The Literary and Debating Society


ABHIVYAKTI, as the name suggest, to express or to enunciate. To disseminate infallible dialogues, with strong and verified quotes, articles, and pretence. We consider in rousing the speaker, not just with considerable old school thoughts and actions but rather make you work on the modus of new-fangled pondering, enhancing your spirit to the most. Enhancement of orating and public speaking skills. Personality Development through attaining confidence in speaking and expressing one’s thoughts.


  • To improve researching ability.
  • To build up confidence.
  • To build strong relationship among the members.
  • To use better time management.
  • To improve Language Proficiency.
  • To encourage student members to be expressive and assertive in their speech.

Cine Treasures

Film Appreciation Society


The society will aim to showcase the classic cinema both national and international. The show will begin with the brief introduction of the day’s selected show for clarity of our audience. DME Cine Treasures also aims to provide a platform for the promotion and discussion about those classics which may sometimes missed by the audience. Here, we also aim to make discussions informative and worth sharing.


  1. To promote good cinema includes classic, short films and documentaries.
  2. To support and protect the character, status and interests of the film industry and/or or all persons engaged therein.
  3. To appreciate Indian and International cinema
  4. To hold discussions about cinema through various activities
  5. To showcase love and respect to cine stars who have become the integral part of our lives


The Music Society


Music is the soul of life. And Enigma, The Music Society of DME seeks to preserve and feed this soul. Enigma aims at promoting music teaching and learning, musical creativity and expression, research and dialogue, and diversity and interdisciplinary interaction.  Enigma was established in the first week of August 2017. Members of the society always try to perform innovative and creative experiments in the field of music, which helps to improve the horizon of the students with respect to Music. The field of music is as large as ocean and you take as much as you can, from it. It has been rightly said that if you want to develop yourself as a human being then music is the best way to achieve that. This is what Enigma is doing, it’s trying to develop each and every member though music.


  • The society aims to organize competitions, giving students the motivation to work hard on their skills, host performances in the college, and to audition and shortlist students for inter-college events and festivals.
  • Students of the college can showcase their talent in the form of vocal singing and instrumental music, but the society also allows them to express their artistic flare.
  • Society regularly takes part in different fest and competitions, which gives them the exposure and a chance to express themselves and to entertain through the artistic medium of music.


The Fashion Society


FASHION SOCIETY holds a major position in stage performing activities which helps in increasing the confident among the students by presenting them on the stage. The Ramp is an opportunity for students to walk wearing their style and enhancing their body language. Help individual to socialize more by making conversation about their preferences and recent trends in the field of fashion. Inspire the students to try the new things in the field of styling and everything relating to it.


  • The fashion society of DME, STYLEIT represents great sense of styling, confidence and attitude Which has been shown by the students of the society very gracefully.
  • The aim of the society is to make an important place of StyleIt as one of the major co- cultural activities.
  • This society has been built by fashion lovers, who are willing to take high road when it comes to styling or trying new fashion related trends.
  • The previous fashion shows of the society was focused on cultures of the India which was mandatory to be performed in order to make people acknowledge about it.
  • Fashion gives an upliftment in every form and this society has proved that in every occasion.
  • We would keep highlighting more things like culture and social related issues in a confident, styling and a trending way.

फितूर (Fitoor)

The Dance Society


Dancing with the feet is one thing but dancing with the heart is another and at the DME Dance Society, we believe in doing just that. We believe in engaging the dancer not only in technique-based training but also finer nuances like expressing and breathing from the soul and inspiring them through the medium of dance. Dance is a way to communicate to a soul of a person, a way by letting out human emotions and expressions in the form of a dance engaging storytelling to resonate your idea with the audience and receive a higher and better perspective of the same idea. To promote discipline, management, unity and responsibility among students so that they can use their creativity through various dance forms to enhance their dancing skills. This society is all about those who love to dance. This society gives you an opportunity to perform and compete in various dance events and competitions while representing the college for the same.


  • To encourage participation in dance events irrespective of the student’s degree of talent.
  • To provide an opportunity to better the dancer in students through constant engagement and also through workshops conducted by professionals.
  • To pick the best of dancers and form an efficient college dance team to perform during various occasions within the college when required, and consequently improving quality of performances staged by the team in various inter-collegiate fests. 
  • To introduce forms of dance that have been left unexplored in the institution. 
  • The society provides a perfect platform for their members to show their talent and interact with people having similar interests. But do keep in mind that the amount of hard work and time you’ll have to put in would be immense.


