Toppers Speak Webinar Series Organised by DME Outreach

The Outreach Committee at DME organised  a series of 3 webinars titled “Board Toppers Speak Webinar Series” on 17th January 2021 via Zoom Platform. The speakers for the session were CBSE Board Topper & KV Region Toppers who came together to share their success mantra and help the Board aspirants of 2021 to prepare in a better and planned manner for their upcoming exams. The event was managed and coordinated by Dr. Swati Jain, Head, DME Outreach and team of Ms. Parul Grover, Ms. Shanu Jain and Ms. Bedapriya Lahiri, Faculty members at DME.

In the first series of the webinar, the toppers from Humanities Stream shared their experiences regarding exam preparation, timetable setting, sleeping and eating patterns, last minute preparations etc. The first presentation was given by Mr. Tushar Singh, CBSE All India Topper who shared his valuable insights related to subjects like English, Geography and Political Science. Mr.Tushar emphasised upon the revision, presentation, neatness and other crucial tips to score well in the board exams. The next presentation was by Ms. Damini Jain, topper from Jaipuria , Vasundhara. She shared her views and tips to score perfect marks in subjects like English, Psychology and Economics. Highlighting keywords, leaving space and time management were some of the key points shared by her. The next presentation for Humanities stream was by Ms. Sakshi Singh from DPS Bulandshahr , currently pursuing Bachelor of Political Science from Miranda House, University of Delhi. Apart from guidance on academics, Sakshi encouraged the participants to focus on physical and mental health as well.

The session was attended by more than fifty participants from various schools and was followed by an inquisitive discussion with the participants who shared their doubts and anxieties with these meritorious toppers.

Moving further, the next session started with Science stream toppers from 12:30 pm. Ms. Parul Grover welcomed the participants and invited the toppers, Mr. Mukul Jain from Amity Vasundhara, Ms. Sanskriti, IPS Indirapuram topper and Mr. Aanant, St.Thomas Indirapuram topper to share their success mantras. Mr. Mukul gave some really useful insights to the science aspirants for remembering formulas, equations and units for subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science. He advised students to use a light pen, write legibly, mark the questions attempted and set self-goals to achieve desired results. Ms. Sanskrit focused on continuous practice and revisions, avoiding overthinking and social media to stay positive and charged for exams. Mr. Anant also shared his viewpoints and experience of board exam preparations and writing the board exams. The session was summarised by Ms. Parul Grover and extending the vote of thanks to the toppers and best wishes for their future endeavours.

Last but not least the third webinar was for Commerce stream students wherein 3 toppers, Ms. Srishti( St. Thomas), Ms. Smriti(IPS Indirapuram) and Ms. Ishika(ASN Mayur Vihar) presented their thoughts and experiences of the academic journey. Ms. Srishti gave some intriguing and useful tips for scoring well in accountancy, economics and business studies. She advised students to not to ignore language subjects, practice regularly and stay calm with a positive attitude always. Ms. Smriti started on a positive note to not to stress about the board exams, avoid using calculators, solve MCQs in reading time and practice more and more. She shared the mistakes done by her and advised students to not to repeat them.Ms. Ishika also shared her experience, the study material and resources to be referred and general dos and don’ts. The session ended with inputs from Dr. Swati Jain who appreciated the efforts put in by the students in scoring exceptional marks and coming to this platform to share their marks. Ms. Parul Grover presented the vote of thanks and concluded the session with best wishes to all the aspiring students and the speakers.

Prepared by Ms. Shanu Jain
Assistant Professor, DME Management School

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Cyber Bullying: The use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature.

It has been reported that up to 43% of children have been victims of cyber bullying at some point in their lives. And up to 58% of those kids have NOT told their parents or teachers or friends. Students and teenagers can cope better to deal with this situation if they have awareness about cyber bullying and a support system to deal with it. It’s important for people to pay attention to their children’s/ student’s / Friend’s behavior, both on and off their devices to help prevent or handle such situations.

Mantra to a bullying free life and confident personality

Increase the amount of time you spend together as a family. Increase participation in Sports and cultural activities. Find ways to have positive friendships in Life. We at DME ensure students should participate in various types of Clubs, Committees and Societies.

Strong Mentoring Cell at DME enables every class mentor to be in touch with assigned mentees to ensure:

  1. Academic well being
  2. Emotional and Mental well being
  3. Constant source of motivation
  4. providing a parent – mentor support system to student
  5. Increased student participation in activities for all round development

Strong Cyber Cell at DME performs following crucial function:

  1. Spread awareness about Cyber Crimes, Cyber Bullying to students
  2. Handle student issues in discrete manner and provide timely help
  3. Equip students to deal with any issues related to cyber world with the right skills and confidence
  4. Ensure that the DME is Cyber Crime and Cyber Bullying free campus

To create awareness amongst the pupils of the 21st century, about the hazards of the virtual world, a workshop was organized by DME Management School at Kendriya Vidyalay, AGCR, New Delhi on 22nd November 2019. Dr. Swati Jain, Ms. Parul Grover, and Ms. Monika Kadam visited the school and addressed 100 students of class 9th, 125 students of 11th and 75 students of class 12th.

The entire workshop was conducted interactively, as a lot of pertinent questions were raised, which were answered in great detail. The focus of the session was to create awareness about the usage of networking devices, which have become a part and parcel of everyone’s life. An individual who is unaware of the uses of the cyber world is vulnerable to the risks it poses. The entire session was meticulously designed and executed; it covered a wide range of issues from morphing to online predators.

Students were enlightened about possible threats of e-frauds, online banking frauds, hacking, phishing, cyber defamation, cyberbullying, stalking, child pornography, online human trafficking, etc. Students were also briefed about keeping passwords safe, avoiding cyber bullying, data thefts, threats of fake profiles and defamatory posts. Also, it pointed out that the inappropriate use of the Internet is a major issue with the school and college-going students. Unknowingly students and children get trapped in various cyber-related crimes. Right orientation and proper parental awareness can restrict the problem to some extent.

This workshop acted as an eye-opener for everyone who attended it. In fact, Mr. Rakshit Tandon’s guidance and advice, properly followed, could have a far-reaching and favourable impact with regard to the cyber safety of our society.