Keeping quality and efficiency as the prime objectives of our activities, the functioning of the DME has been disseminated at various levels of operation. There are several Cells that have been constituted and which have been functional for several years.  The below-mentioned Cells enhance the quality of education in the institution. 

Alumni Cell alumni@dme.ac.in
Entrepreneurship Cell (Stimulus) ecell@dme.ac.in
Cyber Cell cybercell@dme.ac.in
Legal Aid Cell  legalaid@dme.ac.in
Mentoring Cell  mentoring@dme.ac.in
Research Cell  researchcell@dme.ac.in
Community Connect Cell communityconnect@dme.ac.in
National Service Scheme Cell (NSS) nss@dme.ac.in
Outreach Cell  outreach@dme.ac.in
Training & Placement Cell tpo@dme.ac.in
Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)  iqac@dme.ac.in

“A founder can carry an institution only so far, and then others have to step in, even the alumni. That’s how an institution becomes one.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                              -Shiv Nadar


Delhi Metropolitan Education (DME), one of the top IPU colleges in Noida strongly bank upon its passed-out students. In very short span of time DME is popular all around as best  law colleges in Delhi,NCR, best Journalism college in Noida or top BBA college in Noida just because of its alumni .The time span of the B.A./B.B.A.LL.B., BJMC and BBA course binds the students and the institution in bond that is no less than a family. Like a dandelion which scatters its seeds far and wide, our alumni have passed the corridors of DME and are dispersed everywhere, from renowned corporate firms to the galleries of judiciary. DME believes in creating a close-knit network with all our alumni not only to build a robust buffer system for the next batch of students but also to give them a sense of belongingness.

The Alumni are the strengthening pillars of an institute making it reputed IP college in Noida 62. As the torch bearers of DME, it has produced leaders, entrepreneurs, academicians, and many more. The Alumni Association brings all these outstanding people together at a common forum. With a philosophy to Connect, Collaborate and Create, the alumni association strives to evolve a better eco system contributing to the development of institute, corporate and society at large. Alumni is the best place to bond with your batch mates, connect with your teachers and refresh your memories spend with your alma-mater. We at DME with its Alumni Association aim to connect the alumni to the institution, develop synergistic plans to support the institution and achieve its vision, and to enable the institute to add value to all its stakeholders.


The DME Alumni network aims to reconnect our graduates through Alumni events and to support the further development of our alma mater for a new era of Dmeians. A respectful, congenial, and equitable programme that is welcoming and engaging for alumni as well as their families. A programme with strong ties between industry and academia, and the ability of promote mentoring, internship and career opportunities for students and alumni in all domains.


The mission of DME Alumni Network is to create a lifelong and worldwide community of alumni through increased opportunities for meaningful engagement in order to increase awareness, pride, participation, volunteer involvement, and philanthropic commitment to DME, Noida.


  • To bring together all the passed-out students of DME College to share their experiences with each other
  • To maintain and update the data base of all the alumni of the college and to interact with them
  • To utilize the rich experiences of old students of the college for the benefit and progress of the present students
  • To provide guidance to the present students in their endeavour for better employment and higher studies.
  • To promote the campus placements through the old students working in reputed industries in India and abroad
  • To get the valuable advices of the Alumni in the overall development of the college and making it top law colleges in Noida, top BBA college in Noida, top BJMC college in Noida
  • To arrange seminars, debates, workshops and also to arrange cultural and social welfare programs 
  • To maintain website, publish periodical magazines or bulletins with valuable information useful to the members and students. 
  • To involve the members in the overall development of the college and the Society so as to contribute towards enhancement of the social utility of their Alma Mater.
  • To Institute prizes and awards for outstanding project work, research papers or other professional activity by the students of the Institute; also, to suitably recognize outstanding social and community service by the Alumni and the students.
  • To take advantage of developing technologies like the internet in achieving the aims and objects of the Association.