The Art Society


Spectrum is the Fine Arts society of Delhi Metropolitan Education, Noida, which brings forward different artistic talents of students. It helps the students by enhancing their skills and showcase their inspiring, beautiful art creations in every way possible. It works towards bringing forward the artistic talents through workshops, in-house competitions and events.

Spectrum involves works from the field of Canvas Painting, Cartoon-making, Abstract Painting, Poster-making & Framing, Rangoli-making, Sculptures. Pot Designing, Sketching, Glass Painting, Madhubani Painting, Block Painting, Face-painting, Best-out-of-waste, Handmade paper-making, Calligraphy, Digital Art, Bookmarks, Wall Painting and Art & Craft.


  • To educate students about various art forms.
  • To encourage and embrace the cultural heritage.
  • To expand the knowledge about technicalities of multiple art forms.
  • To increase life skills.
  • To increase the brain-storming capacity.
  • To aware the students about the importance of art and the hard work of
  • To be able to understand different mediums of creating artworks.
  • To motivate the students to stay connected with their artistic self.


The Theatre Society


Theatre is a collaborative form of art and it doesn’t survive in society only for the purpose of entertainment but also for cultural creation. Taabiir aims at giving the members a chance to learn and perform the art of theatre. Be it a stage play or a street play, a recitation or performance of a musical rendition, all forms of performances are a part of theatre. In addition to entertainment, Taabiir’s vision also appeals to an educative value for the audience. Taabiir was incorporated in 2017 with its 30 members selected through a formal audition conducted by the faculty convenors. Members incorporated therein were from all the three disciplines of the college namely, Law, BBA and BJMC. 


  • To come up with in-house production of stage play.
  • To encourage our students to participate in Intra and Inter college competitions.
  • Be recognized among other colleges and institutions.
  • To learn the basics elements, concepts and techniques of Theatre Practice the basics of scripting, acting, stage design.
  • To organize various major programmes monthly and annually to maximize student participation.
  • Taabiir shall plan, organize and will execute by the student convener along with the members of the society. With the team spirit and proper co-ordination under the supervision of faculty convener and co-convener.

DME Frames

The Photography Society


DME Frames, the photography society intends to create vibrant photographers who can explore their creativity and different themes which inspire them through the mode of photography. We organise various events and exhibitions to promote our rising, yet talented photographers. These events and exhibitions not only help the photographers to promote their talent but also help them in their personality development.


  • Organize seminars, photo walk, inter and intra college competitions and exhibitions.
  • Be recognized among other colleges and institutions.
  • Learn the basics elements and concepts of photography.
  • Organizing weekly classes and workshops for the students who are interested in learning about the camera and different dimensions of photography. Attending these classes will be open to other students of DME as well.

Radio Intersect

The Radio Society


Radio Intersect, the Radio Society at DME is a student driven body aimed at providing radio related exposure to young aspirants. The society brings out the preferable skills required for radio personnel to excel in likewise work environment. Creating a community at college level with experienced guidance of faculty and student coordinators may facilitate a crucial development in an individual for their future endeavors.


  • To provide an opportunity to the students for first hand radio exposure.
  • To establish a platform where students can create quality content and showcase their skills and talents.
  • To indulge the students in events/collaborations for an enriched and beneficial experience.
  • To develop a creative perspective among students, providing them the freedom to express themselves.

Head Cultural Cell: cultural@dme.ac.in

Abhivyakti – The Literary and Debating Society: literary@dme.ac.in

DME Cine Treasures – The Film Appreciation Society: cinetreasures@dme.ac.in

Enigma – The Music Society: music@dme.ac.in

STYLEit – The Fashion Society:  styleit@dme.ac.in

Taabiir – The Theatre Society: taabiir@dme.ac.in

फितूर (Fitoor) – The Dance Society: fitoor@dme.ac.in

DME Frames – The Photography Society: frames@dme.ac.in

Radio Intersect – The Radio Society: dmeradio@dme.ac.in

Spectrum – The Art Society: spectrum@dme.ac.in