Campus Features

DME has adopted contemporary technologies and provides best in class facilities thereby creating a positive environment within which students, faculty and staff can learn and grow together. With a host of facilities and features, DME is well on its way to being one of the top IPU colleges in Noida. Prominent features of our campus include:

Rabindranath Tagore Library:

DME’s library is named after Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore and it reflects his world vision with thousands of books across various subjects. The Library houses books on diverse subjects in correspondence with the recommended readings prescribed by the university in management, journalism and law. It also has a robust collection of subscription based journals, magazines, reference books and general reading material. Students are encouraged to spend time spend in the library for research, self-study and notes preparation. The library has e-access to many national and international journals and students can utilise these websites to enhance their learning. We also subscribe to leading daily newspapers and relevant magazines.

Computer Centre:

The computer centre has been established to provide all DME students the opportunity to enhance their learning through the practical applications of computers in their courses. Faculty members conduct computer lab sessions as per the course requirements and time table. DME regularly updates its computer centre as per the latest course requirements and recommendations of the university and the applicable statutory bodies. DME has well-qualified staff for managing the computer centre, which is tasked with managing and maintaining computers and peripherals, the usage policies and supporting students and faculty in the their academic endeavours using the latest technologies at the computer centre.

Lecture Rooms:

The lecture rooms (classrooms) at DME are aesthetically designed and air conditioned. They are also equipped with high speed internet connectivity, hi-definition projectors that enhance the classroom experience via relevant video screenings and presentations for better learning and development.

Nelson Mandela Auditorium:

Honouring the legacy of Nobel Laureate, Nelson Mandela, the venue provides a grand platform for scholarly deliberations, guest lectures, workshops, conclaves, conferences and seminars. The auditorium also enables movie screenings, cultural events and performances for a wide audience.


DME’s Studio 62 is a world class TV and video production studio, crafted to industry standards. The studio is expertly equipped, acoustically well treated with attractive interiors, a 2600 square feet multipurpose floor, which can be used as a news environment for TV production, reality shows or other video production purposes. It has a seating gallery to accommodate about 150 people for talk shows or reality programs. Studio 62 serves as the ideal training ground for budding media students, both, in front of and behind the camera. It has also been used by other departments and societies for holding panel discussions, expert interviews and interactions with students. Studio62 is a gem in DME’s repertoire of facilities and truly makes DME one of the popular choices among journalism colleges in Noida 62.

Moot Court:

A state-of art Moot Court serves as an experiential learning place for law students. The feel of a classic court room is simulated through this Moot Court. It provides a suitable platform to conduct the internal moot events as well as for hosting moot court competitions and workshops. The participants at Moot Court take part in simulated court or arbitration proceedings, usually involving drafting memorials or memoranda and participating in oral arguments.

Seminar Hall:

DME’s Seminar Hall adds a sophisticated and professional setting for conducting meetings, workshops, FDPs, seminars, etc. The seating design and structure facilitates brainstorming, talks, discussions and the like for wide participation.

Board Room:

Hi tech yet comfortable, the Board Room at DME provides the adequate venue for critical meetings and interviews. The Board room is wifi enabled, making emailing and sharing documents during meetings simple and efficient, it gives meetings a polished and put-together feel. It is also equipped with video conferencing facility for use as per requirements in the meetings. Distinguished guests of DME such as scholars, authors, business professionals, film and media personalities have deliberated with our leaders in this Board Room.

Audio Lab:

DME has a well-equipped and adequately staffed audio lab which is a key attraction for media students. Through the sophisticated equipment in the lab, DME runs its own Radio Channel – Intersect, which caters to health, educational, cultural and social needs via its programmes. It fosters community development and is a valuable source of infotainment for the entire DME community. The radio station has its own broadcasting, production and recording facilities as well as transmission. The content is generated by students of the college with active help of the faculty and staff.

Video and Photography Lab:

DME’s video and photography lab includes high-end photo cameras, video cameras and camcorders, complete with accessories, professional lighting kits, portable green screens, audio and video booths, and a screening room to critique on final projects. The lab is staffed with qualified personnel to train the students on the language of video and sound, and gain a respect for past and current editing technologies. Students can learn techniques of photo editing and photo software’s in this lab.


During classical antiquity in Greece, open-air venue amphitheatres was used for entertainment, sports and other cultural activities. Similarly, DME’s amphitheatre is used for cultural events like musical performances, theatre, talks, poetry reading, documentary screening, various language festivals, art competitions, etc. The venue facilitates cultural and social activities at DME and makes it a vibrant place of learning for students.

Yoga Centre:

Keeping employee and student well-being in mind, DME has created a Yoga Centre for facilitating yoga practice and organizing wellness sessions for students, faculty and staff at DME. The area has ample space of 9.96mtrs x 10.5mtrs, is fitted with mirrors and has appropriate ventilation.


DME’s cafeteria is open for all students, faculty and staff within the campus premises. The arrangement is colourful and adequate seating and space is available in the cafeteria for all to enjoy a break and engage a healthy chit-chat. We encourage everyone to opt for healthy snacks and beverages available at the cafeteria.