Barrier Free Environment at the DME Campus

“Disability is not Inability”

Right of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 prohibits discrimination against individuals with physical and mental disabilities. DME is against all kinds of discriminations on any grounds including disability. 

DME provides a Barrier Free Environment at the campus where all things are accessible to all Students, Employees and Visitors. Barrier Free Environment is not limited to the only physical structure, it goes beyond the instruction, content, and attitudes of those who are associated with DME. The goal for DME is to constantly review and invest in removing barriers to create an inclusive and accessible campus for all. DME welcomes all students and employees and carve a successful career in the field of Law, Media, and Management.

Barrier Free Campus

  • Promote equality of opportunity for all the divyangjan persons [students and employees].
  • Protect their rights and promotion of a positive mindset towards the divyangjan persons
  • Involvement of the divyangjan persons with in the academic and cultural life of the college
  • Creation of a physically and socially barrier free environment
  • Sensitisation of the college community towards those who are the divyangjan persons for creating divyangjan friendly society at large

Equal Opportunity Cell

Special Cell called Equal Opportunity Cell has been constituted at DME to ensure equal opportunities are provided to all those who are associated with DME and to take care of the divyangjan persons.

“See the Person not the Disability”

Barrier Free Facilities at the DME Campus

Easy Entry, Parking and Navigation

  • DME provides reserved parking for the divyangjan persons adject to entry gate.
  • The entry gate is wide enough for wheelchair entry.
  • DME Corridors are wide for ease of wheelchair navigation.
  • The entry to campus is vehicle free pedestrian entry.
  • All campus locations are fully accessible by the divyangjan persons.


  • DME provides ramp facility for the easy access of various places in the campus.
  • The reduced inclination in the ramp makes easier and safer movement of wheelchair.
  • The ramps are carefully designed as per the specifications to be required by the divyangjan persons.


  • The lifts are provided in the campus for the divyangjan persons to go to different floors.
  • The lifts have wide enough doors and sufficient space to accommodate wheelchair.
  • The lifts are easily accessible to reach on the ground floor


  • The wheelchair is available at the medical room and can be asked to made available as required
  • The wheel chairs have adequate space to sit during usage.
  • The wheelchair may be operated by the user alone or with a help of assistance.

Disabled Friendly Washrooms

  • The washrooms for the divyangjan persons, is provided separately.
  • It is designed as per the standard specifications to accommodate the divyangjan persons.
  • The washrooms are provided with grab bar for the convenience of the divyangjan persons.
  • The sign board is provided outside of the divyangjan washrooms to access it easily and not to be used by others.

Sign Boards

  • The institution has placed sign boards and display boards at different places in the campus for the benefit of the divyangjan persons.
  • The signboards are at the key places indicating reserved parking, ramps, way to lifts, ramps and the divyangjan persons washroom.

Technological Assistance

  • The Website Accessibility software is embedded to ensure max-ability across all users.
  • A braille keyboards are available at the computer lab and library. The letters in Braille language are embossed as per the international norms, so that the blind user can read the legends without any external help.

Provision For Assistance

  • Human assistance is provided in the campus to help the persons with disability.
  • Scribe assistance is available during the examinations.

“Disability is the Inability to see the Ability”

For Suggestions for more Accessibility Features contact Equal Opportunity Cell at DME:

For prior request to arrange Scribe [writer] during examination contact exam committee:

For wheelchair availability for self-navigation or assisted navigation contact administration incharge:

“Divyangjan are Equally Entitled to an Exciting and Brilliant Future”