Student Council

DME has established student councils for all the three schools. These councils help in bridging the distance between teachers and students with true representation of the student and faculty body.

These student councils not only help in ensuring active participation of various events they help in creating a conducive environment for the students by coordinating and creating platforms. One of the key functions of the student council is to celebrate various days of National Importance and celebrate various stakeholders such as Alumni, Teachers. Faculty members are nominated by the Head of the Department to be a part of these councils.



SPARC- Students with Positive Attitude and Resonating Communication
Date of Establishment: 26th August 2019

SPARC- Students with Positive Attitude and Resonating Communication.


With the vision of boosting the status of student representation and embellishing leadership skills of students, DME Media School,  has introduced the platform of SPARC. Wise leadership, impeccable execution and a drive to mobilise govern the objectives of SPARC.

The idea of SPARC was first mooted by Prof. (Dr) Ambrish Saxena, Dean, DME Media School and it was formalised in a meeting with Class Representatives on August 26, 2019. Prof. (Dr) Susmita Bala, HOD, is the Convener and Ms Krishna Pandey, Assistant Professor, is the Faculty Coordinator of this composite group.


  • Create a healthy environment for everyone in the class.
  • Become a bridge between the students and the faculty.
  • Be an active member and come up with suggestions and ideas.
  • Circulate all the relevant information in their respective class groups.
  • Keep an eye on students creating disturbance in their class.
  • Initiate circulation of useful links with approval of the mentor.
  • Ensure no unreliable or irrelevant information is passed in the class group.
  • CRs must update the mentors about the absentees and the reason for their absence.
  • Present CRs shall take responsibility for the fellow absent CRs.


A teacher is like a candle who consumes itself to light the path for their students. To celebrate the sacred bond between teachers and students, SPARC, the students’ body of DME Media School conceived and executed a Teacher’s Day function through online platform Zoom. The event was attended by all the faculty members of Media School and Prof. (Dr) Ravi Kant Swami, Director, DME. The program commenced with the students presenting audio-visuals of each teacher, showcasing their distinct personality, love for students and dedication towards teaching. Subsequently, students shared some special instances with the teachers which were etched on their hearts and strengthened their bond even further.

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Day-1 of Gandhi and Shastri Jayanti celebrations at DME, one of the best college of GGSIPU witnessed the presence of Mr Lakshmi Shankar Bajpai, Former Deputy Director General, All India Radio, who illuminated the viewers on the topic ‘Contemporary Values of Gandhian Philosophy’. Mr Bajpai initiated his speech by talking about the greatness of Lal Bahadur Shastri and his devotion towards Gandhi Ji. He underlined the global influence of Mahatma Gandhi’s values and teachings, and the respect shown to him by numerous countries worldwide by way of erecting his statues.


Day-2 of Gandhi and Shastri Jayanti witnessed the presence of Mr Sunil Shastri, Former MP and UP Minister. Mr Shastri recollected memories of his father – Former Prime Minister and Bharat Ratna – Lal Bahadur Shastri and encouraged the students to keep his spirit alive.

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Students with Positive Attitude and Resonating Communication – SPARC, the student council of DME Media School, one of the best media schools in Noida 62 celebrated its one year in existence as the ‘SPARC Foundation Day’ on October 16. Justice Bhanwar Singh, Director general DME encouraged the students to develop a positive attitude and live by those principles. He stressed upon the importance of having a strong mindset and maintaining positive language. “Look at what you have achieved, not what you have lost. There is no point in regretting”, he emphasized. The celebration of the online event was magnified by Mr Aman Sahni, Vice Chairman, DME with his gracious presence.

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On 25th Jan, 2021, SPARC – the Student Council of DME Media School celebrated Republic Day. With the focus on freedom struggle and the making of Indian Constitution, the event, organized on a virtual mode through zoom platform, aimed at not only igniting the nationalistic fervour among the students, but also to give them an insight into tints and shades of Indian Constitution. The event was graced by special guest Mr. Mathew Mattam CEO of CYDA (Centre for Youth Development and Activities), Pune, who discussed in detail the policies and youth in India while elaborating on the different aspects of Republic. The celebration saw full participation from the students of DME Media School, Delhi Metropolitan education, one of the premier institutes of learning in Delhi/NCR, affiliated to GGSIP University.

On 22nd Jan, 2021, SPARC- The Student Council of DME Media School celebrated the 125th birth anniversary of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, a great revolutionary and nationalist leader of the country. The celebration, organised on a virtual mode through a zoom platform, focused on the life of Netaji and his contribution to the freedom movement. The occasion was graced by special guest Mr. Rajesh Badal, senior journalist, filmmaker and former Executive Director, Rajya Sabha TV. Mr Badal, dwelt on the life of Subhash Chandra Bose and shared some interesting anecdotes on Subhash Babu’s struggle against the British imperialism. While remembering Netaji, Dr Ambrish Saxena, SPARC Ideator and Dean, DME Media School, Delhi Metropolitan Education, a premier institute of learning in Delhi/NCR affiliated to GGSIP University, pointed out that it is high time that the young generation should be made aware of Netaji’s ideals and his contribution to the Indian freedom movement. The celebrations continued with cultural activities like skit performance, poetry recitation and speeches on life of Subhash Chandra Bose.


