About Us

The Cyber Cell, a community established by the very students of the college is an initiative to raise awareness and encourage discussions with respect to Cyber laws, Cyber-crimes and Cyber security.

The cell was inaugurated on January 27, 2017 supported by a guest lecture by Chief Guest, Mr. Pavan Duggal (Adv. of Supreme Court, Founder & Chairman of International Commission of Cyber Security Law and Founder of Cyber Law Association) on the issue ‘Cyber-Bullying on Social Media’. The efforts of all the members of the cell were highly praised by Mr. Duggal.

Aims and Objectives of Cell

  • The cyber cell is basically a committee which is formed with a mission to increase awareness among the masses in order to have a gleeful social life, be it online or offline.
  •  To have and maintain ethical code of conduct in the cyber world.
  • This cell also encourages debates and discussions on current issues pertaining to Cyber-Laws.

The Cell consists of Deputy Secretaries, Researchers, E-media heads, counselors, content editors and co-coordinators headed by the Founder and President of the cell who are working together for the cause.

The services provided by the cell include free legal advice to victims of Cyber Crimes. People and any struggling student facing problems related to cyber crimes can confide in the counselors of the cell.


Keeping up with the technological advancements and spreading its reach among the masses, Cyber Cell has been quite active on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, to connect with more and more people, spread awareness and daily updates among the masses as well as suggest quick remedies or redressal portals to the victims of cybercrime.

  • Instagram– cybercell_dme


  • Facebook– Cyber Cell of Delhi Metropolitan education, Noida


  • LinkedIn– Cyber Cell of Delhi Metropolitan education, Noida


  • Awareness Workshops

Cyber Cell has conducted various workshops on cybersecurity awareness in different schools of NCR areas for young adolescents like Setu Foundations, Yash memorial, etc., to make them aware of the most common forms of cybercrimes that people are likely to come across and provides them with a general idea of the cyber world and the damaging effects of cyber threats. These interactive workshops have turn out to be a successful attempt at bringing out empathy in students to make them understand the gravity of malicious psychologically and socially catastrophic acts, such as cyber-bullying, their effects, and the basic precautions to take. These workshops provided them with the confidence to analyze, share and seek help on their grey episodes that often occur in their cyber world which yet remain neglected.


As they say, “Change begins at home”, the Cell, also, understood the importance of enlightening the students of DME as well. Every Year, welcoming the fresh batch of young leaders, Cell conducts such workshops for every section of the batch, personally, to provide a better and wholesome understanding through these highly interactive orientation sessions.

  • The cell has also come up with the idea of Open Group Discussions for every interested student of DME, providing them with a platform to exchange their knowledge, views, and opinions amongst their peers, about the developments taking place in Cyber Laws.
  • Even in the times of this pandemic, the cell adapted to the circumstances and moved our discussions to virtual platforms covering topics such as “Cyber Policy”, “Revenge porn in India”, “Banking Frauds”, “Cryptocurrency” “Cyber Defamation and its growing Aspects.”
  • About 8-9 discussions have, already, been conducted in the year 2020-2021, all well-received with overwhelming responses from the students, faculty members as well as alumni.
  • Recently, Cyber Cell , created its Blog, where various well-researched articles on developments taking place in the cyber world, submitted by student members, are published with their authorship credentials. This encourages writing, researching, and drafting habits among students.
  • Moreover, the cell also, shares a separate column, “The Monthly Download”, in the DME Newsletter where research articles by members are voluntarily submitted which are further edited by the student editor of the cell and are published therein.

Cyber Cell blog: https://dmecyberblog.wordpress.com/

Cyberthon is an annual event, organized by the cell, which includes various kinds of competitions like JAM, Debate, Quizzes, etc., that not only encourages participating spirit but also boosts up the confidence of such enthusiastic participants, simultaneously, increasing their analytical, cognitive, and creative skills. It has always been one of the most successful events of the college.

We live in a world where internet has become an inalienable part of our lives and as unaware citizens we are prone to fall prey to cyber-crimes. Therefore, the Cyber Cell of Delhi Metropolitan Education, Noida, consider its duty to spread awareness, educate and warn the society about the implications of unsafe use of the internet .On 6th November, 2017 i.e. Monday, the Cell visited Delhi Public World School and conducted a workshop for school children of 5th to 8th standard on Safe Surfing on the internet. The prime motive of this awareness workshop was to educate the young minds about the proper use of the internet and sensitizing them about the consequences and repercussions of it being misused. The workshop started with an introductory video on Cyber Bullying followed by a preliminary Session by Trupti Panigrahi. Thereafter, Joyce Jacob gave a presentation on Cyber Bullying and explained its meaning and consequences to the audience. She began by sharing her own experience to which the audience responded very warmly. A lot of students raised hands to share their experiences of being bullied online. Joyce then discussed about the Blue Whale Challenge and how children should not fall prey to such games. The next presentation was given by Tanya Singh who discussed about Cyber-Stalking. The enthusiastic audience participated and interacted with her actively to learn about Cyber Stalking. Ahad Ahmad Khan and Mohd. Asad Saeed then gave a joint presentation on Impersonation. The students were explained about the real meaning of impersonation and the ways to avoid it. They educated the young students about privacy settings and its importance. After the completion of all the presentations, a small skit on Cyber Bullying and its consequences was demonstrated by few students of the college. The motive of the workshop was not only to warn the young minds about the cyber crimes they are prone to, but also to encourage them to report such crimes and confide in their parents/teachers. They were encouraged to extend moral support to the victims of cyber bullying in their respective friend circles. The workshop was concluded by a student of the school who expressed her gratitude towards the cell for conducting this workshop and extended a promise to the effect that they would follow the safety tips given to them during the workshop. The Cell distributed among the students of the school numerous Pamphlets depicting precautionary measures which may be taken to prevent cyber bullying. Further, being enlightened by the workshop, Ms. Jyoti Arora, Respected Principal of the school while having a discussion with Dr. Poorva Ranjan and Ms. Komal Kapoor (Assitant Professor of Law and Convener of the Cell) and the other faculty members of the college, expressed her strong desire to engage her school’s students with the Cyber Cell of DME and its activities to enable them to learn by witnessing practical situations. In future the Cyber Cell plans to conduct similar workshops at other schools also to spread awareness in young minds to avert cyber crimes.