At DME, Value Education is part of our curriculum. In colleges, it is defined as a dialogue where students are gradually brought to their own realisation of what is good behaviour for themselves and their community. Thus:

the badge of every DMEian includes being

  • HonestDME Brochure 2016-17-24-5-2016
  • Sincere
  • Compassionate
  • Loyal
  • Confident
  • Hard working
  • Ambitious
  • Creative
  • Healthy and
  • Happy

Additionally we also look forward to

  • Punctuality
  • High Attendance
  • Integrity
  • Discipline
  • Dedication
  • Good Communication skills
  • Excellent Soft and social skills
  • Ethics
  • Espirit de corps
  • Respectfulness towards peers and seniors
  • Digital awareness