Merit Scholarship Scheme

At DME, Merit scholarships reward meritorious students with financial assistance, which helps them realize their educational dreams of achieving a fulfilling career. The merit-based scholarships evaluate a student’s merit on the basis of their academic records or their performance.


Once you set your sights on a merit scholarship, you could boost your success with these tips. 

Apply Early- Many awards are competitive and applying for them takes time. You’ll often have to gather transcripts, records and letters of reference. By these steps so you come off as organized and focused.

Keep Your Grades Up- Look for awards you qualify for based on your skill sets, grades, and test scores. As a rule, focus on getting your grades in their best shape. Also keep in mind that getting a merit award is only half the battle. You win really big if you get an award to use at the schools you want to get into. 

Take Active Steps– Being a high achiever, volunteer, athlete or artist takes steady effort. And it’s that consistency that many providers look for. Any times you fall short of your goals, you can tackle these issues before they snowball. To take active measures, it may be useful to meet teachers, coaches and your guidance counselor on a regular basis. Not only can this ensure you stay on track, it also builds a network of possible references.

At DME, we support all students and help them achieve what they aim for.