Connect at:  alumni@dme.ac.in

Aumni Meet 2019

The Alumni Meet was successfully struck off from this year’s calendar when Delhi Metropolitan Education, IP college in Noida sector 62, organised its first ever Alumni Meet for the pass out batches on February 02, 2019, Saturday. Alumni from all previous pass out batches of BBA, BJMC, BBA LLB and BALLB attended the meet and enjoyed thoroughly with their faculty members and junior batches. BBA alumni from 2012-15, 2013-16, 2014-17 and 2015-18 batches, BJMC alumni from 2013-16, 2014-17 and 2015-18 batches and BBALLB and BALLB alumni from 2013-18 batch attended the event.

“Rewind- Relive College Life”

DME, IP college in Noida sector 62, Alumni cell organised a get together “Rewind- Relive College Life” on 6th March, 2021, Saturday through zoom platform. The event aimed at providing a platform to associate with alumni and cherish memories sent together. It included few fun filled games wherein alumni participated and won exciting prises. Event was organised under supervision of Alumni cell.




Our mission is to create an entrepreneurial environment at DME, wherein students as well as faculties can convert their ideas into successful business ventures. We wish to bring together students from different study domains with common aim of starting a business. This Cell bridges the gap between academia and real business implementation. It provides a platform for likeminded students not only to discuss & pitch their business ideas but also get mentorship as well as venture funding.


  1. Building entrepreneur awareness amongst students
  2. Imparting skills imperative for new – venture creation
  3. Strategic Tie – ups with TiE, NEN, NIESBUD etc.
  4. Conducting entrepreneurship development events from time to time


SPARK Series [Awareness Drive]

  • Screening of video success stories of famous entrepreneurs across world
  • Interactive case discussions on entrepreneurial movies
  • Circulation of inspiring stories via email to create interest
  • Discussion on busting the myths of entrepreneurship

SKILL Series [Learning Drive]

  • Idea generation techniques and Idea presentation process
  • Beginners guide to making a website for business
  • Understanding basic finance for business
  • Basics of writing a business plan for funding

SWIFT Series [Strategic Organisational Tie – ups]

  • Collaborations with TiE, NEN, NISBUD etc

SYNERGY Series [Competitions]

  • Business Idea Competition
  • Business Plan Competition

Connect at: Ecell@dme.ac.in

Business Idea Competition

DME Entrepreneurship Cell in collaboration with the Centre for Sustainable Development (CSD) organised a Business Idea Competition – Endeavour for all DME students on 2nd March 2021, at 2pm. The competition was held on the online meeting platform Zoom. The purpose of the competition was to encourage students to come up with innovative business ideas which are ecologically sustainable. The competition was judged by internal faculty members of DME, best GGSIPU affiliated college in Noida 62.

Start-up Meet

The DME Entrepreneurship Cell conducted a start-up meet for the students and alumni to showcase their Business Start-ups and Ventures on 10 March 2021 at DME, GGSIPU affiliated college in Noida 62. The meeting was attended by Prof. (Dr.) Ravi Kant Swami, Director, DME, Prof. (Dr.) Poorva Ranjan, Head, Management School, Ms. Roli Wadhwa, Convener, Entrepreneurship Cell and Ms. Sreedurga, Co-Convener, Entrepreneurship Cell, along with student entrepreneurs. The invited student entrepreneurs gave their presentations on their proposed or working Business Venture, highlighting the business model and the vision for their start-up and also the future collaboration with DME and the support that they are expecting from DME Entrepreneurship cell.

                                                                                         CYBER CELL



The Cyber Cell, a community established by the very students of the college is an initiative to raise awareness and encourage discussions with respect to Cyber laws, Cyber-crimes and Cyber security.

The cell was inaugurated on January 27, 2017 supported by a guest lecture by Chief Guest, Mr. Pavan Duggal (Adv. of Supreme Court, Founder & Chairman of International Commission of Cyber Security Law and Founder of Cyber Law Association) on the issue ‘Cyber-Bullying on Social Media’. The efforts of all the members of the cell were highly praised by Mr. Duggal.