On 22nd Jan, 2021, SPARC- The Student Council of DME Media School celebrated Holi by organising Hasya Kavi Sammelan via zoom. The aim was to correlate the celebrations of colour with our tradition of hasya, rang and ras. The occasion was honoured by the presence of Dr Rajendra Gautam, noted poet, educationist and (retd) Prof of Delhi University who electrified the environment with his scintillating poems and songs on Holi, Corona and politics of the day. His poems were a mixture of humour, love, nature and shringaar ras.
On the occasion, Prof (Dr) Ambrish Saxena, SPARC Ideator and Dean, DME Media School, presented a satirical poetry “tumne kaha hum ne suna; hum sab ne sochha samjha; aur sabko bataya; bura na maano Holi hai …”, which eloquently commented on the grim realities of today’s polity and social cultural transition. The celebration was also the occasion to make the younger generation get acquainted with our cultural heritage. This task was taken up by Honourable Justice Bhanwar Singh , Director General, Delhi Metropolitan Education, a premier institute of learning in Delhi and NCR , affiliated to GGSIP University,  who refreshed the audience’s memories with legendary childhood mythological stories of Hiranya Kashyap and Prahlad and Vrindavan’s Radha – Krishna Holi episodes.

  • On 12th Jan, 2021, SPARC- the Student Council of DME Media School celebrated National Youth Day. The objective of the event was to make the students aware of the life of Swami Vivekananda and his contribution to the society and nation. The celebration was joined by the students of DME Media School. Dr Ambrish Saxena, SPARC ideator, addressed the students. Besides the cultural performances by the students, the students were also addressed by Honourable Justice Bhanwar Singh, Director General, Delhi Metropolitan Education, one of the premier institutes of learning in Delhi/NCR, affiliated to GGSIP University. Also, Dr Ravi Kant Swami, Director, DME and Dr Susmita Bala, HOD, DME Media School, spoke on the occasion.



                                                                       CATALYST, DMS Event Management Club



The purpose of this Club is to have a student led event management at DMS. Catalyst Club student will provide onscreen/anchoring and backend support for the department level events. Events that are managed by this team include:

Extra-Curricular Events – Teachers Day, Seniors Farewell, Freshers Party

Co-Curricular Events – Four-day digital fest

Curricular Events – Conference, Orientation


  1. The objective of this club is to hone the communication skills of students and develop their confidence so that they are comfortable on stage.
  1. Bring students in the leadership role wherein they can handle events and programmes with the support of the faculty mentors.
  1. The role of the faculty mentors is to groom and train students for Events conducted at DME campus.






Priyanshi Bhardwaj

(Student Convener)



Akshita Bhardwaj (Student Co-Convener)



Aditi Kundra



Aditi Dhoundiyal



Anan Bhavit Sadh



Ankita Bhandari



Ayush Dube



Charu Sukhija



Drishti Motwani



Harshita Chopra



Harshita Wahi



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Kanak Sharma



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Shriyansh Jain



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In March 2020 when the lockdown started, COVID 19 had a major impact on the mode of education. At DME, top GGSIPU College in Noida 62, the faculty members implemented a two-fold strategy – live lectures as well as recorded lectures so that learning is not impacted. To commemorate their efforts and dedication, students of Management School organized Teacher’s Day Celebrations on 5th September 2020 via zoom. The meeting was hosted by Priyanshi Bhardwaj and Varsha BBA final year students. Interesting games were prepared for the teachers and description tags were given to faculties by students.

At the end of the event, Dr. Ravi Kant Swami (Director and Dean DME Management School) commended the students and thanked fellow teachers for their efforts by sharing his childhood song.


On 10th October 2020, the Management School of DME orchestrated a virtual farewell for last year’s management students. The session with a melodious song by Directors Sir for the graduating students. Different games were organized for the students. A beautiful recorded video song and a recorded dance video were played for the students. The students informally interacted with each other and had a gala time of their own. They chatted about the memorable memories they created in the college and felt nostalgic. Students loved the titles they were given. ‘Mr. Dashing’ and ‘Miss Beautiful’ were a few of the many titles distributed to the students.

The virtual farewell organized by the Team Catalyst, DME, GGSIPU College in Noida 62. The students were left with bittersweet emotions at the end of the session.



                                                                            SYNERGY – Law Student Council