17 Apr 2014

Amity Fest & Seminar, Students Secured 1st Rank in Fest

Amity Youth Fest & National Seminar


























The Amity School of Law had organized a National Seminar on February 7th, 2014. The theme for the seminar was “COMMERCIAL SURROGACY IN INDIA”. Following students and faculty participated and presented the papers:

a)     Anam Siddiqi

b)     Rubal Tyagi

c)     Damini Bisht

d)     Azka Sheikh

e)     Kirti Sharma

f)      Dr.Ramani Swarna

Papers were written on the following sub-topics:

1.     Surrogacy -a boon or a bane?

2.     Surrogacy: Manufacturing a Perfect mother worker

3.     India: a destination for international surrogacy

4.     Regulating Surrogacy: Need for effective legislation

Eminent Lawyers, Doctors, Students, Academicians and Speakers like Shams Khwaja, Pinki Anand, Poonam Yadav, Geeta Luthra, etc. were present and appreciated the contributions from our team. The entire team received the Contribution Trophies and Certificates. The paper contributions were be consolidated and published in a book. These would be part of the ART Draft on the Surrogacy Law to be introduced in India in a few months

  • The Amity youth fest was held on 6,7, and 8th of February. Students  participated in model making and product design . Among tough competition against colleges like JIMS Rohini , JAYPEE Colleges etc, DTC/DME Students of Architecture  secured 1st and 2nd place in model making and 1st in product design .