  • The cyber cell is basically a committee which is formed with a mission to increase awareness among the masses in order to have a gleeful social life, be it online or offline.
  • To have and maintain ethical code of conduct in the cyber world.
  • This cell also encourages debates and discussions on current issues pertaining to Cyber-Laws.
  • The Cell consists of Deputy Secretaries, Researchers, E-media heads, counsellors, content editors and co-coordinators headed by the Founder and President of the cell who are working together for the cause.
  • The services provided by the cell include free legal advice to victims of Cyber Crimes. People and any struggling student facing problems related to cyber crimes can confide in the counsellors of the cell.


Keeping up with the technological advancements and spreading its reach among the masses, Cyber Cell has been quite active on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, to connect with more and more people, spread awareness and daily updates among the masses as well as suggest quick remedies or redressal portals to the victims of cybercrime.

Instagram– cybercell_dme


Facebook– Cyber Cell of Delhi Metropolitan education, Noida


LinkedIn– Cyber Cell of Delhi Metropolitan education, Noida



Cyber Security Awareness Workshops

Cyber Cell has conducted various workshops on cybersecurity awareness in different schools of NCR areas for young adolescents like Setu Foundations, Yash memorial, etc., to make them aware of the most common forms of cybercrimes that people are likely to come across and provides them with a general idea of the cyber world and the damaging effects of cyber threats. These interactive workshops have turn out to be a successful attempt at bringing out empathy in students to make them understand the gravity of malicious psychologically and socially catastrophic acts, such as cyber-bullying, their effects, and the basic precautions to take. These workshops provided them with the confidence to analyse, share and seek help on their grey episodes that often occur in their cyber world which yet remain neglected.

Inhouse Student Orientation

As they say, “Change begins at home”, the Cell, also, understood the importance of enlightening the students of DME as well. Every Year, welcoming the fresh batch of young leaders, Cell conducts such workshops for every section of the batch, personally, to provide a better and wholesome understanding through these highly interactive orientation sessions.

Group Discussions

The cell has also come up with the idea of Open Group Discussions for every interested student of DME, providing them with a platform to exchange their knowledge, views, and opinions amongst their peers, about the developments taking place in Cyber Laws.

Even in the times of this pandemic, the cell adapted to the circumstances and moved our discussions to virtual platforms covering topics such as “Cyber Policy”, “Revenge porn in India”, “Banking Frauds”, “Cryptocurrency” “Cyber Defamation and its growing Aspects.”

About 8-9 discussions have, already, been conducted in the year 2020-2021, all well-received with overwhelming responses from the students, faculty members as well as alumni.

Research Work- Cyber Blog & DME Newsletter Column

Recently, Cyber Cell , created its Blog, where various well-researched articles on developments taking place in the cyber world, submitted by student members, are published with their authorship credentials. This encourages writing, researching, and drafting habits among students.

Moreover, the cell also, shares a separate column, “The Monthly Download”, in the DME Newsletter where research articles by members are voluntarily submitted which are further edited by the student editor of the cell and are published therein.

Cyber Cell blog: https://dmecyberblog.wordpress.com/


Cyberthon is an annual event, organized by the cell, which includes various kinds of competitions like JAM, Debate, Quizzes, etc., that not only encourages participating spirit but also boosts up the confidence of such enthusiastic participants, simultaneously, increasing their analytical, cognitive, and creative skills. It has always been one of the most successful events of the college.

Awareness Campaign

We live in a world where internet has become an inalienable part of our lives and as unaware citizens, we are prone to fall prey to cyber-crimes. Therefore, the Cyber Cell of Delhi Metropolitan Education, Noida, consider its duty to spread awareness, educate and warn the society about the implications of unsafe use of the internet. On 6th November, 2017 i.e. Monday, the Cell visited Delhi Public World School and conducted a workshop for school children of 5th to 8th standard on Safe Surfing on the internet. The prime motive of this awareness workshop was to educate the young minds about the proper use of the internet and sensitizing them about the consequences and repercussions of it being misused. The workshop started with an introductory video on Cyber Bullying followed by a preliminary Session by Trupti Panigrahi. Thereafter, Joyce Jacob gave a presentation on Cyber Bullying and explained its meaning and consequences to the audience. A lot of students raised hands to share their experiences of being bullied online. Joyce then discussed about the Blue Whale Challenge and how children should not fall prey to such games. The next presentation was given by Tanya Singh who discussed about Cyber-Stalking. The enthusiastic audience participated and interacted with her actively to learn about Cyber Stalking. Ahad Ahmad Khan and Mohd. Asad Saeed then gave a joint presentation on Impersonation. The motive of the workshop was not only to warn the young minds about the cybercrimes they are prone to, but also to encourage them to report such crimes and confide in their parents/teachers. They were encouraged to extend moral support to the victims of cyber bullying in their respective friend circles. The Cell distributed among the students of the school numerous Pamphlets depicting precautionary measures which may be taken to prevent cyber bullying.

