies, which make them susceptible to cyber attacks. Youth/Students use the internet extensively for research, social networking, and other activities. The Cyber-Cell helps students to understand the importance of online safety and stay alert of Cyber threats such as phishing attacks, malware, email hacking, identity thefts, cyber-bullying, and data breaches. Academic world suddenly shifted to online teaching due to pandemic without awareness of cyber security measures. With the increasing use of digital technologies in educational institutions, the faculty members are equally prone to cyber threats. Hence it is of utmost importance to educate academic fraternity about cyber security.

“Cybercrime is the Greatest Threat to Everyone in the World.”

In this digital world, where students of all age groups are wired to social media and the internet, the concerns of cyber security, cyberbullying, and cyber hygiene are pertinent. Youth is not just wired but addicted to social media and easy prey to cyber-attacks. Unaware of the cybercrimes and threats that may occur. The vision of DME is, “To nurture an inspirational setting and a global standard of learning for students that enables their intellectual, social and personal transformation into future leaders for the benefit of the nation.” DME nurtures leaders for tomorrow with new age IT-ICT enabled digital skills to be successful in life. Contemporary leadership connects to the world via internet and correct use of digital platforms with security measures essential.

The Cyber Cell was conceptualized with the objective to spread AWARENESS, conduct RESEARCH, and provide TRAINING on issues concerning cyber-security amongst young internet users with an objective to prevent cyber-crimes, abuse of technology, and ensure enforcement of cyber laws. The Cyber-Cell is a unique facility on campus not just for DME fraternity, but also extending to various nearby schools for knowledge sharing and awareness spreading purposes.

Challenge 1: Motivating faculty members to join Cyber-Cell was the immediate hurdle to cross since faculty already have assigned classes, ongoing research work and events to manage

Challenge 2: Creating student team for Cyber-Cell by inspiring students to join the cause also training them to understand and contribute in right way.

Challenge 3: School leadership involvement to join the cause as we realized that due to pandemic class 6th onwards students have access to smart phones, Instagram, WhatsApp, zoom and google meet apps.

Challenge 4: Teaching fraternity gets various types of training, FDP, attends conference etc. yet none is aimed at teaching them safe cyber usage. Ironically teachers are unaware of what they are do not know.

Challenge 5: Lack of right source or professional guidance related to Cyber Security.

Challenge 6: Pandemic led digital usage over use in academic fraternity that has become a challenge in new normal and back to campus phase.

In this Cyber-Cell was created in 2017 at DME. Students facing challenges online could be stalking, bullying or harassment are connected to Cyber-Cell for right guidance.

Cyber-Cell conducts awareness and sensitization programs on campus and nearby schools, addressing the students collectively on common cyber issues and solving individual problems. Cyber-Cell regularly organizes workshops with renowned cyber law experts to raise awareness about cyber security issues.

The Cyber-Cell members are actively engaged in research and dialogue. The Cyber-Cell as a part of Cyber Proctoring takes up complaints arising out of the virtual space by the students as well as faculty members of DME.

The Cyber-Cell conducts Cyber Jagrukta (Security) Awareness Diwas on The First Wednesday of Every Month. The students of the Cyber-Cell contribute write-ups on the latest issues pertaining to Cyber Law and Cyber Security in the monthly issues under the heading of “Cyber Panoply.” The student body of DME Cyber Cell organizes Annual Competitions such as Cyber-Quest and WEB 3.0.

A book on, “Cyberbullying – The Dark Side of Social Media” which was written on primary survey done on school students in the neighborhood and their social media usage and habits.

Problems Encountered

Solutions and Resources

Scared and Lack of confidence to share issues

Regular sessions on campus made students to seek solutions to cybercrimes faced.

Parents in denial that the child is facing a cyber-crime issue.

Parents also are counselled to understand nuances of cyber world and encourage child to give time in outdoor activities.

Faculty and student team not equipped to understand cybercrime/threats

Training and workshops on Cybercrime identification, prevention, protection, and redressal conducted.

Financial Support from College

Adequate financial support is with the cyber-cell team for hiring of cyber experts / Lawyers for workshops

School set-up not realising that cyber attacks are more diverted to young and innocent school kids

In coordination with School Outreach team Cyber-Cell is spreading awareness class 6th onwards towards cyber-hygiene and Cyber attack prevention.  Cyber-Cell has helped several students uninstall games like Blue Whale Challenge etc.