Legal aid implies giving free legal services to the poor and needy who cannot afford the services of a lawyer for the conduct of a case or a legal proceeding in any court, tribunal or before any authority and to effectuate this DME has created a Legal Aid Cell. The purpose of this cell is to provide justice irrespective of social or economic incapacity. The legal aid cell at DME conducts number of activities such as:

  • Spread legal awareness
  • Expand consumer awareness
  • Discuss cyber awareness
  • Promulgate legal knowledge
  • Set-Up Legal Aid Camps
  • Provide Legal Advice free of cost

Apart from the above mentioned activities the Legal Aid Cell at DME has several ambitious projects in the pipeline to supplement Juvenile Justice Mechanism.

Connect: legalaid@dme.ac.in


The basic idea of Mentoring cell is to create a conducive environment for faculty (Mentor) and student (Mentee) relationship. In order to resolve day to day academic problems of the students, mentors are appointed for a batch of 60 students, and they will counsel the respective students once in a week, to solve the problems come across during their course of study.

This is a continuous process till the end of academic career of the student. During the last semester of study students are advised for higher studies along with proper career guidance. Reasonable numbers of students have secured admissions for their higher studies and they in turn guide their juniors for their prospective admissions.

  • The Purpose of mentoring is to make the students to adapt the new environment and academic schedule, to understand the needs of curriculum, to develop healthy interpersonal relationship and also for personality development.
  • Keeping the parents informed about the attendance and performance of their wards from time to time and guiding the students to choose right career paths for jobs, higher studies, entrepreneurship etc, is the prime motto.
  • To motivate the students and develop confidence to take up challenging tasks in their lives and help the society in nation building.
  • The mentors also try to identify the potential and interests of his mentees and guide them accordingly towards active participation in co-curricular, extra-curricular, at institute and university level activities.

Connect: mentroing@dme.ac.in


The Community Connect Cell is pursuing a mission of helping people and creating a better society. The Committee will touch many aspects of social service like volunteering for those who are needy, donating and making it reach to disadvantaged, creating awareness for an environment friendly world, organizing camps for blood donation etc. The committee looks forward to taking up various causes for the benefit of society and building an environment of community and teamwork among teachers, students, faculty and staff.

  • To create opportunities for students and faculty and staff to connect with the community and work for the welfare of the society at large.
  • To collaborate for supporting various organizations through donation of time and resources and facilitating volunteer opportunities.
  • To make efforts for establishing a better society and environment.
  • To develop a social work temperament among students, faculty and staff.

Connect: communityconnect@dme.ac.in

The role of the Outreach cell is to reach out to school students and holistically engage with them. In the present times, children have become conscious about their careers from a very young age. They would not only like to know about the various career options but would also like to pursue their passions. The inquisitiveness in children would compel them to know beyond their academic books. They would like to explore various avenues before taking crucial decisions about their future. The cell is engaging with the students by conducting various boot camps, summer schools and webinars.

The boot camps and summer schools are conducted on various topics like working knowledge of MS Office; creative writing; photojournalism etc. These activities help to develop various skills in students which would be important for them in future. The webinars are conducted on general topics like cyber awareness; personality development; stress management etc. These webinars help in their overall development. The webinars are also conducted specifically on various topics which help them to take conscious decisions regarding their career like Career options in Law/Media/Management;

The Outreach cell actively engaged with Principals, teachers and counselors of schools to get their opinions and views on the changes in the education policy and the examination pattern and how it is going to impact the students. It has active links with various media platforms which helps to link the various stakeholders. The Outreach cell constant endeavor is to help the children in their all-round development with the active collaboration with schools.

Connect: outreach@dme.ac.in


  • Year of Establishment – 2019


To create an atmosphere of all round excellences in the Institution with the purpose of grooming academically sound and morally correct students.


The IQAC ensures improvement in the Institution with the active cooperation of all the stakeholders. The NAAC advocates establishment of IQAC by every Institution to make Quality enhancement an integral part of the Institutional functioning. IQAC is expected to create healthy and meaningful academic practices in the Institution. Not only does it plan and implement the good academic practices but also measures the extent of its implementation.


The primary aim of IQAC is to develop a quality system for conscious, consistent, and catalytic programmed action to improve the academic and administrative performance of the Institution. To promote measures for institutional functioning towards quality enhancement through internalization of quality culture and institutionalization of best practices.


Some of the functions expected of the IQAC are:

  • Development and application of quality benchmarks/parameters for various academic and administrative activities of the institution
  • Facilitating the creation of a learner-centric environment conducive to quality education and faculty maturation to adopt the required knowledge and technology for participatory teaching and learning process
  • Arrangement for feedback response from students, parents and other stakeholders on quality-related institutional processes
  • Dissemination of information on various quality parameters of higher education
  • Organization of inter and intra institutional workshops, seminars on quality related themes and promotion of quality circles
  • Documentation of the various programmes/activities leading to quality improvement
  • Acting as a nodal agency of the Institution for coordinating quality-related activities, including adoption and dissemination of best practices
  • Development and maintenance of institutional database through MIS for the purpose of maintaining/enhancing the institutional quality
  • Development of Quality Culture in the institution
  • Preparation of the Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) as per guidelines and parameters of NAAC, to be submitted to NAAC

IQAC will facilitate/contribute:

  • Ensure heightened level of clarity and focus in institutional functioning towards quality enhancement
  • Ensure internalization of the quality culture
  • Ensure enhancement and coordination among various activities of the institution and institutionalize all good practices
  • Provide a sound basis for decision-making to improve institutional functioning
  • Act as a dynamic system for quality changes in HEIs
  • Build an organised methodology of documentation and internal communication

Connect: iqac@dme.ac.in


NSS Cell was conceptualized in Feb 2021 after the approval from GGSIPU NSS Cell (Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Dwarka). The National Service Scheme (NSS) is an Indian government-sponsored flagship for public service program conducted by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports of the Government of India. The scheme was launched in Gandhiji centenary year, 1969. Aimed at developing student’s personality through community service.

Although NSS unit in DME has begun in 2021 but community service had always been in the core of the institution under Community Connect society. Indeed, it was Community Connect, which has been able to rope in NSS unit in our campus and presently both are working together hand in hand to accomplish objective of social welfare.

Community Connect with its mission of helping people and endeavors in creating better society. This society intends to touch all aspects of social service like volunteering for those who are needy, donating and making it reach to disadvantaged, creating awareness for environment friendly world, organizing camps like blood donation or health camps, education drives etc. Community Connect looks forward to take up such initiatives which may contribute in building up an environment for community work among teachers, students, faculty and staff.

  1. To create opportunities for students and faculty and staff to connect with community and work for the welfare of the society at large.
  2. To collaborate for supporting various organizations through donation of time and resources and facilitating volunteer opportunities.
  3. To make efforts for establishing a better society and environment.
  4. To develop a social work temperament among students, faculty and staff.

Connect: nss@dme.ac.in


With an objective to help students to pursue their hobbies and interests and to bring people together, the student clubs are created at DME. As a club member one knows about one’s self, one’s interests, and one’s goals. Students can unravel their strengths like multitasking, organization skills, team-building skills, leadership skills, and service-mindedness. Networking opportunities being major benefit Club members develop bond among themselves which help in growing their careers. Association of students with clubs helps in showcasing one’s domain interest, the balance between work and hobbies. At DME we have various clubs and one of them is DME Eco Club.

DME Eco Club – ecoclub@dme.ac.in